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The following text fragments are mostly about girls suddenly growing into women, and about the ways that their clothes rip and tear whenever that happens. Please go away if you don't like that sort of thing.

Destiny's Child

Overnight - literally - Gennifer had grown into a bouncy and enthusiastic 
six year old girl. John - Gennifer's foster father - told Jake that he 
and Dora had been awakened by Gennifer's screams late in the evening 
as the two of them had been preparing for bed. Fearing the worst, the 
two had run into their adopted daughter's room and been stunned by what 
they saw. Rather than a cute little baby, Gennifer had grown to a six 
year old size in just the couple of hours since they had last checked 
on her. Gennifer's screams had been easy to understand: the nice, warm, 
pink little baby suit she had been wearing had literally burst its 
seams when she had grown. When they had found her, Gennifer was still 
being pinched tightly by a few last pieces of cloth. No one had warned them this could happen with this child.

* Drew's eyes flew open and she held in a pained scream with all her might. Nothing more than the slightest gasp managed to penetrate her lips, as something squeezed her in a tight and painful manner. What made it even worse was the fact that she seemed to hurt most in _those_ places; places that no-one ever touched her. Working her way through the pain with big breaths, Drew inhaled deeply and quietly. She was not sure why she needed to be quiet, but something said to her that things were not right. Something other than the pain and the fact that... she was older. Looking down at herself, she flipped off the warm, comfortable blanket and was no longer surprised at her pain. Somehow, someone had managed to force her body - the size of a normal twelve year old girl - into a set of warm pyjamas that were many sizes too small for her. She was literally bursting out of them, but the extra stitching in places had made some of the seams strong enough that they did not break, only cause her pain. As silent as a feather on the wind, Drew slipped from the bed and began to rip off her outgrown clothes.

Her veins were bulging as her ability accelerated her body, nearly pushing them to the point of bursting. Her eyes rolled back and turned white in the midst of her writhing. Fighting through the pain, she struggled until she was on all fours.
It was weird. Her body felt different. Bigger. Leaner. Stronger. She felt as though she had grown considerably. She managed to push herself up into a crouching position, she shakily got to her feet.
Gennifer was no longer a little girl, but now a young lady on the verge of adulthood. She had outgrown her clothes, her tracksuit too short and far too tight around her long wrists and ankles. Wide hips had broken through on both sides. Bare breasts... well, she was glad no one had been watching. Breathing heavily with exertion and feeling utterly spent, she collapsed to the floor and slipped into unconsciousness.

The tiny face widened as the little girl started to age herself. "I can grow up whenever I want. All girls can, even if they don't know it." Her shoulders and hips widened as her body pushed up to adolescence. A blush of freckles bloomed, then faded. "I can be big and strong." Mercedes reached her full adult height, all her clothes torn to shreds. Her limbs had lengthened out, strong and lean. "I can be a child or a woman, whatever."