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Meld (Life 4) Baphomet exists in all living beings, and can be awakened. When anybody touches Baphomet, his flesh will meld with the changeable flesh of it and stick. It is impossible to get loose unless the limb is cut of or Baphomet releases the victim. True Form (Life 5) Baphomet emerges in his true form, as an amalgamation of all life. The invokers body burst forth limbs, heads, trunks and organs in a ever changing mass. There is no logic or plan in the shape Baphomet takes, only fluid chaos. This form can't be hurt by normal damage, since all wounds simply melt away in the reforming flesh. Only aggravated damage will persist.

Baphomet, also known as the Sabbath Goat, The Great God Pan, Abraxas, Thanateros or the Horned God, is not, strictly speaking, a real being. It is a personification of the Life Force of every being, the sum of all Life on Earth. It is a force which can be summoned by mages, but it cannot be easily controlled. Instant Growth (Life 3 Prime 2) Baphomet can make plants (and sometimes animals) grow at impossible rates; from seed to fully grown tree in a few seconds. Around it flowers bloom in winter, wines entrap people and fill their mouths with grapes, trees grow up and impale people and children grow up in seconds.

Too late she sees them and they crash over her like a wave. Within seconds the child is held fast, four roots have grown up her arms and legs, completely enveloping her limbs, then set hard. The other roots now explore their struggling captive, growing and sliding under her khaki shorts and shirt, all over her young body.

One root enters her shorts at the back, grows down and up the front and the end starts to tickle her belly button. She feels feather like tickles spreading out from her navel and realises the root has entered her body. The sensation spreads throughout her abdomen and then she feels movement inside as her internal organs respond. This is followed by a crunching sound as bones and vertebrae begin to grow. She feels her lower back stretching as she rapidly becomes a few years older, and more than a few inches taller. Her shorts feel impossibly tight as her hips and pelvis widen. Tears appear suddenly at the sides of her shorts, the stitching creaking and snapping under the relentless pressure. Finally her body wins and the shorts fall off in tatters. The tickling sensation returns to her stomach as it migrates up to and throughout her chest. Against her will, her body reacts in the only way it can, forming very obvious bumps in her shirt.

Now she feels the root start to throb and pulse, then she feels a pressure within her breasts. In disbelief she looks down to see the gap of her new cleavage get smaller in time with each pulse. After about a minute, her breasts can not grow out any more so start growing up and down, filling all available space in her shirt. Her widening hips start a slow rhythmic bucking. Snapping sounds come from her shoe laces, then pops as her toes push right through the front. Her breasts continue to develop until the shirt can hold out no longer, four buttons pop off in quick succession and expose everything.