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Tears of pain began to stream down from Ashlee's closed eyes as her body began to expand. Several years worth of growth and maturation were passing right before their eyes. Her hair, which had been roughly shoulder-length, grew down to her budding bosom in the space of a few short moments. Her face changed subtly so that she looked older and wiser. Her hips widened to both sides, as her breasts broke through her shirt in rough widening rips that merged into a topless decolletage before the shreds fell away. Then she curled up into a ball, whimpering in shock.
"We have to help her," Callie whispered to no one in particular. She started to move forward when a firm hand restrained her. She turned and saw Angie grasping her shoulder.
"You can not." Her eyes were sad as she shook her head.
Callie regarded her friend for a moment, searching the new woman's face. "Tell me what is happening, Denise."
With a sigh, Denise let go of her daughter's shoulder. "It's her chromosomes. I don't know what triggered it, but for some reason, she has discovered her power years ahead of time."
She looked at Ashlee and grimaced. "She is still a child inside. Her body can't handle the strain of a full age shift yet."
Tears slid down Ashlee's face and she sobbed softly. The nurse looked away. "And there is nothing we can do to stop it."

Ariana's eyes flashed open in the half-darkness and she moaned.
Her strange mutation caused her legs and arms to grow long and shapely in moments. Her hips flared and her chest swelled as she watched. Her hair lengthened by itself and wound its way down her trembling body.
"Oh, my," she cried out, and her voice came out husky and dark like when you've had a cold and you sound like Kathleen Turner. It frightened her a little.
Ariana stumbled over to her mirror and stared at herself as the shreds of her pajamas tumbled softly to the floor. She looked like a woman now, not a little girl. In fact, she finally looked the age she felt. She'd fit right in with her sister's friends in the morning.
A sharp pain pinched her right on her flat belly, and she felt a strange sensation in her nether regions. Then, she felt something she'd never felt before. "Oh my goodness! I'm going to die!"
Ariana didn't stop to think or to try to put on her outgrown slippers, she just ran right straight out of her room as fast as she could. "Help, oh, help." She tried to scream, but all that came out was a forlorn little croak.

As a result, Karen was a true tomboy, but over the last few months it had become evident that the just-turned-10-year-old was definitely a female. With her big eyes, slight overbite (Accompanied with a mouth full of braces.) and freckles, the dark-haired Karen wasn't classically beautiful, but she was well-tanned and leggy with an athletic build and an obviously developing figure. The breasts were just points as of yet, but the rest of her was filling in well ahead of schedule.
That was becoming a problem. In the summer - like it was now - Karen preferred to run around in tiny little shorts and thin tops - not a problem when you're built like a boy but that was no longer the case. Her recent growth spurt and development had her butt literally bursting out of her shorts.
"Karen, don't you have something else to wear?"
"Everything else is too small!"
"What you're wearing now is too small!" He answered in frustration.
"Well, I can't go naked!"
Jake smiled. "Good point. I guess I'll call your Aunt Jenny to take you clothes shopping this weekend.

"Is it really you?"
Being only fourteen at the time of my mutation my body had changed. I now had the body of a full grown woman and my hair was longer. I was told I was the most beautiful woman. You see mutants have power over their ages. If they are still a child they can choose to age. I chose to age myself ten years in moments, and became a full grown woman.

The living room is well kept and in good shape. A younger Tizzy, perhaps eight or nine, stands in the same doorway.
A strange change begins to come over Tizzy. Very subtly, she begins to age.
She has grown taller and has the body and face of a sixteen-year-old girl.
Tizzy walks slowly behind her mother, holding her head up.
She has aged further, appearing now as a woman of 20 years of age. As a procession, they move slowly down the driveway and then up the street.
Tizzy continues to age as the work progresses. She appears to be in her late twenties.
The shape waddles up the drive. It appears to be a woman of ancient visage. Her hair is long and solid white, her face a mash of wrinkles and wallows.
Her clothes, however, look familiar.
BASIL (CONT'D) It's Tizzy.
A young girl, a familiar face, walks into the room from the hallway.
BASIL (astonished) Tizzy?
Tizzy smiles and nods. Basil puts his drawing pad down, stands and hugs her.

Follow Their Growth
Photograph your children at regular intervals against an object which provides a size reference - a mailbox, a door frame, a fireplace. These growth records can become a Christmas or birthday photo tradition.

Lisa Snowdon
"I can remember my first bra. I was about 16 and it was a 28 or a 30 size. A trainer bra. I was such a late developer that I don't think I wore it for years - I went from being completely flat-chested to having boobs overnight. I literally just grew in all directions."

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