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"Look! It's happening!"
The three of them watched the dazed girl sprawled in the chair across the room from them. They could see her limbs lengthening, her torso stretching, her shoulders and hips broadening.
Julie felt her overall straps and belt tighten incredibly and then snap away.
She could feel her body growing by the second.
For a moment her skin felt super tight, as if she would explode.
"I feel it all over my body. It's very strange."
Julie strained to push herself up in the chair to meet Jeremy. As she tried to rise, in just a few seconds, her fast growing body forced itself through every stitch of clothing she wore. There was a tremendous ripping sound. Only shreds remained on her arms and lower legs and around her waist.
She looked down at Randal over her much expanded and now adult chest. "Your hair, it's growing too!"
Randal reached up and felt his hair, normally short, it was now over his ears and still progressing. Randal was shocked. His pants felt like they would explode.
"What could have caused this?" He wondered aloud.
Sarah noticed that her own clothes were becoming tight. She loosened her belt, but a moment later it was tight again. She could also tell she was getting taller, as was Randal. Both their clothes were beginning to split. She felt her hair starting to smart as if someone was pulling on it. She undid her hair clips and pins and her hair fell all the way to her shoulders. As she tried to take a step, her broken soles caught under her now mostly bare feet.
The age changes continued to spread, at first partially hidden under their clothing, but soon clearly affecting all the children.

Next morning Neve spent a lot of time in her room dressing. She had gone braless until a few months ago. She chose a shirt that she had stopped using more than a year back because even at that time it had been one size small for her. It had hardly any loose fit to accommodate her flat chest, and the top had ended just below her belly button. Now the top was even tighter on her budding breasts, and as she tried it on her nipples began to get hard and they strained the fabric more than it should have to handle. Now that she had grown taller the top ended well above her belly button.
She knew this was no dress for school and decided to wear a jacket. She decided to wear a wraparound skirt that she had received as a birthday gift a few grades ago. She tried to close it as low as she possibly could without the panty showing, but it wouldn't slide over her wider hips.
Not satisfied, she removed her panty and folded the waist band and made a safety stitch. The panty would now sit really low and this gave her more chance to wrap the skirt even lower. The top combined with this skirt gave her a more mature figure. The narrowing of the body frame at the waist and then widening again as her hips began should be seen to be appreciated, lusted after by the boys and envied by the other girls.
Her blue suede gloves had worn well over the past eight months. Her russet jacket was faded, and the sleeves pulled away from her wrists. She'd grown taller quicker than her clothes could keep up. It gave her a lanky sort of shape instead of anything voluptuous, though that would change. Some of the roundness of youth had faded from her face as well.

noora k
This is a true story! It was December and my cousin was on his way to a mosque. There was a small slope and while driving down, on the side of the road, he saw a girl wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt!! He slowed his car down and pulled his window down. He noticed that as he drew closer to her she seemed to be growing taller! By the time he reached near her he had to stick his head out the window and look up and up and up! she was soo tall! My cousin freaked. He drove as fast as he could to the mosque and prayed and prayed for God to keep him safe on his way home. His roommate said, "U were lucky man cause u know that road u took leads to a graveyard!!!"

According to a Buddhist sutra, there once was a deluded king who was quite unhappy upon seeing his queen giving birth to a tiny baby princess. He wanted his ministers to find a way for his daughter to grow up instantly. His wise minister then offered to bring the princess abroad in search of a magical potion for her to grow up instantly. However, the king was not allowed to see the princess in the meantime.
The king thought that was an excellent idea and happily agreed to the minister's suggestion. Fifteen years later, the minister brought the princess back to the palace. On seeing his beautiful teenage daughter, the king was so pleased that he awarded his minister with a great fortune. The ignorant king of course did not realize that there was no magical potion in the world for babies to grow up instantly.

Dancer Sues Musical Over "Breast-Related Dismissal"
A dancer has launched a $100 million lawsuit against the American musical Movin' Out, claiming she was emotionally abused and lost her job because her breasts grew too large for her costume. Alice Alyse was a leading performer in the show, which features music composed by Billy Joel, when she was sacked last month - and she claims she was dismissed because her breasts "became too big" following an injury lay-off.
She says, "I was thin, I was a size zero, but my breasts had gotten bigger. When I tried on my costumes they fit everywhere except in the breast area."
"In the ballet world, obviously, people are small-breasted. On Broadway, what happened should be an attribute."

Daisy Lee nodded, keeping her mouth shut. She still wore her sundress - white linen, tight bodiced, with a full skirt hemmed by yellow daisy print. Her breasts were swelling by the second. They peered through the straining gaps in her dress fabric. Her nipples were like rising bullets. And they ached!
Klaus said that he'd buy Daisy Lee new clothes. He recognized the way men sometimes looked at Daisy Lee now. She couldn't handle her changes.

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