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Paige concentrated intensely as she tried to make herself older. She gasped at the first hint of breasts pushing against her shirt. Her hips suddenly sprung wider, her belt snapping like a whip. Even her butt was swelling like firm balloons! She ran to the mirror and gasped at the image of an older almost-stranger in ripping clothes, still her, yet not her anymore. A half-nude teenager with a body she'd always dreamed of stared back at her. Stunned and bewildered she passed out, a part of her hoping it was a dream, and another part hoping it was real.
His mind was fixed on the girl, and he tried to look at her without staring. What had happened to her? Three minutes had made a vast difference in Paige. All at once she had become a teenager of about 15. He gently turned her head. Her eyes seemed rounder than before. She had grown so much taller, broader, the now exposed swellings of her breasts and hips. Also, her hair had grown long. That gave her whole look a different aspect.
Such changes he had seen in other girls, but there was something else, a difference in bearing and expression even as she lay sleeping, a thing hard to give a name to. Her straight little figure had developed into a taller form, her arms were rounded, her eyes were calm as he shone a light into her pupils. Her former exquisite cuteness was perhaps not quite so delicate, so fine, so virginal, so charmingly angular and boyish. There was infinitely more of the woman in it; and perhaps because of this she looked more like her mother than at any time of her life before.

A growth accelerating compound, genetic enzymes, DNA and sufficient sustenance was placed into the glass womb and the artificial placenta was attached to the fetus. In a matter of minutes the assembly of bio-plasm sprouted a little, naked baby girl. He removed her from the tank, placed her on a padded couch and examined her. She seemed healthy enough and properly developed so, carefully measuring out all of the chemicals, concentrated synthetic food he filled the hypodermic needles and injected her.
What surprised him at first was that she didn't make a noise, she looked at him impassively and he thought he glimpsed a childish, trusting smile. The next thing that astounded him was the sheer rate of growth. From a toddler to a child in, at most, two minutes. The flesh filling out as she grew, burgeoning from a sapling to a tree in moments. Then she matured to a teenager, her legs and pelvis lengthened and widened, giving her muscular thighs and wide hips; pubic hair sprouted covering the labia; a trim stomach and breasts that budded outwards and upwards as she lay on the couch.
He was captivated by the breasts as they became round and large and white. But they did not stop when they had reached her biological mother's modest size, but continued to expand, covering her chest like small balloons being gorged with water.

In the morning, Valentina knew something was different. She felt constricted by the clothes she had worn the day before, and upon looking found she in fact was. Her chest was stretching her shirt beyond its limits. When she sat up, the buttons flung off, tearing the shirt wide open. Her skirt bit painfully into her hips, and when she rose, it too ripped and fell to the floor. Something was very different. She immediately ran to the mirror, a full-body one upon the door in the bathroom. She squealed in delight, for she was now a teenager. Her arms, devoid of any muscle seemingly whatsoever, seemed more powerful, yet still very much womanly. She'd grown taller by 7 inches and she guessed older by as many years. Everything about her had grown as well. Especially (with much glee, she noted) her chest. There was one thing that also was there, a hunger.

Nicole C. Matos
The Difference Between the Two Bundles
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"...And at that moment the clothes I was wearing became too small" (Autobiography 65). Through startling, sometimes miraculous, rates of growth, ..."

The only remaining undamaged piece of clothing was her shift, the same one I had bought her when she had first come to live with me, many times repaired. It was a pretty pink colour, thin and filmy, by no means as long as she would have liked - it had started hip length but she had grown taller in the two years that she had lived with me. As she came and bent forward to lay the tray in my lap her breasts were revealed, high, pert and firm, the tips exceptionally rosy. I saw the usual blush rise in her cheeks as she waited for me to accept the tray.

The closer she got to the water's edge, the more Melinda noted the changes in the way she walked. Her gait took on the exaggerated side-to-side swaying motion of a woman trying to call attention to her hips. But as much as she tried to stop it, she couldn't. What's more, she had placed her arms down straight from her sides with her hands placed at a stiff ninety degree angle. She arched her shoulders back and pushed her chest out in front of her.
Her mind was screaming, "What am I doing?" Yet her whole body had taken on a languid and voluptuous air of sensuality. She could feel her hair growing. Before she realized it, her tresses fell completely down her back. With each slightly longer step, her swaying hips caused the hair to brush against her buttocks. Her toes popped through her shoes. Soon she left their remnants behind.
She stopped by a clear tidal pool and looked at her reflection. She had aged again. Her figure was -- more voluptuous -- more adult. Her figure was much more rounded, like an hourglass. Her hair was lighter, fairer.
Then her form shuddered and Melinda felt the familiar sensation of shrinking again. She looked once more into the tidal pool and noticed that her bust had decreased in both size and shape. She looked and felt differently than she had only moments ago. Then she had it!
"Younger." she thought.
She watched in fascination as adulthood slipped away, and she went from young woman, to teen, to just barely adolescent. She could not even digest that in just moments she had gone from age 21 to 13.

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