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The little girl rocked back on her heels, running her tongue over her lips. Her breathing got faster and shallower as she gasped for air. He looked to her face as she started rising to her feet. Except that she was still sitting on her heels, but her head was rising. Incredibly, she was becoming taller.
Not just taller, but bigger in other directions too. Older. Her thin arms were getting thicker, the sleeves of her shirt bunching up toward her shoulders. Her narrow chest pushed outward and upward, until it was tightly outlined against the front of her shirt.
A ripping sound from below drew his attention to her coltish legs. Her slacks were parting at the seams as her thighs thickened. At the same time, he could see the cuffs moving up toward her knees as her legs got longer. Her shoes popped, unable to contain her bigger feet.
Her shirt could no longer contain her torso. Buttons popped, giving her more room to grow. But that wasn't enough; the cloth started tearing, revealing more and more of the now preteen's body underneath. It reminded him of the old TV series about the Incredible Hulk. Except that Nan was obviously still a child, no matter what she might look like.
Glancing down at herself, she showed no surprise at the state of her clothing. She got up to her feet with a speed and grace that was surprising, most of her ruined clothes hitting the floor.

All of these questions came to her, and she desperately tried to figure out the answers to them. First was the obvious: why did her head hurt?
Second question: why did her clothes feel so tight? They felt several sizes too small all of a sudden, so either the clothes shrunk or she... ... what a rude awakening.... she thought to herself, then slowly looked up.
That's when her heart skipped a beat.
She found herself looking at her reflection. There was a mirror hanging on the wall across from the bed she was on. Her eyes widened and her hand went to her face.....
... is this... me? her jaw dropped.... and then she glared down at the bed.
She glared at the bed for the longest of times before looking back up at the mirror. She touched her face again, still in shock. The child was still in there, the child she once had been. The features were somewhat there, such as the skin tone, eye color and fair complexion. But her facial structure was different, her lips were fuller, her eyes were larger, her body was so much longer and wider, she had breasts now, her skin was softer, her hair was longer (long, blonde, thick strands fell from her head almost to her lower back) and she would soon realize that she had partially grown out of her clothes.
I look.... grown up....... is this...... really me?
Another person, a young Asian girl, was asleep on the other bed. Her clothes had split at the seams too.
Before I do anything, first things first... I need some new clothes.
She ran aimlessly, her eyes shifting in every direction, looking for someplace for her to go. She ran into a closet, where she found clothes that looked like they would fit: tight pants, very high-heeled boots, and a stomach-showing tube top. She broke through the window, happy that there wasn't an alarm, and stepped out.

"I could make it well worth your while. Think about it - you know that I am an ageshifter. I could be any age you like, for as long as you like. No need to mess around. Anything to do with my clothes too. No restrictions."
She felt the familiar tensing when her muscles strained and enlarged. It was difficult to do without a mirror to check her changing age. And it was so desperately important that nothing went wrong now. Her hair grew as it tumbled down to her shoulders. Her strange genes enlarged and slightly reshaped her nose, mouth and eyebrows. She would not end up exactly at age 16, but she was some years older than she had been, it had to do.
Her T-shirt had split open, revealing newly forming breasts that strained against the now too small undershirt.

And cackling loudly, she reached for the small bottle. Uncorking it, she tipped back her head and downed the bitter liquid in a quick gulp. Grimacing, she waited for the effects to work. Several heart and gut-wrenching minutes later.
~ Yes!! FINALLY!! ~
The slow transformation was amazing. She could feel aging bones and muscles straighten out, as she grew several inches taller. Her wrinkly skin began to smooth out into a clear and creamy complexion. Her long gray hair changed into a rich auburn color that cascaded down her back in soft waves. Her eyes were no longer sunken in; instead bright ebony depths gleamed back at her reflection. Her nose was no longer crooked. Her mouth was now set into a luscious pout, her teeth and tongue no longer grotesque.
~ I am...I am... beautiful. ~
She twirled around and around in disbelief. She couldn't believe it. She clapped her hands in delight and danced around the darkened room in joy.

Time-lapse morphing
I'm not sure how best to do what I want to do. Here's the idea.
I want to get a sequence of images of my kids at different ages. I'm planning to start taking a photo every week or two, for example, with them standing in the same place facing the same direction.
Then I'll want to create a movie that morphs from pic 1 through pic 2.... through pic N. HOWEVER... I want the overall time to be consistent. I am hoping that if I get enough pictures I can have a pretty smooth morph progression of the child's growth through, say, a year or two.

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