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Dear Dream Doctor:
Expanding Chest
I have been quite uncomfortable with my body for a while. I am 16 and my breasts have grown in very large at 38E. I had a dream one night that I was walking into my house when my mum came up to hug me. I hugged back and then asked why she stood there and looked at me. Then I went into the living room to watch TV. I was on Maury Povich. It said on the bottom of the screen "I hate my body."
I was amazed and continued to watch. Maury was talking to me when I noticed that the baggy top I had worn to the show was expanding. I switched bodies and I was actually on the show now and it felt really like my chest was actually growing.
Then I was back in my living room and I switched off the channel and suddenly my breasts started growing there too. My top split and I remember shouting out to someone just before I woke up.
I know this dream is weird, but if you can help please do!
Kate, Age 16, Single, UK

Visiting a magic show with Steve and my brother.
My brother was making a fuss in the car about hormones replacement stuff. At the magic show, they took him as a volunteer and changed him into an "adult", who just happened to wear his shirt.

I had to try something, so I decided to do something they had warned me not to do. I turned around and toddled through the front door. They had warned me that if I did that, I'd grow to normal size and be a helpless baby! But I had to do something!!
As soon as I had gone out the door (as tiny as I was it took a few minutes!) I started growing. Soon I was as big as an ant again. But something funny was happening. I was growing even bigger! Already I was taller than Emily, who was still standing by the door! My clothes were growing with me.. except for my diapers!!
Moments later, I was back to being eleven years old. The tape on my diapers had popped off as I grew too big (really too old) for the tiny baby pants.

My daughter spent her entire ninth birthday crying. She didn't want to get big. She wanted to turn her new age of 9 upside down and be 6 again because she wasn't finished being young.
She knows it was silly, but she mourned the fact that she couldn't control her growth into a young woman.

Neither was aware that Fiona had grown two inches taller in the brief time her new friend had been talking to her. But Fiona did suddenly realize her pants wouldn’t zip all the way up and decided it was time to go.
She was resolved to her fate of growing up, and the fact that her pants had ridden up that much told her that she was growing taller. She sighed at this, and discovered that she was feeling a draft about her midsection, and looking down; found that her shirt had finally pulled completely out of her pants.

Yes, it was Fiona, and in what a costume! She wore a ragged shirt, stained and torn. She had no shawl over her shoulders to conceal the fact that half the buttonholes were burst out. In spite of all her shabbiness the girl was pretty and fresh.

She felt her tummy brush against the sink as she drank the water.
It sent shivers through her body. She gasped, half from the cold and half from surprise as she rubbed the spot where her belly had touched the metal.
Why had it felt like bare skin against metal?
She slowly realized as she gazed down at her belly.
Quite a bit of bare flesh showed through a gap between her shirt and pants. Down below, her ankles stuck out a few inches from her uncomfortable shoes. Her wrists peeked out of her suddenly tightening shirt.
Now her hips and buttocks were straining the denim as hard as over-pressurized bladders.
She could not even put her finger between her pants and skin.
As she tried to measure her legs, a whimper escaped her lips when she heard the faint sound of fabric splitting. Her pants. She was....growing up?
The button broke off, and the zipper front began to open, showing off the top of her white panties. Her shoulders suddenly hurt.
Unsure and frightened, she backed away from the sink holding her pants up, as if she could still close the gap.
These things just should not happen! No!
As she backed away, her thighs hit a chair and she lost her balance, sprawling into the damned thing.
She cried out from pain as her butt hit the wooden chair, sending shockwaves through her chest, now adorned with the outline of beginning breasts.
As if they had just waited on the opportunity, the uppermost button of her shirt snapped of, flew through the air and hit the wall with an audible sound. Suddenly, modest cleavage shoved through her poor shirt.
Lynn stared into the mirror in front of her, like she was looking at someone else entirely.
A much older child than the one she had been just minutes ago, not really a child at all anymore. Someone very frightened and still visibly growing...
She wiggled her bare toes through the torn shoes. Oh no, she whispered to herself, as she suddenly felt something in her nipples she had never, ever felt before.

Her legs grew long
as she lay on the couch
She shot me a glance
under her lids
and covered her knees with her dress
"It is true,"
she said, "that centers don't hold. I
am forever unraveled."

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