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She ran from the pain, from the memory. And she kept running. She ran till blisters formed on her feet. She ran until she was exhausted with hunger, thirst, and want for sleep. And as she ran, she grew. Since her growth had to be accelerated so that she could be a hero and save the island, with every step she took, she grew. And when she was done running, when she found a safe place, she was fifteen. She would stay this age. She was done growing.
She didn't know where she was. It looked like a small town, or village.
Maybe I will be safe here, she thought.

Teenage actress Chloe Moretz's Halloween is already ruined - she no longer fits into the outfit she wore as Hit Girl in "Kick-Ass". The 13-year-old was allowed to take one of the costumes she wears in the new film home and was hoping to wear it to go trick or treating. But the star has had a growing spurt since filming wrapped on the movie - and can no longer slip into the superhero get-up.
She tells WENN, "I kept one of the 20 suits but I won't fit into it for Halloween because I'm too tall now."
"It's in my closet in a box to keep it pristine. I'll have my kids wear it when I'm older."
And Moretz is quietly happy she'll never have to don the leather costume and mask again: "The suit was really uncomfortable... You can't bend in leather, and so, whenever I would go down, the crotch would rip open... (In some scenes) if you look at the crotch, it has pieces of leather strapped in it and glued in."

Every day her age shifted, every hour she could feel and look decades younger or older, depending on her energy, her will power, her moods. ...

At first, it looked like she would break free, but then Alex...well...Alex grew up.
She went from four foot to about five foot six with her body bumping and toppling the chair.
Her skin turned paler as it stretched out, and her pants made loud tearing sounds. Her shirt was fairly large, but it quickly became too tight. She rubbed her legs. Her black hair stuck out from her head as it got longer and her body became curvy so fast her newly formed breasts stood upright and pushed right through her shirt. I could see that even her teeth were bigger, and she looked like a teen now.

"This is 1997 and you're not a child anymore! Remember!"
Her eyes closed for a moment. She stood and hurled herself across the gap, howling in rage. Thrown off balance, he fell down. She began to pound on him, and with every blow, she grew even taller and older, while he began to shrink. Everything around us began to fade, including his younger version. Finally, the last few things dissolved into mist.
... Alex had become an adult towards the end of the aging transformation, and her clothing had basically ripped off. I turned around so I wouldn't see her naked.

A Fair Wind Home?
Ruth Moore, 1953
Another difficulty, they'd both grown some. Caroline was taller, and he was both taller ... and his muscles were busting his shirt out at the seams. ...

Two beams were shot only seconds after one another, both pointed in the direction of where Sarah was standing. The eight year old squeaked, dodging the first one, only to fly into the second one. She let out a shriek.
"Sarah!" Professor called, "Are you alright!?"
"Yeah, Dad, I'm fine!" the man blinked, noticing that her voice sounded slightly different, and held a small ring of maturity. He shook his head ignoring it.
"Turn on the fan, while I extinguish the fire," he ordered, as he turned, walking to the wall that held the fire extinguisher. He then rushed to his destroyed device, spraying away the flames that were caused by the small explosion. The smoke began to circulate throughout the room, and Professor quickly opened the air vents throughout the room.
"Ah, thank you, Sarah," the man sighed turning to his daughter, only to gape at the sight of her.
"Dad?" the girl asked, blinking, "What's wrong? Do I have anything on my face?" Professor only shook his head negatively, only to point towards the door.
"G-Go to the restroom, and look in the mirror," he stuttered, his body tense. Sarah tilted her head, before shrugging. As she turned, she winced, realizing her dress was tighter than she remembered, and her shoes were too tight. They fit just fine when she put them on that morning, why would they suddenly feel so tight. She sighed when the door slid open, and she turned sharply walking down the hallway towards the bathroom. The door opened and she walked inside, turning to the mirror. She blinked a few times, rubbing her eyes, before looking herself up and down.
She brought her hands to her eyes, rubbing them with the heel of her palm, muttering when she removed them that she was eight, and the person in the mirror was not her. She removed her hands, only to groan loudly noticing that she still looked the same.
"Sarah?" she blinked, turning towards her father, who seemed to have been in the room for awhile. She made a face, wondering how long he had been standing there and why she hadn't notice him enter.
"Dad, what happened?" she squeaked. Her father sighed, shaking his head and looking away.
"Sarah, I said that there were still bugs in it," he paused, "but I never imagined anything like this happening, especially to my own child." Sarah slouched, a slight pout crossing her features, "What do we do now, then?"
Her father eyed her for a second, before stating, "I suggest we find something a little more comfortable for you to wear." Sarah nodded, allowing her father to walk up to her, place his hand gently on her back, before guiding her from the bathroom.

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