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Looking down at my hands I see that my change is beginning to wear off already, just as I thought.
In a matter of minutes, everything I'm wearing will be many sizes too small.
"Soon all I'll be able to do is sit here - I won't be able to move in these kid clothes. You wouldn't happen to have any spare clothes I could borrow, would you?"
I step behind the shower curtain and strip off the now far too small clothes and toss them to the floor.

Then, as the seconds went by, Cindy was amazed at the changes. Her formerly non-existent nipples continued to swell under her clothes. The flesh beneath them also grew and filled out until she found herself endowed with budding breasts. They were round on her chest like two half-grapefruits, and in the center a hard nipple poked out. Cindy noticed too that her hips were growing as well. Instead of the slim, almost boyish figure that she had had all of her life, Cindy saw that she was beginning to develop the hips and legs of a young woman. Her dungarees fitted more tightly than ever before. Her buttocks became firm and round just as her breasts had, and now her jeans stretched tightly across them, clearly outlining the cheeks within.
The shirt and jeans were now much too small on her, had been for some time, and they came apart in tatters on her developing body.
Cindy watched her nipples elongate to exciting hardness, reveling in the feeling. She watched them stand up stiff and hard in the centers of her breasts, and felt a strange new sensation. A kind of warm, itchy feeling made itself known between her legs. Cindy squirmed and rubbed her thighs together. This was something new. She let one hand roam down her body. There, much to her surprise, she felt the beginnings of soft, downy pubic hair beginning to grow. With rising anticipation, Cindy ran her fingers through the silky growth. She tore off the remaining ripped clothes.

The water began to churn into what looked like a full boil. "Oh no, they're boiling. Oh, I can't watch." He turned away.
Gabrielle began to whimper. Suddenly there were screams, children's voices screaming in agony he thought. He closed his eyes tightly and resisted the urge to look. The screams became louder and deeper, the voices became familiar and the sound turned to screams of excitement, of jubilation. Now he did turn and saw the full grown forms of Jean and Louanne splashing in the clear blue waters. They were exuberant. They waved to him on shore and he waved back. He picked up one of Gabrielle's tiny hands and waved for her too.
A few minutes later the trio was back in their now ripped clothing, still patting each other on the back and congratulating themselves on their success.

"Mommy? Daddy?" a voice asked and I opened my eyes. I was on my belly with Mike's arm over my back. My hair was over my face as I looked towards the door of our room. Jenna stood there looking at me and I realised that she had grown right out of her clothes and was standing there in rags. I got up to my elbows.
"Yes, sweetheart?" I asked.
"I'm hungry," she said and I nodded as I pulled free of Mike. The poor man had been working hard last night, he deserved to stay in bed.

Puberty had hit Erica like a ton of bricks. By the time she was 13, Erica was bursting out of any bra that she could find at her local Wal-Mart or Victoria's Secret.

Cassie's body was aging fast, the white dress draped over her was rising and falling in various places across her body, her skin was changing complexion and her nose and face were not only rising, but changing slightly in shape, becoming more mature. Her mouth was twisted, as if in pain and her hair was growing longer.
Tom watched as Harry bent down and gently undid the top buttons on her dress. He looked up at Tom, "Look at her hair." He pointed at the cascading masses of growing hair spewing out of Cassie's head, what had previously been shoulder height was now almost a meter in length.
Her face finally began to settle, her nose thin and straight, her eyes shut and her mouth in a small smile. Her body was lowered to the floor, already so much heavier. She had grown much taller and relatively thinner than before, the badly torn dress which had previously come to her feet now only reached her knees, and the pieces of her ruined shoes were much too small on her feet.
Harry glanced down, and checked her pulse. "She's stopped, her pulse rate is falling again, she'll wake up soon." Tom felt sick. He smiled down at her, she was beginning to stir.
And then the seams holding the sleeves to her dress ripped right open, exposing her smooth, round shoulders.

A little girl with a teddy bear in her hand stood before them. Her and the teddy bear are dirty.
"How do you feel Marla?"
Marla starts screaming, getting the attention of people peeking down the alley. Marla falls to the ground as she starts to grow, ripping out of her clothes.
Marla is now a grown women, 29 years old, with a beauty that blinds the wicked for hours. The Lock-stars put clothes on her....

Matt's friend Liz was here. She is so sweet. All this rolled up into a girlie package. I almost fainted when she walked into the room because she suddenly has breasts, not even the little pointy baby breasts, but womanly round breasts. That means that someone with woman breasts was lying on my sons bed with him reading comics books.

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