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Dream 4

...the next night I dreamed about a party and I had also invited the Kellys. But every Kelly, except Barby (!) were too late. Then suddenly, Barby and I were alone, and I asked her: "How do you feel now?" She said: "I'm fine, thank you." I asked: "Are you sure?" She said, laughing: "Of course I'm sure...but I wouldn't have made it without you." And then I looked at her beautiful smile, stared into her shining eyes, and I felt so happy, I took her in my arms and let my tears flow. Then I looked again, and to my surprise she had GROWN! She was almost as tall as me (and I am 1.81 m big). But, sadly, again I woke up too early

Dr. Caroline says:
Hello again, Anthony. I think these dreams indicate some inner turmoil that you have yet to face. Barby may represent the "inner child" which needs nourishment and protection. This may be the cause of unnecessary worry and sadness in your life that can only be eliminated when you search inside youself for your destiny and what makes you truly happy. Only then will you reach your full potential (or "height"!)

Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep
By Gail Carson Levine

What a hideous baby, the fairy Arabella thought. She said, "My gift to Sonora is beauty." She touched the baby's yellow squooshed-up face with her wand.
The baby began to change. Her scrawny arms and legs became plump, and her blotchy yellow skin turned pink. Her pointy head became round. Honey-colored ringlets appeared on her scalp.
Ouch! It hurt to have your body change shape and to grow hair on your head in ten seconds. Sonora wailed.
King Humphrey II of Biddle thought, Why did the fairy do that? As his first-born child-as his lovey dovey oodle boodle baby-she had been fine the way she was. But he bowed low to the fairy. "Thank you, Arabella. What a wonderful gift." A person could get into a lot of trouble for failing to thank a fairy.
Queen Hermione II picked up the yowling baby and cuddled her. Then she curtsied deeply and thanked the fairy too, even though she wanted to wail along with her daughter. Sonora looks six months old, the queen thought. I wanted to watch her grow.


"Watch the card closely. Concentrate on the card." He was grinning broadly.

I wanted to say, "Big joke," but I played along, for reasons I wasn't sure of myself. I stared at the card fixedly.

"Concentrate on the card."

I felt very relaxed. Complicated things, like my annoyance, and resentment ... they were fading. I felt all warm inside. Warm and bright, like I was illuminated from within. Shining hotly.

"You are like the card."

I stopped wondering about what was going on and smiled beatifically, watching the card with innocence and fascination. I glowed.

"You are the card."

I cooed, and then made a little burbling noise.

He stopped grinning, and stared at me.

I squirmed in my chair, turning around and climbing out of it feet first. Everything was so big and wonderful-looking! I crawled out into the middle of the living room rug, having difficulty moving in my very oversized clothes, staring at the table and the walls with fascination.

He flipped the card over and looked at it quizzically. It was a Rider deck; The card had a big yellow sun, and in front of it a beaming infant on a white horse, arms outstretched to embrace the world.

I chirruped at the light fixture. Shiny!

"You think you're funny, don't you?" he said. "Jesus."

He got up from the table and walked over to me. He was so big! I was almost completely in his shadow as he towered above. "Okay. Good joke. I'm sorry I was so nasty."

I rolled over on my back and put my thumb in my mouth.

"But you can stop now."

I stared up at him wide-eyed. Couldn't he see what had happened? I took out my thumb and tried to tell him, but as I figured, all that came out was a set of mismatched vowels and a stray glottal stop.

He stared for the longest time.

"All right," he said finally, "let's get you out of those clothes. They're way too big for you."

I burbled. Finally he got it! I smiled at him radiantly.

He crouched down beside me and began to unbutton my blouse, and muttered, "You want to play, okay, I'll play along ...."

I wasn't really "wearing" my clothes at that point anyway, I was so little. He pulled them away from me easily, and I sat in a pile of clothes, looking at my little plump body with joy. I was so bright! Light shone from my soft skin, illuminating all corners of the room. I giggled.

He riffled idly through the deck. "Let's play something else, OK?"

I sucked my thumb again, radiating light and happiness. He glared at me. Then he looked down at the deck. "Yeah ...." He grinned. "Let's play something else. Right."

He checked the cards until he found the right one. "Here we go." He walked over. "Nude, happy ... but a little older."
The World...

"Stare at the card now for me, honey."

I looked at the card with fascination. Pretty!

As I focused, I felt my little body changing. I grew like a shoot, legs lengthening under me and torso springing up, arms extending rapidly, breasts popping outward. It felt so nice. My skin tingled. I looked around me alertly.

I was about twenty, thin but curvy. I felt peaceful, almost sleepy, and filled - like other things were squeezed into my skin with me.

Jeremy looked down at me. "Everything all right?" He lay on the rug next to me.