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She hiccupped once and the growth began. Her blouse stiffened along the front as her breasts budded underneath with no indication of stopping. Her spine creaked and crunched. There was an audible popping as the buttons separated from her top, revealing the outlines of her new breasts through her straining undershirt for all to see. After only fifteen seconds the growth ceased. Whereas the little girl has once been flat as a board, the fully grown woman now carried with obvious pleasure a set of almost spherical C cups in her hands.
"My . . . breasts," she gasped as she reached for an elongating nipple. "OMG . . . I am so tall, this is so great."
With that last statement her little sister started to grow too, getting taller and heavier by the second. Her clothes burst open almost immediately, as her body started to break through the stroller's sagging frame.
"No-no-no-no," she screamed.

Then she realized that the sweatshirt that barely covered her thighs a few moments ago, now almost reached her knees. Even more embarrassing, she could feel her panties grow loose and baggy on hers hips and fanny.
She then understood! She wasn't growing; she was shrinking! Within a moment, her hips could no longer hold up her underwear and they fell to the ground around her diminishing legs. Her shortening arms were lost inside of her sweatshirt, her fingers barely reaching where her elbows were only moments before. The hem of the shirt was on the ground and continuing to become bulkier and harder to move around in. The once soft cloth felt coarse and rough on her skin. And she found herself constantly needing to lift herself from foot to foot to keep her balance as she de-aged.
Suddenly, her neck and shoulders had grown too small for the shirt to contain, and it was a very embarrassed and very nude toddler Melinda who tried to stand unsteadily amidst her fallen clothing. She adopted the classic pose of a woman caught naked by a man, one arm flew across her tiny chest and the other to her bare groin.

She felt her makeshift dress grow loose about her as she once again began to de-age. Within seconds she was too young for her dress, which fell to her feet. Melinda's whole body creaked as it shrunk. She watched in wonder as her breasts diminished and her nipples completely faded away. She looked at her hands and touched her groin, where she found her hair had pulled back into her skin. With her line-of-sight completely unobstructed, Melinda noted that the telltale signs of her gender were almost gone.

As if in a trance, she stood. She had grown taller during her sleep, but she was still nowhere near her normal age, but at least she was taller than she had been.
At present, she figured she barely topped five feet. She looked at her dress, and over at the clothes she had worn when she arrived. Both sets of clothes seemed much too small to her. But that was all right, since she felt no compunction to dress. Indeed, what was the point, she had nothing that would fit her in her present situation.

She was the shape and size of a human toddler by this time. She climbed back up on the counter and filled a glass with water and drank it down several times, growing a little more each time. You see, she said, her voice a little deeper, we are a race of chronomorphs. Before we are sent here we are shrunk to a minimum age and are given a drug so we can no longer change.
I didn't notice, but her legs had grown to almost touch the floor. She slid off of my lap and stretched languorously. She stood about four and a half feet tall and quickly came to be shaped like a prepubescent with beginning teacup breasts, flaring hips and a fine round butt. After a few more glasses of water she was a little over five feet and built like gangbusters. She took my hand in hers and led me to the living room, walking provocatively with her cat like grace. When we reached the sofa, she rubbed herself against me, then started pulling off my clothes.

Growing girl
Each day, Tara announces that she has grown. Indeed, she is taller. She has grown nearly 6 inches since we brought her home from Ukraine in April 2005. And, she weighs 30 percent more now. She is still petite, though I am beginning to realize that is just her nature.

Jill was just leaving her room when an overpowering lust overtook her. Her nipples became so hard that they hurt and her breasts swelled so much that her shirt tore in the middle.

The great thing about that photoset is, thats not even her blouse, and I would love to see the look on the retail chicks face that has to re-hang that blouse. After all, I have extensive first hand experience with this, the way my superendowed customers used to stretch tubetops beyond saleabilty, burst buttons and pop straps. Kinda miss that aspect of the job.

For a moment Jenny thought she could relax, but then she began to feel strange. Her legs ached. For that matter, her whole body ached. Both girls watched as Jenny's legs slowly lengthened, becoming long and seemingly thinner, but her pants became much too tight for her, with not a wrinkle remaining. Her body also seemed to lengthen, her waist staying almost the same but her hips widening immensely, effortlessly breaking through her upper pant legs. Then, Jenny felt a pressure mounting on her chest.
She watched as her nipples grew, not yet accompanied by much other growth. The nipples continued to grow until they were almost half an inch thick and just a little longer than that. Her breasts had already begun to come in, growing through the tearing shirt front, up to a C cup before stopping. Jenny's face became thinner and sexy looking. When she spoke again, her voice had deepened.

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