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After being home a few months, something very unpredictable happened. She was playing one day and took a wrong step, ending up in the middle of an aging spell that changed her from being a young girl of 6, to a young woman of 19. A boy offered to help her, and managed to take four years from her, only to gain them himself. And so, they were both 15 for a time.

Against her will, the girl felt herself changing. The child's body grew taller and more mature.
She was aging, sudden breasts swelling into large tapered cones, her nose more upturned. She studied herself in the mirror as her clothes began to tear at the seams ... a little turned on by the way her shirt tightened and ripped as she developed.

It was little Maria, looking directly at him, standing in the snow with her wide eyes on him. She ran to him, jumped into his arms.
He picked her up, hugging her.
"Maria?" He touched her hair, breathed the scent.
She giggled. He wouldn't put her down at first, but she forced him to as she began to grow up, years passing in seconds. She sprung up to her real height, her body changing into a tall woman's form stuffed inside impossibly tight kiddie clothes.
"What are you doing here?" she demanded.

Re: What Made You Smile (today)?
Tams: I was wearing a TOO short jacket. I was looking like a kid who grew up in 10 seconds in the same clothes.

I was looking at this layout and suddenly it occurred to me that I need a change. I did kind of design it when I was 16 (or was I 15?). And the pictures up there, are from when I was 16 & 15... yeah. I'm kind of different in every way. Mentally (duh) I'm more mature. Physically, I'm no longer flat chested.

'Mummy these trousers dont fit'
They come halfway between ankle and knee.
'hmm, youre right - try on some others'
'these ones dont fit either'
She was right. We try on all her trousers. Only 2 pairs vaguely fit.
I guess she spent the night growing!
hehe .. pretty much the same thing is going on in this house. I'm glad it's summer so she can just wear shorts.
From her school records, C has grown 3.5 inches the past 9 months.
Wow! I know my dd grew not only taller but wider all at once... and she still insisted on wearing the old clothes.

Two years later, she turned fourteen. She was growing bigger and had outgrown her own clothes, so she started to wear clothes made of plant fiber. She could use the coconut husks for fibers as they were plentiful. Using a long thin bamboo needle, she sewed the rough sackcloth into clothes. However, the resulting sackcloth was itchy on her skin.

Interesting what you see on discussion groups these days:
His little sister then hit 15. And BLOSSOMED. Suddenly she had a 5-inch growth spurt, developed a lithe figure, and in the end looked like a 6-foot tall, long-legged, tiny-waisted, auburn-haired, bronze-goddess Alicia Silverstone.
" little sister just outgrew me. And all my friends want to date her. I really don't know what to do with all this..."

Class 1S writing project:
Once there was a girl called Katy Jones. She was 10 years old.
Suddenly something shiny and sparkling caught her eye - magic shoes!
On Saturday Katy woke up early. Katy pulled the bag from under her bed.
This time when Katy tried them on she grew taller and taller. Emily was shocked!
Katy went back to the fair the next day, wearing the magic shoes.
She danced fabulously and won first prize. She also won the medal for the tallest person.

I have always been flat-chested.
So, last spring, I started tossing around the idea of getting a boob job.
the two most important opinions were those of my 10- and 14-year-old daughters. They were at that impressionable age and I didn't want to give them the wrong impression.
"Why now?" my friend asked, staring enviously at my boys department T-shirt. I still had no answer.
My 14-year-old daughter overheard an entire boobs-or-no-boobs conversation.
"Wear a Water Bra and see how you like it."
Boys of all ages went positively loopy.
The kid at the fast-food joint, the guy at the grocery store, the friend at work and the pilot on the plane all became instant servants to my any whim.
Then it started to get a little irritating. Is this what I wanted? Men looking straight at my chest instead of my eyes?
Strangers saying things like, "Are you happily married?"
Clothes looked cheap, buttons popped off blouses and all my T-shirts got stretched out. When I passed myself in a mirror, I thought: Whoa, who is that woman? And do I want to know her?
I noticed women were not as friendly.
My daughters started to complain. "It's, like, so gross, Mom," said my young teenager right before she refused to go to the mall with me, the place where I was ogled the most. My 10-year-old put a pair of tennis balls in her bathing suit and glared at me in stony silence. I got the point.
Next, my husband started to get grouchy. "What is it with guys?" he snarled as the waiter stuttered through our order.
I canceled the surgery. The next day, my teenager asked if she could borrow the Water Bra for her first day of school.
"Absolutely not," I said.

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