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After Gregg's wife died, he found comfort in his ten year old neighbor.
"Bye bye, Robyn. See you tomorrow!"
The young girl grinned from the playground. "Bye Gregg! See you later!"
Gregg sighed to himself as he drove away. It had been another day of slides and picnics, of tag and hiding. He had almost lost himself in this little girl once again. He had known her since she was a baby and was good friends with her parents. Ever since his wife Susan's death, this child had been his one companion who understood. So, he spent his days playing with her on the playground while her parents went to work. Robyn had been such a special friend!
Today he decided to go to the mall and get her something to thank her.

... "Just something for a short friend of mine," he said.
"Yes, but I don't think that many people would really smile upon an old man dating a ten year old girl!"
"We're not dating. She's just nice! She's the only one who understands me since Susan's death. And why am I telling you this!?"

... Robyn had been his only company, his only friend, since Susan's fatal accident. How often had Gregg wished that he could talk to Robyn like he used to talk to Susan. How often had he wished that Robyn would nestle in his arms as Susan had once done. How often?
Too often!! Oh well... at least this box would give him a chance to express his gratitude to her for her wonderful company.

... "I got you a gift," he told Robyn.
"Wha did you git me," Robyn asked bouncing up and down.
"Two things," Gregg told her. "First I got you that doll you always wanted in the store window."
"Gee thanks," Robyn said smiling. "What else did you bring me?"
"I also got you a box of your favorite candy!"
Robyn frowned. "Mom said if I eat too much candy I might get fat!"
"This candy is sugar-free, pumpkin."
"That settles it then, huh?!" she said grabbing the box from Gregg's hand. Taking the lib off, Robyn took and ate one candy after another until they were gone. In fact, Gregg marveled at how quickly she ate them all!
Gregg and Robyn talked and played most of the day. As evening time approached, they were greeted by Robyn's mother. "Hi Gregg. Tom and I were wondering if you wouldn't mind watching Robyn tonight while we went out for supper and a movie." Robyn jumped up and down. "It wouldn't be too long, just a few hours."
Gregg smiled. "I would be honored. Take your time tonight. You two deserve each other."
Robyn's mother smiled. Robyn looked back and winked. Gregg smiled and waved. It wasn't every day that you got to spend all of your time with the one person you loved.
"Bye, Robyn. Be good for Gregg."
"Bye Mom," Robyn yelled over her shoulder.
"Gregg, be sure she doesn't stay up all night."
"I won't. I guarantee it."
"Bye guys," the parents yelled as they closed the door.

... Gregg smiled and looked over toward Robyn. Her head was down and concentrating on the game. Looking in her eyes, Robyn seemed less innocent than she had before. As Gregg gazed at her, he could almost see her...
Tossing aside this illusion, Gregg continued to play.

... As he looked toward Robyn again, he accepted the fact that her legs were longer and her hair had grown. Her wrists and ankles were fully exposed.

... Something very strange was happening. As she neared the bathroom, Gregg heard a crying. He ran to the bathroom to see Robyn in tears.
"My legs hurt, Gregg. Will you rub them?"
"Yes of course I will darling."
Gregg sat her down on the couch and began rubbing her legs through the skintight pants that were much too short. He knew what was happening to her now, of course. And what was going to happen.
The short blonde hair that he had combed so many times was now almost waist length on Robyn. And... oh God. There was the first ripping. Her upper thighs were soon exposed.
Her face seemed to have elongated and her legs were getting longer and smoother every minute. Her knees broke through the denim. "What is happening to me, Gregg?" she said calmly.
Gregg seemed lost in thought. He seemed to recall an explosive incident that happened to his sister at this age. Something to do with... "We need to get you to the bathroom and quickly." Another ripping sound.
Gregg pulled Robyn along to the bathroom, but they did not get there in time. Before they arrived, a thick patch of blood appeared through her overstrained jeans.
Robyn screamed and screamed as they approached the bathroom. Gregg saw her pants had mostly split at the seams due to her legs' increasing width, but that did not matter now.
What was happening to her!? Something in him knew he was being granted his wish. His best friend was closing the age gap between them. The ripping sounds were getting louder, and they were coming from higher up.
"Stay here," he said, "I'm going to get you some bigger clothes. Running to her parents room and grabbing her mother's nightgown and an old pair of panties, he ran back to the bathroom. Robyn was feeling her now partially exposed chest through the widening rips in her shirt.
"It itches," she told him innocently. Gregg nodded. "I know, honey. I know it does."
Though the remains of her undershirt, Gregg could see the edges of small perky breasts where there had been none before. He made himself look away, but couldn't help but see the mounds on her chest were rapidly swelling.
"Stay here, I'll be back!"
"Why? Don't leave me!"
"Just stay here. I'm going to get you some day clothes."

Gregg closed and locked the door on his way out of the house, running down the stairs and to his own apartment. Was this the happiness he had wished for? Without answers, he entered his apartment and searched frantically for his wife's clothes. Her bras, shirts, pants, skirts, and other clothes lay in a pile in his room, just as they had been lying since her death. Grabbing the pile, he made his way up the stairs to Robyn's room. Unlocking it, he called "Robyn, I got you something."
"Gregg! Come here!" someone yelled from the bathroom. Robyn's voice sounded very different, deeper now. Gregg entered the bathroom and stopped.
Robyn was still sitting on the toilet, except it wasn't the Robyn that Gregg had left there. In the short time that Gregg had been gone, Robyn had grown almost a foot taller, and her body had completely destroyed her clothing, now barely recognizable shreds that had mostly fallen to the bathroom floor, though a few pieces still clung tightly to her new curves.
Now she could stand eye level with Gregg. She had acquired a set of large, fully exposed breasts that she held up without shame. If he wasn't mistaken, they were the same size as his wife's had been, a perfect C cup. Her hair had grown to waist length, and her face had become smooth and soft. Her hips had widened enormously and her waist looked narrow by comparison. Even her legs had shaped out too. She had become in the course of a few minutes, an attractive, fully adult woman.
Gregg got control of himself. "I...uhh...brought you some new clothes, Robyn."
"Thank you Gregg! You are the best! Now tell me what happened?!"

... "...and that's when her parents walked in the door!"
"So...what did they do to you two?" the old man said, winking at Robyn.
"Well naturally they threw both of us out of the house, with some choice words I might add. Since then they have filed a missing person report with the Police Department."
"Well she can't be named Robyn anymore, that sure would be suspicious. Besides, a new name might fit her better now. What do you think, Caroline?"
Robyn nodded her approval. "And you can't be named Gregg anymore. Something more noble say...Howard. Yeah... That's settled. I will take care of the paperwork. You two just concentrate on yourselves."
"We can't do this!" Howard yelled. "It's unethical!?!"
"It wasn't unethical when you were fantasizing about her, was it? Besides, it seems that Caroline has grown very fond of you. Love can move through mountains they say. I'll just help it along for you."
Caroline smiled and looked into Howard's eyes. Something clicked in them both as they finally found their own perfect companions. The old man grinned.
"I think I should leave you two alone," he said as he turned toward the backroom. A backward glance revealed everything he thought he would see, two new lovebirds, talking and laughing their way into a new life.

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