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She ran to get the ladder and stood it next to her favorite tree.
Her child's legs were thin and as wobbly as a newborn colt, as she made her way up the ladder.
Her "boyfriend" stood below, holding the ladder for her.
A sudden, chilly breeze washed over her tiny frame, causing the leaves to rustle above her, flowing underneath her yellow dress, so that she felt the shocking realization of her own nudity. She wore nothing underneath!
How could she have forgotten? Not a very ladylike thing to do, surely! A warm and not unpleasant shiver swept over her at the thought that yes, her "boyfriend" was below her, and yes, he could "see" her!
"Oh!" she gasped aloud. Her body froze.
A hand tentatively touched her thigh, just above the knee, and she shuddered, her body suddenly limp and immobile. His touch was so gentle and calm.
"Are you alright, Angela?"
It was Justin's voice from below, concerned but nothing more.
She looked down. Her legs had grown longer and fuller, from beneath the ruffled, sunflower pleated dress.
She was in a developing woman's body, and her boyfriend was beneath her, a full grown man in burst boys' clothing, still beneath the old apple tree.
"Yes, I'm fine." she said, though her voice was small and shaky.
There was an uneasy wetness between her young legs, and Justin's hand now massaged her thigh with rough and pressing strokes, moving slowly up and down, stopping just before the forbidden place, which, she knew, was exposed to his gaze, due to her careless behavior of dressing.
"Did you find what you were looking for?" he asked her, his hand never stopping and each time, coming closer and closer to the place which the cool air had only made colder.

She'd shot up an inch in the past seconds, especially in the legs.
She was an ageshifter, with the rare inborn ability to change her apparent age. This change could not always be controlled, less so during times of emotional stress.
It had been because of this ability that she had learned tailoring to alter her clothing to suit her new ages.
She felt faint as her hand traveled, touching herself with hesitant fingers. She was definitely bigger.
She swallowed, lightheaded and scared, sitting down before she fell down completely. It made sense now. Her skirt wasn't as long as it had been because she was taller now, just a few inches. Her body had begun the ageshift again.
Her hair was a little more shimmery, silkier if possible, and it was falling perfectly about her face, not a snag in sight.
The general shape of her face was still the same, though a little leaner, her cheekbones just slightly more evident. Her skin was glowy, and her body had grown taller today, not enough that she had even really noticed until she began to take into account all of the other changes.

The next morning she realized she would have to do something about her current state rather than whine about it.
She climbed wearily from the couch, glancing down at her outgrown clothing, torn in places. Shopping would be in order.

She had purchased her nicest dress the year before for the homecoming dance. She felt odd wearing it now.
Tina thought it felt smaller than she remembered. Perhaps she'd grown a bit.
It was a red, slinky long-sleeved v-cut dress which stretched around her petite young body to about five inches below her panties. It was a simply styled, nylon fabric dress which highlighted her slender neck and tight small body. The sleeves were tight to about her elbows, then loosened up and flowed around her wrists.
Its length revealed the difference in her size since its purchase: she didn't remember having to push it down so much the year before! So since the dress hadn't shrunk, she'd grown an inch or two.

Anna Grows Up
I wrote this one over a year ago in response to a story writing contest in a magazine. They gave the first few words, and you had to make a story from it. I must have been in an odd mood when I wrote it, as you will find the result most queer, and at the least, original. Curiously enough, it won first place and it ended up being the piece of writing that I got the most comments on ever (as to whether that feedback was positive or negative I shall leave to your own imaginations. Let's just say quite a few people have come up to me and said, "So, YOU are the one who wrote that story, huh???"). Published in Calico Pages.

The child smiled at him. It was almost a seductive smile that was out of place on the face of a child.
"I like you." she said.
"When do we begin?" the man asked.
"Right now. Sit on the floor." she said.
The man did as she asked and he sat on the floor where he had been standing. The little girl touched his cheeks with her hands and started to kiss him on the lips. The man's eyes went wide with surprise at this.
"What are you doing?" he demanded.
"I decided to have a little fun first." the child said, but as she spoke her voice grew deeper and richer into an adult woman's voice.
Her physical form began to change as well into that of a full adult women, but her dress did not change and it ripped off of her now naked body. She began to undress the man.
"This wasn't a part of the bargain." the man said as she kissed him down his neck.
"Don't worry, when I am done you will be a changed man." she said.

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