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                  *~- Black  Lady -~*
                       Part  One
                    *by Andrea Hui*

     "Everybody hates you."
     "HATES YOU."
     "Nobody in this world loves you at all."

     The little girl whimpered a small, weak, "No."

     "Even your parents hate you."

     Tears streamed down the little girl's face and splashed on
her hair.  The salty, bitter tears fell off
her chin.  "Mommy...!" she cried, her voice
wavering and diminishing to a whisper.

     "Your Mommy hates you the most.  She has never loved you."

     The small seven year old child screamed silently, a high-pitched 
air escaping her split, cracked lips.  Her head tossed itself back 
and forth, and her weak body tried to free itself from the 

     "Now you know how it's done," Steven said to his daughter, 
catching his racing breath.

     "Do you know now?" Sally asked.

     Allyson didn't know what to say.  Feelings were coursing
through her entire body, and she couldn't control them.

     "I am asking you, mother to daughter," Sally said. "Do you
know how it's done?"

     Allyson sucked in a breath. "Yes, Mommy."

     "Good," her parents said in unison.

     Both men watched Allyson's body as it slowly grew up.  The 
heavy restraints snapped one by one, broken metal clattering on 
the floor.  Her breasts first budded and then enlarged right 
before their very eyes, as her body curved and expanded itself 
into an ever older form, a slim hourglass figure.  
Her legs just kept thickening and extending as they became a mile 
long, and they weren't knobby at all anymore.  
Her breasts would become the most stunning of all, as her growth 
intensified and her iron will forced the vastly accelerated aging. 
     Her boots groaned and her toes exploded through the front.
     Layers of heavy winter clothing stretched to their limits and
loudly ripped at the seams, exposing what was soon to become
a voluptuous bosom.
The remnants of her corduroy pants became so small, they barely 
covered her expanding hips.
The remnant also ripped in half, and her panties broke apart as 
dark pubic hair sprouted in their place.
She was fully naked, and quite a sight to see.

     "My God, how sexy is she supposed to get?" Jack asked with a 
hitch in his voice. 
He was getting an uncomfortable lump in his pants, and gulped. 
He quickly turned his eyes away, and tried to control his urge 
to relieve the stimulation.

     "As sexy as any 18 year old... woman," Tom replied, wiping 
sweat away from his forehead.  He didn't know that girls turning 
into women would become so suddenly enticing.  
Allyson was barely recognizable now, but of course her hairstyle 
remained the same. 
"Her hate for her loved ones gave her the mental energy to

     "I am aroused," Jack said with a hint of anticipation.

     "Well, any man would and should be."

     "And you?"

     Tom swallowed a lump in his throat. "Yes, I am."

     They were silent after revealing their true feelings.  
If Jack wasn't going to approach Allyson, he might after viewing such 
a graphic display of sudden womanhood.

     "When will she awaken?"

     Suddenly, Allyson's eyes snapped open and they stared 
blankly ahead. 
Her body rose up and became vertical. She stared at Tom's
and Jack's heads.  Tears slid down her cheeks as the last 
reminder of her past life blew away.

     Allyson stood before Tom and Jack.  "I am still me," she said.