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"Alice," I called to her and pressed my hand up against the screen of the door. She was running away, screaming and laughing with excitement, her brown cheeks flushed and her eyes wide and clear. My God, I thought, she must have grown at least three inches already, the jeans she had on were already creeping above her ankles.
What is going on here?" Alice said, but then she clapped her hands over her mouth. Her voice had changed! What Alice saw amazed her. She was no longer a little girl, but turning into a beautiful young teenager. Her hair was no longer short, but elbow-length. Her clothes were now far too small for her, with embarrassing rips around the tightest areas. So she asked for a bit of privacy.
"How much have I aged?" She asked through the door. "You've aged seven years." I answered. "Seven YEARS?!" She said in surprise.
"Do not be afraid, Alice. You were simply too young, so your spirit moved you forward seven years and you aged."

She discovered that she was growing out of her clothes.
In fact, looking at her reflection in a pond, Annette found herself nearly unrecognizable. All she had to cut her hair with was her little flint knife, which generally felt like she was pulling the hairs out one by one, so she avoided trimming it as much as possible; it now hung in a long braid down to her hips, with the bangs past her eyebrows and continuously falling into her eyes. Her face was dirty, but flushed with health and vigor, and her eyes glittered quite fiercely above cheekbones that were beginning to show themselves after hiding so long behind baby fat. Her form was decidedly taller than this morning, and rather lean besides - and, much as it shocked her, she was finally showing the beginnings of a woman's figure. All in all, though she was scruffy and ill-kempt, she looked almost dangerous.
She now looked 10 years old...11...12... Tommy began to see Annette's skin revealed more and more as she looked at her reflection, still down on all fours. He could see the sides of her shorts tearing, not only from her coltish legs getting thicker, but also from her buttocks and hips becoming fuller. As she grew, her head pushed against Tommy's rising shaft. That combined with the view of Annette's aging, sent shivers of incredible pleasure through Tommy.
His penis began to push through the front of his pants, pushing against Annette, its girth becoming greater, stretching longer inch by inch. Tommy's shirt now started busting open down the front. Button by button his chest became more revealed, new muscles underneath he had never had before. The remains of his sleeves tore away from the biceps.

Six months ago she was a pugnacious little late developer. A tomboy hidden in the autumn twilight under chunky jumpers, baggy trousers and a bowl cut. But now, under the honesty of the sun I had to admit she had changed. The hair was longer, her clothes much tighter, flattering her body now. As I watched she moved in a way that sent tingles up my legs, across my buttocks, back and arms. Her tied-up hair exposed her creamy white neck and freckles. I blushed. Jesus what age was I?

But of course everyone thought of her as fifteen, though everyone recognized her as unusually mature for her age. And tall.
In the last few months she had put on a growth spurt, one deliberately decided upon and carefully monitored and controlled by her esoteric powers.
So, though she grew taller and the proportions of her limbs changed, she remained as graceful as ever. Though more graceful than she let anyone see.
Had anyone seen her move in all her grace and power they might well have thought her a supernatural being.
One aspect of her guided growth no one but Mary could perceive. She was slowly making her bones denser, stronger, and more flexible to support the extraordinary strength and speed of her enhanced muscles.

Her eyes were brown; her complexion was of the common creamy brown Australian sort, faintly freckled and mottled; there were large buttons all the way down her plain and predominantly blue dress; at the breast a button was undone or gone, and there was a glimpse of white, as though she had grown out of her dress, but she was older than himself.

The door swung open noiselessly, and Atreyu entered cautiously. He saw the Childlike Empress laying silently on her large, canopied bed, her eyes closed. To most eyes, she seemed completely peaceful, her breathing deep and even, her dark ringlets fanned out on the plush pillows. But Atreyu knew her better than anyone else.
He could see she'd grown several inches taller, and her features had taken on sharper, more mature lines.
She was just as breathtakingly beautiful as always, but she was the Childlike Empress.
She wasn't supposed to age.
"Do the changes... hurt?"
She opened her mouth, then thought. "Yes, a little. Although I must admit it is a fascinating experience."
It speaks of the realm of Fantasia undergoing a change-- a maturing-- not unlike the change of a bud into a bloom."
"And this maturation of the realm has come to be reflected in me physically?" The Childlike Empress stood thinking, biting her lower lip.
It was a habit Atreyu was familiar with, but now seemed incongruous with the adolescent before him.

- (FFed) 2007, J.A. Steel.
Knight Templar takes care of 8 y.o. girl who is murdered and raped by a motorcycle gang. The girl eventually wakes up as a grown-up woman and soon it is time for the revenge.

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