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Lee was just waking up and got up groaning in discomfort, his whole body ached and his clothes felt really tight.
Clay walked in and stared at the person who stood before him.
He looked like Lee but was really different, for one thing he was way older, and he looked about fifteen old, his clothes were really small and tight.
"Hello Clay!" the boy smiled.
"Who the heck are you?" he demanded, the boy looked confused.
"I'm Lee..." but he stopped and clapped his hands over his mouth, his voice! It sounded deeper! He looked down at himself to see he was about a foot taller than before, he looked down at his more mature hands and he grinned.
"YES!! The aging worked!" he screamed and punched the air only to remember the others staring at him.
"Aging? Lee what did we tell you?" Clay declared.

Her birthday present has been chosen accordingly. For it is the eve of Ella's third birthday -- but she still insists that she does not want to grow up. Thankfully, a flurry of last-minute diplomacy seems to have produced a compromise: Ella will have her birthday and become three, but will be otherwise unchanged, and will stay just the same, and never grow up, just like Peter Pan.
"When I'm ready to grow up I will not be Peter Pan any more," she says.
With only a week until her third birthday, Ella has a new plan to avoid getting older: she wants a cake with no candles on it, because she will only get older if she blows out the candles.

Land of the Lost
As usual, they had invited Holly to come along but she did not seem to share the men's interest in quests and adventures and had explained that she needed to work on a dress anyway. Jack really could not argue with that because she was quickly outgrowing her clothes and the dress would soon be imperative. Thus Will and Jack had set out leaving Chaka with Holly to serve as her half reluctant dress dummy.

...the unique ability to change her age at will...
Rachel's height changes when she changes her age... ranging from 4 foot tall to 5 foot 1 inch.
She is always wearing her blue clothes and her much loved blue cap. She loves her new family very much, she is a daddy's girl. Rachel is just beginning to know love for another...

It said that they all had to pick what age they all wanted to be.
They decided 15.
They started developing by growing breasts, getting bigger, hips growing, and their vaginas became more mature.
Their clothes ripped, but they didn't care. They wanted to remain naked.

The old man made young again.
- (male adult rejuvenation)
Found this on the net (2007):
In the time when our Lord still walked this earth, he and St. Peter stopped one evening at a smith's and received free quarters. Then it came to pass that a poor beggar, hardly pressed by age and infirmity, came to this house and begged alms of the smith. St. Peter had compassion on him and said, "Lord and master, if it please thee, cure his torments that he may be able to win his own bread."
The Lord said kindly, "Smith, lend me thy forge, and put on some coals for me, and then I will make this ailing old man young again." The smith was quite willing, and St. Peter blew the bellows, and when the coal fire sparkled up large and high our Lord took the little old man, pushed him in the forge in the midst of the red-hot fire, so that he glowed like a rose-bush, and praised God with a loud voice. After that the Lord went to the quenching tub, put the glowing little man into it so that the water closed over him, and after he had carefully cooled him, gave him his blessing, when behold the little man sprang nimbly out, looking fresh, straight, healthy, and as if he were but twenty.
The smith, who had watched everything closely and attentively, invited them all to supper. He, however, had an old half-blind crooked, mother-in-law who went to the youth, and with great earnestness asked if the fire had burnt him much. He answered that he had never felt more comfortable, and that he had sat in the red heat as if he had been in cool dew.
The youth's words echoed in the ears of the old woman all night long, and early next morning, when the Lord had gone on his way again and had heartily thanked the smith, the latter thought he might make his old mother-in-law young again likewise, as he had watched everything so carefully, and it lay in the province of his trade. So he called to ask her if she, too, would like to go bounding about like a girl of eighteen. She said, "With all my heart, as the youth has come out of it so well." So the smith made a great fire, and thrust the old woman into it, and she writhed about this way and that, and uttered terrible cries of murder.
"Sit still; why art thou screaming and jumping about so?" cried he, and as he spoke he blew the bellows again until all her rags were burnt. The old woman cried without ceasing, and the smith thought to himself, "I have not quite the right art," and took her out and threw her into the cooling-tub. Then she screamed so loudly that the smith's wife upstairs and her daughter-in-law heard, and they both ran downstairs, and saw the old woman lying in a heap in the quenching-tub, howling and screaming, with her face wrinkled and shriveled and all out of shape. Thereupon the two, who were both with child, were so terrified that that very night two boys were born who were not made like men but apes, and they ran into the woods, and from them sprang the race of apes.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

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