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... considering you are twelve years old, it may just be that you are growing out, not up, at the moment. It is not uncommon to gain a bit of weight before you grow an inch or two. In the seventh grade, I was 5'2" and 88 pounds. By the end of the year, I was 98, and the extra ten pounds bothered me. However, over the summer I shot up to 5'5", and was once again "underweight." I am now 5'7" and around 105-110, and I can attest to the fact that the weight gain always occurs before a growth spurt. It still is a good idea to exercise regularly and eat well.

James whinnied as he felt his naughty mare rubbing him through his rapidly shortening pants.
"Sure honey. But..." the horse boy removed Eva's hoof away from his sudden bulge. He stood up. James looked at his friend.
"...lets do it inside tae house, hmm? Ah'm not in tae mood ta be givin' tae neighborhood a free show." The horse boy snickered.
Eva rubbed her groin and left leg against James' form.
*Huh?* he thought, as he felt his penis burst through his jeans. He pulled away from Eva, who smiled as she saw the result of her rubbing.
"Ah think we better go inside, before we get any older."
"Sure, Jamie," Eva said, as she snickered.
The two then walked across the patio and soon entered the house, their clothes already falling away. As James closed the door, Eva started to move her sexy form southward, her hooves sliding along his muscular body. This was soon followed by several loud moans and a long whinny.

The Incredible Growing Girl
I'm home with Eli all week. She's pretty mellow to have around the house.
We have to go clothes shopping because she is suddenly busting out of everything I bought for her last month. Man! I think we're on our way to the Juniors department, because we've topped out the girls'.

I think someone should take nude photographs of a girl from the time she was born until she was about 20 years old... just every few days get them to strip down and pose in the same position to be photographed nude.
And then at the end of it all do one of those time lapse video things to show how the girl's body developed from a little baby into a grown woman.
I honestly think it would be a beautiful thing to watch.

Norma Jeane fantasized that she was one of them and convinced herself that one of the actors, Clark Gable, was her father. In her early teens, she spent hours in front of mirrors, practicing how to put on makeup, experimenting with her walk and her facial expressions. As she grew, her few clothes were often too tight for her, emphasizing her blossoming figure so much that men beeped car horns and boys were eager to walk with her.
When Norma turned 16, Grace and Doc decided to move to West Virginia but didn't want her with them.

...we were allowed to see all the transformation: I think having an audience for this somehow fed her overweening vanity, even of small account as we were.
She would come out from the alcove and stand in the middle of the hut, and gradually her whole appearance would change. First she would untwist her body and grow taller, then her greasy grey locks would untangle and grow lighter or darker, straighten or curl as she desired. Even as we watched she took breasts that rose firm and round, instead of flapping around her waist like empty goat-skins; her stomach flattened, her legs and arms grew shapely and hair-free; her skin whitened and discarded the liverish brown spots, the crooked, dirty nails on fingers and toes became pink and the dry, split pouch at her groin would rise, mounded with curling, moist hair. Lastly her face would take on the lineaments of a beautiful woman: gone the warts, the beard, the moustache and come rosy cheeks, sparkling eyes, white teeth and full, red lips. Then she would laugh and stretch her arms wide and her voice would come sweet and rich as she called from the air silks and fine linen to clothe her nakedness.

I had noticed how much belly was now showing between the bottom of that too tight halter (she was growing so fast her clothes were getting smaller and tighter by the second) and the top of those low slung pants, so low the zipper was only about 2 1/2 inches long, showing her taut tummy and slim girl hips. In a few minutes she'd have to shave to wear something that low, Christ.
When she turned back onto her tummy I ran my gaze over the bare expanse of her lower back and down over the still distinctly girlish butt. I saw the top of her ass, separating her butt dimples. I imagine bra designers would envy the way those pants lifted and separated her, not that they really needed any lifting anymore at this point, but the straining center seam of the pants was now cleaving that rump and molding those pants to her swelling butt.
The way her extending legs were spread out showed how she pressed against the floor, I could see how the carpet was being rubbed by her legs, that were alternately pumping up and down at the knees to the beat of the music.

"I feel funny doctor" said Amy holding her hands on her belly.
Everyone's eyes widened as they looked at the girl: She was starting to grow up. Slow at first and then it sped up a bit.
"W-what's happening to me" asked Amy meekly.
The 4 year old grew and grew, her clothes starting to tear from the strain. Finally Amy stopped growing after banging her head against the end of the examination couch. She looked like she would stand 5'5" tall in her tattered clothing, and was crying.
"Sigh - another case. Your daughter was the youngest yet," said the doctor solemnly as the nurse jotted down notes on the form.

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