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Temporal Photography
Time-lapse human growth project
time lapse movies of people from birth to death
I've always thought that the one experiment that might make having a kid worth while would be being able to do a time lapse movie of that kid growing up -- by putting him or her naked in the same camera closet once a week for his or her entire life. But seeing as that would probably fall apart as soon as the kid got a mind of his or her own maybe a college should do a project like this with a lot of kids so that some of them could drop out and the whole project wouldn't be a bust. It would be educational to have time lapse movies of people going through all of life's stages.
- A lot of people would get after you about using "child" and "no clothes" together. A lot of people.
- Some fellow did that--took pictures every year at their beach vacation, of the kid bare nekkid, same place, same pose.
Educational, yeah, except it was his daughter, and the pictures were published in Playboy magazine, IIRC. I think they pretended it was artistic, but it was at least 15 years ago.
- Make the clothes part of the stages one goes through. Then all you have to do is go through school yearbooks to find your photos.
- I have behind my door marks of my height at different points. I always thought it would be cool if my parents took pictures of me too, so I could see how I grew. Never thought of submitting it to the 'bakery.
- To be honest, it'd work just as well if it were a facial study - just using a standard head and shoulders shot. This has the advantage that passport photo booths have remained relatively standardised for many decades and likely will for many more, and are easy to find.
- The BBC did something similar to this once on some medical programme or other. They asked for a sequence of full-length photos taken at annual intervals and arranged them in a sequence at a fairly low frame rate. One of the odd things i remember about it was that the moles on the person's face appeared to migrate across it.
- The BBC also did a video time-lapse of a pregnant lady, by filming her walking on a treadmill every week throughout her pregnancy, then morphing the films together.
- Yes, i remember that too. You could put the two together, or maybe it could begin with ultrasound scans followed by photography.

Gathering Daisies (In Black Latex Caves)
a novel by Iain L M Hotchkies
Chapter 13

School uniform flatters no girl that I know of. Only Beth Wroe's physical attributes are undiluted by the standard, shapeless, navy blue and white checked dress. Nevertheless, Dawn does appear slightly more rounded than I've noticed previously. Her breasts are filling out the top of her dress a little more than they might have done a few months ago. Her legs - what I can see of them - are possibly a tad more shapely.

I switch my gaze to Felicity who, to my surprise, is well into another OSP: over-stuffed sausage phase. This discovery causes a certain amount of bewilderment as Bass, Mary and I can usually spot this phenomenon happening at the earliest possible stage. I suspect you would welcome elucidation.

Between the ages of eleven and sixteen the female of our species undergoes puberty. Many changes occur, but the one that concerns us here is growth. Breasts bud and blossom, hips expand, and so on and so forth. In general there is an inexorable (and welcome - to males, at any rate) transition from the immature, twig-like physique to the mature, curvaceous form. Buxom and callipygous. Callipygous means fair-buttocked. My trusty dictionary informs me this was an epithet of Aphrodite. If only there was a pretentious word for trim-waisted, I'd be well away, wouldn't I?

The process is infinitely variable. Some girls can turn into women seemingly overnight: not a spare ounce of fat one day and adipose tissue deposited in all the right places the next. In others it happens slowly and evenly over years. It can occur in fits and starts: tremendous increase in height one year, breasts the next and hips after that. Sometimes, this evolution goes awry. A girl who, at a tender age, develops breasts can be later overtaken by her initially envious peers and ultimately left somewhat lacking. The appealing appearance of a well-proportioned pair of breasts can be followed by a complimentary expansion around the hips which proceeds unchecked until the unfortunate victim resembles a ripe pear.

Whatever the pattern in the individual, the process is complicated by the necessity of the girl to wear clothes - in this instance, a St.Mick's dress. A girl's parents can't be expected to clothe their daughter in a dress exactly tailored to her measurements. These might well be changing on a weekly basis and, inevitably, there will be periods when the dress will fit either too loosely or - surprise, surprise - too tightly. When a girl's body has outgrown her dress, she is in an over-stuffed sausage phase (OSP).

Now, obviously, there are degrees of OSP and, unsurprisingly, Mary, Bass and I have divided OSPs into five classifications, based not particularly on the discrepancy in size between the garment and its wearer but more on the overall effect. Thus, other factors must be taken into consideration, such as the actual (rather than relative) dimensions of the girl's body, her age and general physical appearance. Grade one is noticeable only to the trained observer. Recognising grade two takes a little practice. Neither would draw comment under normal circumstances. Only when bored senseless would we mention a sighting. Grade three is something of a grey area and a reference to an example would very much depend on the other factors to which I have already alluded.

Spying a grade four would always result in a comment. If Mary were to say 'Grade four ahoy' I would expect to see either a girl of a similar age to ourselves whose garment was showing obvious signs of distress, or perhaps a younger girl whose dress was ripping at the seams. Grade five not only requires qualification - 'Take cover! Spectacular grade five by the newsagent's - but also necessitates the taking of whatever measures are practical to ensure a closer inspection.

Felicity Barnes is in a grade four OSP. I can see the fabric of her dress stretched uncomfortably (I presume) tight across her breasts. Her hips and buttocks seem similarly constricted and the hem of her dress is undoubtedly two or three inches higher than school rules allow.
Maybe she's wearing it on purpose, in order to attract the admiring glances of a possible suitor.

Marie's light brown hair turns much fairer in the summer. From early childhood it was straight and hung half way down her back.
I am able to see her face more clearly. Studying it, I am mildly startled. Gone are the last vestiges of puppy fat, a term only adults could construct. Revealed are her cheekbones which, while not exactly sharp enough to cut paper, are fetchingly prominent.

The truth is, I really am sensing a change. ...there is a difference. There's a difference in the way I perceive her, just as the siren tone is perceived to have altered.

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