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Rapid aging man lives entire life on freeway, 2002
Horrendous freeway traffic coupled with a rare disease known as Rapid Aging Syndrome kept a man inside a vehicle for his entire life.
By George Wolfe
I-405 - In an unusual case, a man died today along Interstate 405 on his way back from being born at the hospital. He was the equivalent of 79 years old.
'Taurus' Thalbingham died at the bottom of the I-405 offramp exit to Torrance prior to arriving at what would have been his home. Instead, his parents described the life of a man, their son, who knew no other existence than that of the inside of his parents' '99 Ford Taurus.
"Sure, it was difficult for him at times, not being able to go out and play like other kids, but when the traffic is bad in this town, you just can't dwell on it - you have to do what you can."
"We tried to make the best of it," his mother said. "He may not have had a long life, but we like to think that he had a good quality of life."
After giving birth at a hospital in Van Nuys, the Thalbinghams left with their newborn and got onto the southbound interstate, one that local residents know for its notorious L.A. traffic congestion.
"It was a Sunday," his father said emotionally, "and we got into some sort of jam. But we had no idea that Taurus would live and die on that... road. I mean, in the morning I watched him be born. It was incredible. But by sunset, I was calling funeral directors. It just makes me sick."
People in cars who were stuck alongside the Thalbinghams described passing the family's car at various points. Vanessa McBride was one such onlooker, "It was wild. At the beginning, I saw him being breastfed by the mom. Then, no more than a half hour later, he had learned how to climb into the backseat and was taking his first steps amidst the stop-and-go traffic.
It must've been tough. By the time we reached the Getty Center, I'd swear he was hitting adolescence. There was a lot of screaming and fights. He kept trying to get out of the car. I think the father locked the doors. I could see they were all very frustrated with the aging process."
Somewhat proudly, Taurus's father admits to car-schooling the young boy. "I think he really could've gone places, that is, if only we could've gone places. The kid learned geography by reading out-of-state license plates. In his 20s, he got rather good at chess after we found a tiny, magnetic chess game in the glove compartment."
His mother noted that he passed the Sunset Boulevard exit in his 30s, the Wilshire Boulevard exit in his 40s and that he had a mid-life crisis just past the Santa Monica Boulevard exit.
As the traffic started to clear, the Thalbinghams thought they were home free, but four Sig-Alerts dashed their hopes for even a semi-normal life for their son. Without a career or life path to follow - apart from the interstate - Taurus became increasingly despondent and reclusive.

I recently got dumped by my boyfriend, Andrew, and I'm not over him.
Last night I had a dream that I was trying to find Andrew. Then we reached his house. I walked downstairs and found a baby. I picked it up and realized it was Andrew. I cradled him and then he turned back to normal. He hugged me right in front of my best friend and her boyfriend and said he loved me.
He always trying to be cool in front of my best friend's boyfriend. It felt great. What does this all mean???? Please help!!!!!
- Elizabeth, Age 15

My sister Karen agrees that we were both hideously ugly children except probably she had it worse than me.
The other day she reminded me of the day it changed. Please believe me when I say, that my sister LITERALLY grew her breasts overnight.
One day there was a couple of pancakes floating around trying to get to know a training bra. The next day they were winning gold medals at the Boob-a-lympics. Huge, great bouncing beasts of burden. From Nothing.
Then she was suddenly much more popular.
Once, when very drunk, Karen, Vanessa and myself decided we needed to know how much they weighed. So the two girls went off into the toilet with some portable weighing devices and after much giggling the answer was discovered.
1 Stone, which is what... 14lb for the Americans out there.
Which at that point in Karen's life was about 15% of her total body weight.

Christina Milian Busted By Disney Because She Grew Breasts
Pop star CHRISTINA MILIAN was kicked off the DISNEY CHANNEL when she started becoming a curvy young woman.
The DIP IT LOW singer spent many of her teenage years as a reporter for the wholesome Disney Channel, but was asked to leave when producers could no longer hide her breasts.
She says, "They got rid of me because I was getting too big. I was on there for three years, and, by the time I was 18, they were like, 'You can't really pull off the kid thing now, and we can't wrap your chest anymore.'"

Raven Symone thought she could relax, but then she began to feel strange. Her still stubby legs ached. For that matter, her whole body ached. They watched as the Disney child star's legs slowly lengthened, becoming longer and wider, beginning to strain in her now far too tight pants. They somehow held together as they stretched until the first seam gave way, and then they split instantly along their full length. She made fists and closed her eyes. Her body also lengthened, her waist narrowing but her hips widening. Then, Raven felt a pressure mounting on her chest.
She half opened her eyes and watched as her areolas became outlined under the fabric, not yet accompanied by much size increase. They continued to bud until they were about half an inch thick under her overstretched shirt. Her breasts then began to come in, quickly escalating to D-cups, breaking through the layered fabric and pushing themselves through the widening gaps in her shirt, not stopping yet.
Finally, Raven's face became slightly longer and, it had to be admitted, sexier looking. When she spoke again, her voice had changed. Her whole body was reacting, making her genitals tingle and throb, and her now exposed nipples grew erect; which made them even bigger than before.

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