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Matthew "Coldsteel" Orwig

The Cold War Trilogy Part Two: FIREarms

A smile stretched itself on Mara's face as she decided to test the suspected human ability that Christopher Friedman had revealed to her.

Electric feelings cocooned her as she felt herself... stretch. It was a feeling most (though not all) humans were unfamiliar with, for they usually only grew inches over months, while she was growing feet in the matter of seconds.
Normally teens took at least weeks to pass through a growth spurt, but Mara had never been normal.
Now she stopped growing, and screamed. She shrieked again and again, the accumulated passions from a decade of growth compressed into seconds finally taking their toll. She panted deeply. she still couldn't believe she could do what she had just done, and what any female child could do. It seemed almost magical.

Finally she recovered from the excitement and picked herself off of the floor. she gasped in awe as she stretched her hands in front of her. In fact her entire half-naked body was incredibly sexy.
Mara laughed, knowing that Rollins would gasp at how her clothes had been effortlessly destroyed by her body. she laughed even more as she walked over to the door, and she opened it. Rollins had definitely NOT known about her age changing abilites, or he would have at least tried to lock the door. She felt that with her new strength she could have smashed through the wall.

Mara decided not to dwell on it to much, and she whistled as she strolled along half naked. Occasionally a piece of torn fabric slid off and fell to the floor. Her erect nipples were far harder than steel. Now that I know humans can do these things, I want to explore my adult feelings, she thought. What is the first passion I want to act out? she queried herself as she walked. By the time she reached the main door she decided what human emotion she first wanted to fully explore now: Sex.

"And now I'm stuck like this."

"Why stuck at this age?" asked Jesse.

Olivia did a double take. "What do you mean?"

"Have you tried shifting to fully adult?"

"You mean older than a teenager? Um... no..."

"Give it a try."

Olivia concentrated. She thought about what it felt like to change into her older form, being a woman not a child, and willed herself to go through such a transformation.

Immediately, she began growing up. Resigned to her new clothes being ruined, she watched how her pants, shirt, sweater, jacket, and boots were all destroyed at once, overlapping layers tearing in different directions. She looked around for a blanket as she slowly became a woman, eventually reaching the size and age of a thirty-year old adult. "Wow." she said, examining her reflection in the mirror. "I am so cute!"

"I thought so before." Mitch commented. "See if you can go any older." Olivia complied at once.

fan characters
Skylar (Sky) Winslow
- (age ability) Ambassidor, 2012, 5Ker. My old charrie from Redwing.
Usually appears 18. Can change the appearence of her age. Will be able to heal faster. Her presence radiates warmth, happyness, calmness and security. This trait helps with her healing/nurse vocation. If you have anything from a bruise to a broken bone, she'll help you out. She has asthma and is allergic to most beauty products.
Sky is an extremely quiet person, yet extremly expressive. She uses intence facial expressions and body language. She is often seen with wide eyes, solemn look on her face, but is known to have a beautiful smile. Though she is very mature, this gives her a child like innocence. She also seems to have the wisdom of a grandma, and always knows how to help. She is very kind and thoughtfull, but quite sensitive and prone to getting her feelings hurt. But she has patience to see things through, and knows how to keep a cool head. Though she is an introvert and likes to take time by herself to think and create, she loves people.
Sky was born too a prestigious doctor (Father) and ingenius scientist (Mother). Their daughter was born with Progeria (a rare genetic condition that produces rapid aging in children) which caused other medical problems. The Winslows pooled together their knowlege to invent a cure. While her father worked on the medicine/injection, her mother worked on making a machine to distibute the cure to their daughter. To their joy, it worked, however they did not know of the side affects, which allowed their daughter to change her age at will. At this point, Sky was 5. She grew up happy with her parents, learning from them untill she was 10.
Since the serum was gone, the Winslow's enemies started going after Sky. No one knows of Sky's past or her ability to change her age. She keeps it a secret to keep her parents enemies from coming after her. Her alias at Haven is her genius, creativity and inventive skills, and her skills as a healer/doctor.

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