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In a panic, I lurched forward, planning to find a kind person to help me, perhaps someone who could take me back home to my parents, who I now realized loved me very much, and I felt guilty for leaving them.
The coin caught the light once more, and suddenly I was no longer cold, and I no longer needed food. My puppy looked similarly content and warm and well-fed. I picked the coin up and returned it to my pocket.
I no longer felt guilty about leaving my parents, but now I knew that I should go home back to them and show them that I was well. So I wrapped my coat around me, picked up my puppy, and started walking back home. But my puppy was too heavy for me, so I put him down and was amazed to see that he was no longer a puppy but a fully grown dog, and very handsome too. I was shocked and surprised at that, but even more shocked and surprised when I saw that I too had grown up, I was now a fully-grown woman, bearing a similarity to my mother. I reached into my pocket and found the coin once again, and took my first close look at it. On one side of the coin was a pattern of squares, and on the other side was a face of a little girl. I looked closely at the face, and saw that the little girl was me.

And what about me? I'm a chronomorph, although I have no control over my power. A chronomorph's body is subject to changes in the physical and mental aging processes, depending upon the individual. A person who can control the ability can appear as any age he or she wants. Unfortunately, people with that kind of control aren't that common. There are probably only about a hundred thousand total control chronomorphs in the world. However, most are like me, or my neighbor, a sixty-year-old widow. Her power is limited to the ability to age herself. Needless to say, she doesn't exercise her power much. I age normally for three weeks, then loop back approximately twenty days. This goes on day after day week, year after year. I've looked thirty for most of my life. I'll be forty-nine this October. It has its advantages, I'll admit, but my life's no bed of roses either. I nicked myself shaving once and it took almost nine weeks for it to heal, since I kept looping back. I had a cold for almost the entire year. Moreover, I can't tell you how embarrassing a zit on your nose can be if you have to relive it for six months!

Im 12 and my boobs grew overnight?
ok yesterday i was still within a training bra. and today im a size 36! i literally grew overnight!! what should i do!!
nothing, just adjust to your boob size. if your really worried citizens will say things like wear sports bras.
Happened to my aunt too...
nothing you can do about it. If people are really that observant of your chest size consequently just wear a big t shirt or sweat shirt and bit by bit wear a tighter shirt over a couple of days to ease the shock
Congratulations! Be loud and proud
Try wearing a sport bra or another bra that keeps your chest flat. Gradually up to size 36 bra as you begin to be aware or more comfortable about the sudden correction. If you are really self-conscious, don't wear really tight clothing for a while. There is nil you can do besides be comfortable in your own skin. The same item happened to me. I woke up a full grown woman. Hips, boobs, everything. Don't worry about it, you are not the only one.
don't forget to fill out an employment form at your local hooters when u turn 18.

Things however, as one little girl in a white dress had learned a long time ago, were not always as they seemed.
The little girl skipped along, casually talking to other children as she went, occasionally asking a few rather probing questions for a six year old, but nothing that anyone would have picked up on as immediately unusual. As the hours started to wear away, it was clear that the little girl was becoming more and more impatient, until finally, in something of a fit, she pushed another little girl to the ground. Suddenly she stormed off behind a tree, already undoing one of her shoes.
A few minutes later, a beautiful young woman carrying a large shoulder bag came out from behind the tree, looking rather pleased with herself. She was barefoot. At least no one had noticed her rapid aging this time. Last time she had been in a park, some nosy mother had followed her behind a toilet cubicle when she had lost control and changed back into a grown woman. That had caused all kinds of strife. She could only imagine.

Tales of The Change: Redemption
She awoke on the river bank, a girl of five with the still slender hips and narrow shoulders of that age.
She rose to her feet without a sound and stepped to the water's edge. There she stopped, took a pose, and started to dance.
She began slowly, matching her steps to the ripples and waves in the flow of the stream. As time went on her steps became faster, bolder, using the ever changing surface of the water as a poet would use the ever-changing textures of language. And as she danced she grew and changed.
Now she was a girl of thirteen, her clothing beginning to fall away. Caught between the unthinking innocence of childhood, and the fretful knowledge of adolescence. Still slim, her hips have started to widen, her breasts to grow.
And then she was a nude young woman of twenty. Hips broad, breasts full. A maid on the edge of maternity. She danced an invitation to mate.
And she danced on, growing ever taller, ever older. Until she best resembled a woman in her early forties. A mature woman, a mother many times over. One who has known the pleasures and pains of life, and even more the pleasures and pains of child rearing. A woman who now awaits the children her children shall bring before her for her blessings.
The dance ends, and like a flower under a hot sun she fades away into the river, becoming one with the water.

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