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"AHHH!" screamed Tom Servo as Ryo-Ohki suddenly exploded out of her clothes in a growth spurt. She launched herself at Tom, torn rags hanging from her lean teenage form, hugging the tiny robot against her small breasts.
As Crow tried to help the panicking Tom to escape from Ryo-Ohki's thin but VERY strong arms and, as the others laughed, Washu peeped in from the hallway. "MMM," said the redhead to herself, as she walked over to the door under the stairs that led to her science labs, "I think she's in heat."

... a group of memory researchers at the University of California-Irvine published an astonishing article about a woman called AJ who can apparently remember every day of her life since childhood. Such people weren't supposed to exist. Her case totally upends everything we thought we knew about the limits of human memory. The scientists even had to coin a new name for her disorder, hyperthymestic syndrome.

Focusing on his best friend, he pulled her skinny body into his awkward embrace. She hadn't realized before how cute he was when his eyes took on a certain look. Actually, he was cute all over. Alex was still growing into his eleven-year-old body, but Maria found that she enjoyed the feel of his lanky frame against her. He was going to be so attractive when he grew up, she knew. Her budding chest suddenly tightened noticeably against his chest as he brought his lips to hers. This time his tongue swept into her mouth to find and rub against hers.
As she clung to him, an adolescent passion growing inside her, she felt her breasts, in fact her whole body stretching, swelling, maturing. Moving on up, she thought idly. Her hips rounded as her hair grew inches in seconds. Under her fingers, she felt Alex's body also changing; becoming taller, broader, more muscular, harder. Their feelings evolved into a full-blown, all-consuming desire. The groan that escaped his throat was deeper than anything he could have come up with when he was younger. Alex was becoming a man now, and he was all hers.
Maria tightened her arms around him, and ground her pelvis against him, his erection a rod lengthening against her belly. She was reveling in the fact that she had that kind of power over a boy. Their clothes groaned. There was a nasty snap on her back, and a soft but constant ripping from his trousers. He caressed her soft skin where the seams had given way. Closing her eyes, she allowed her senses to drift until she was reminded of another presence nearby. Liz. From the sounds, she had to be growing up too, but her voice retained some of its childlike quality.
"Come on you two?"
Without breaking their kiss, Maria and Alex pulled their taller friend closer until she was standing within the circle of their embrace... The front of her shirt was pushed up into a whole new shape.
Feeling Maria's gaze on him, Alex pulled back from Liz's expressive eyes, which were promising hours in her bed, and caught sight of the expression of stunned incredulity and want that crossed Maria's older but still recognizable face.
She'd never looked sexy before and it made him uncomfortable. "What?" he asked defensively. She didn't answer, just appeared to eat him with her eyes.

The Ghoul trembled as he entered the Haven, a small child in his arms.
"Drow Dracula my Lord I have brought you your child"
As the body fell, Drow Dracula easily lifted his beautiful daughter.
"I need to make her body stronger and bigger. Now I have a theory. I can't wait to try it out. You see it's quite revolutionary. Surely it won't do any harm."
Drow Dracula's finger nail sharpened and thinned. He pricked it into his daughter's chest. It was so sharp that she didn't even feel a thing. He began the low chanting in an archaic language. She giggled and grabbed at his hand. Moving it out of place less than a hair width. Drow Dracula was too focused to notice. It was too late to stop anyway. In his hands his daughter grew. Her clothes were ripped away as she aged from a babe into a young woman. Drow Dracula couldn't believe his eyes. She must have aged eighteen, maybe twenty years. He stared at her. Stunned.

Lauryn Longwell has a small case of A.D.D [Attention Defective Disorder] and sometimes gets space-ish and drifts off in the middle of a conversation. Lourie does take medication, but when she forgets to take it (which is often) then she does seem a little weird.
She happens to be an age shifter, and the 1st in her family, as far as anyone knows. She's never changed at the school, but when she's at her house at night, she does it to entertain herself. She chose the age she keeps now because it's her favorite.

Closing her eyes and concentrating, my sister instantly acquired long, sleek leg muscles and flat, rippling surfaces across her upper back. I found the results very appealing ... but I was hardly an unbiased observer. Many ageshifters cut their hair short, but Ally refused to give up her coppery mane. Her body developed in all the best places. Her hips widened enough to stress her jeans as her waist narrowed; the baby fat disappeared quickly. Her stomach was flat and taut, and her bottom quivered nicely rather than bouncing. Some ageshifters at school possessed breasts that practically exploded into 'boobs' -- double-A to C- or D-cup in a second or less.

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