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Adam and Irene proceeded to the big box, and took off the blanket. "It's an age-alterer," he snorted nerdishly. "Wanna see how it works?"
"Feh, like I care! But ok, I guess I have nothing better to do."
"Great!" he snorted again. "Just go inside." Adam shoved her toward it.
"Eeeeew! Freak!" she screamed as she slapped him so hard he got whiplash.
But she got in. "So, what does this pile o' crap do?"
"Before I answer your question, tell me your ideal age."
"Why should I tell you?!"
"Look, I need to know in order to answer your question."
"Fine, it's 21."
"Okay!" He pressed a button, and the door closed trapping her inside the stupid box. "Question answered!"
"No it isn't you son of a b-"
But Irene could feel a change coming over her. She was growing, and eventually her clothes got too small, but somehow, by magic editor powers, new ones miraculously appeared!
"Holy crap!" she screamed. "I'm gorgeous!" She paused, then yelled, "BWA HAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!"
Irene knew the real reason she wanted to be 21: You could get legally smashed!

It began slowly: her pale blue kid jeans beginning to appear too small on her, and then too tight as well. Her torso grew also, her chest still flat under the shirt she wore, but stretch lines were plainly visible across her front. The jeans lost it first, as her expanding thighs thickened just enough to split both legs down the outer seams. At this rate of growth there was little sound, just the occasional pop. The split extended upward to her widening hips, and the waistline soon tore as well. The leather belt which was snaked through its loops held out much longer, but finally snapped open. Meanwhile, the loose-fitting shirt was beginning to expose more and more of Drew's navel and midriff. Its long sleeves tightened as her upper arms expanded to early teen size, at which point those seams split as well. Her still small breasts began to stretch the material to the limit, until the buttons which ran down the middle of her shirt began to pop one by one. As her breasts continued to develop, the fabric caught on Drew's erecting nipples and was pulled very tight on her back, finally causing the shirt's side seams to give way.
Drew Barrymore's aging accelerated, leaving her clothes increasingly tattered. As she reached her full adult height of 5'3", the last shreds of her sleeves popped of her arms, and she stood up, her voluptuous curves covered in rags.

Dream: I am in a room with brightly colored wallpaper, (flowered). There is a young girl in the room that captures my attention. I go over to her and pull on her head to make her taller, and she becomes a head taller. After I realize that I caused her to grow taller I decide to put her back the way I found her, which then happens.
The dream appears to reflect your recognition of the influence you could exert on your daughter's thinking (by pulling on her head and making her taller). It also depicts your decision to support her by letting her make her own decisions in her own way, (you put her back the way you found her.)

Re: mimi looks good!
I notice that Mimi looks like she has lost some weight! Her boobs don't look as big anymore either. They used to such a huge focus point and now they aren't. Maybe she got a boob job, or when she lost weight her boobs shrunk.
I think she grew taller and when that happened, her boobs and torso sort of evened out. Her legs look longer, regardless of whichever shoes she's wearing.

Megan, all the while concentrating, wished that she was as old as Dana. Her eyes scrunched shut tightly as she felt the change begin to happen to her body. She began to get a little scared as her rising body began to bulge and swell with new curves. Her back shivered as her short hair cascaded down her back like a dark waterfall, but what surprised her the most was her breasts. Under her tearing kid clothes, she felt her petite bosom begin to bud and grow fuller. When she felt that she could age no more, she exhaled and relaxed.

The Black Blood
Act Two
Skotos falls asleep. In a dream, his mother and grandmother appear and warn the boy. When Skotos awakens he finds himself transformed into a grown man.

What would you do if you woke up as a grown -up? Explain.
When I Woke Up as a Grown Up
One night I went to sleep. I woke up at 6:30 in the morning. I got up and looked in the mirror. I screamed real loud. I wanted to tell my mom and I did. She told me to stop tricking her. I told her I wasn't tricking her. Then she opened the door and looked. She screamed extremely loud. She told me that I was growing up real fast. I said, I was growing up. My sister was still young. I think it was cool. I really liked it.
If i woke up as a grownup I would be shocked. I probably would go the mall first. What would you do first?
In your story situation I would probably prank my sister. Just kidding.
Bronwyn G
I like that story. If I woke up a grown women I will be scared and I will be unhappy.
Well if I woke up a grown up first I would not go to school. I would call every one in my phone book. Go find me a house, a job, and a boyfriend. Then I would get my mom's money and go eat. Man that is the life.
Well I think first I would try driving. (I'd stink if i ever got behind a wheel) And well I'd probably be a little sad because I wouldn't really be a kid anymore. So that's what I'd think I would do.
If I woke up and saw my self as a grown up I would be shocked.
i will scream and scream until somebody help me. but something will be cool would drive hotwheels

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