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...caused Nikki's cells to overreact in a detrimental manner. Her cells began to chemically widen and push apart. As the current surged through her body, you could see her arms, legs, and torso begin to swell and get puffy; it was as if when you looked at her, your eyes lost focus for several brief instants. Only, it wasn't your eyes causing the problem. The cells in Nikki's body were increasing their separation from one another. Her body would actually lose its structure for brief milliseconds. Nikki was unconscious for this, and didn't remember a thing...
She kept expanding, and clearly began to be less fearful.
I could see her shirt slowly climbing up her slim waist. It finally stopped under her budding breasts.
The bottoms of her breasts were soon visible through enlarging tears in the shirt, which by the way was my old shirt.
She stopped growing at what must have been about 5'3" and 13 years old, and ran her hands up and down her taller body in disbelief.
She loved her older body, and wanted to be even older. Then she looked at me with a mischievous smile on her face.
She walked over to me, making me raise my neck as she stood inches away from me; her flattened orange-sized breasts wrapped tightly in the remnant of the kid-sized cotton shirt that had taken more than it could handle, jutting them right in my face.
"Maybe now I won't be so easy to refuse." she said, and with that she inhaled deeply, tearing her shirt to shreds and pushing it completely off of her older body. Her newly formed breasts bounced free; I couldn't take my eyes off of them.
"So you like looking at a girl's boobs?"

She began to grow taller, growing very long legs. Her body went through a rapid puberty as she developed wide hips and firm buttocks which ripped her sweatpants. Her breasts quickly began to develop and grow, tearing her child's size small shirt into little more than a bib. They stopped at a C cup, and she reached her full adult height of almost 5'10". Her once angelic face turned to that of a pretty woman, with full lips and long brunette hair. She now sported the body of an 18 year old.

"Will you be my boyfriend?" Denise asked hopefully. She looked up and smiled, beginning to blush.
"I'm sorry Denise, you're much too young to be my girlfriend." I said. At this Denise's eyes closed. Slowly an amazing transformation began to overtake her. She began to grow taller and increase in age till she was my height and age. Her clothes ripped in many places and her skin took on a paler colour as it was stretched out by time. The girl's eyes looked older. "How about now?" she asked with a more mature smile.

Jill Gets Bigger
One day, Jill was in the girl's locker room when she grew five inches. "What's going on?" she asked herself. When she got home, she grew twelve more inches. When she went into her room, she grew seventeen more inches. She looked at her clothes and screamed.
Her clothes were small. She ran into her parent's room and put on her mother's long dress. Then she grew seven more inches. She ran into her room and jumped out the window. She ran for two days.
On the second night, she ran into a building and went up to the top floor. There, she saw a boy. "What's your name," she asked the boy. "Jack," said the boy. Suddenly, Jill found herself growing twenty inches. The buttons popped off the dress. "Please help me!" she yelled, crying. "What seems to be the trouble?" asked Jack "I'm growing too fast!" cried Jill.
Jack walked over to Jill and touched her. Jill found herself shrinking back to her normal size. Soon, the dress was too big for her. "Thank you," she told Jack. "You're welcome," he said.
Jill ran home. When she got home, she threw her mother's dress off and put on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. She smiled.
The End

Mark wrote: I find it an amazing coincidence that three years ago Michelle Trachtenberg was hated in this group but as soon as she grew breasts and got foxy you have people fighting over her star power and honor. LOL!

V The Series
That series rocked. I was small when it came out, but I saw it from beginning to end and wished it kept going. I was traumatized by the little girl metamorphosing into the teenage girl in the cocoon thingy in the cave!

Jasmine shouted at her companion, raising her arms to point at the pale blue sun dress she wore today, but her motion was too sudden and her adolescent growth spurt too recent for the dress. A seam ripped with loud complaint.

Age Shift: The hero can alter her apparent age at will, her body and physiology change to simulate any age, younger or older. Mental facilities remain unaffected (in other words, you really can have a 10-year-old mind in a 30-year-old body).
For instance, a hero can be a 10-year-old girl who has the ability to become a 25-year-old. A character cannot voluntarily Age-Shift to an age younger than a newborn, since this is definitely suicidal.

... it had been a long time since he'd really looked at his dear little boy. Although what Gepetto saw dressed like a little boy, with his kneepants and floppy bow-tie, was no longer a little boy but a young man, tall and muscular and handsome to the point of being beautiful.
Not that Pinocchio himself thought he was handsome.
Pinocchio had never seen a grown man without any clothes on, only hairless little boys, so his furry chest, arms and legs painfully reminded him of the time he was a donkey.
So Gepetto peered at the six-foot stranger whose muscles were bursting out of Pinocchio's clothes and felt that mix of pride and anger that all fathers feel when their sons grow up. It was then that Gepetto's eyes fell on the place where Pinocchio's legs came together.
The bulge in Pinocchio's worn corduroy kneepants was huge, and getting larger before Gepetto's eyes. A sigh escaped Pinocchio's lips, so deep and reedy that it sent shivers down Gepetto's back.
Now he began to get angry and called out his son's name sharply.
Pinocchio's eyes flew open and he leapt to his feet quickly, but he was brought up sharply by a pain in his crotch. His movements had made his imprisoned penis point straight out, straining his trousers to the limit. To his great embarrassment, a fly-button popped off and flew across the room to hit Gepetto in the chest. Pinocchio's face pinkened and he gave his poppa a weak grin.
"Well, my son, it looks as though you are growing too big for your breeches." Pinocchio squirmed and put his big hands over his crotch. "Just look at the tent it makes of your pants," Gepetto went on. Pinocchio's face flushed. It was clear he thought so too. "You must have been playing with it," Gepetto accused.
"No, Father! Never!", protested the youth. Poor Pinocchio. No untruth had passed his lips since he became a boy. So imagine his surprise when his real-boy penis gave a painful stretch and grew several inches longer, tearing his pants. His jaw dropped in amazement.
"Oh really?", said Gepetto, folding his arms and staring mockingly at his son. "Never?"
Pinocchio's deep voice began to rise higher. "Well, I guess I've done it once....or twice....I mean.....hardly ever....I mean....just when I really, really need to....I mean...." He trailed off. Every word out of his mouth had made his penis grow another inch until it was almost a foot long. Worse, his nose now had a distinct upward curve that made it a perfect twin to the protuberance between his legs.

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