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She was forced to stop mid-stride as her slippers were impaled by long toenails pushing out through the front. Her finger nails, short and clean, were elongating like claws.
She noticed that she was getting taller. There were already several inches between the bottoms of her pajama pants and her feet, and the gap between her shirt and pants was growing larger as she watched.
The changes to her body accumulated slowly. She felt the pressure around her feet increase until the slippers split across the top, revealing larger feet with long, curving nails on each toe. She grew another few inches as her pajama bottoms split down the back of her more mature calves and up the sides of her thighs. Her legs looked plumper than she remembered.
Her shirt was not doing any better. She had already lost most of her buttons up the front as her rib cage and shoulders widened under the thick cotton top. She felt the long sleeves split up her arms and shoulders before the final button gave way.
There was a second of pressure on her hips as they thrust out sideways, snapping the elastic bands of her pajama bottoms and underwear, leaving her naked except for the ragged remains of her top that hung about her shoulders. She held the shredded tatters in a shaking hand, before dropping them to the floor, near the rest of her ruined kid-sized clothing.
Looking in her bedroom's full length mirror, she saw that she now stood almost five and a half feet, her tomboy frame replaced by a much taller and curvier person who still had her eyes. She even recognized her face, though it was longer and her cheekbones were wider.
There was thick black hair on her groin and under her arms. Walking over to her bed, she sat down, and tried not to hyperventilate. She grasped the wooden footboard of the bed and focused on slowing her breathing. Slowly, she felt her breath coming in smaller and smaller gasps. Relaxing her grip on the footboard, she was alarmed to see that she had nearly broken the thin wooden plank with her stronger adult grip.

I'd noticed as I picked the stuff off the bed that I was several inches taller, and that wasn't the only thing that had changed about me. I awkwardly ran my hands over my wider butt and hips. My skin felt very smooth and firm. I didn't think I was going to be able to fit into my clothes anymore.
It felt strange trying to squeeze into clothes that I'd outgrown only a couple minutes before.
I took off the ruined shirt that I'd slept in and put on my brother's old Star Wars shirt. It was tight across the, umm, chest, and the material felt scratchy rubbing against my bigger nipples. I put on my newest pair of panties, too. My usual ones wouldn't fit. I was just too "mature". My mom's old pants were almost the right length. They were loose at the waist, though, and much too tight across the hips. I barely managed to get the fly up.

This was going to be the first night of the rest of her life.
For years, Tina was a shy, insecure girl, never quite catching the eyes of the guys, like her sisters could. It wasn't that she was ugly. She felt so insecure about herself.
One morning, she woke up and found she had changed. She had heard about growth spurts sometimes, but never overnight. She had grown five inches. She filled out quite nicely, making her sisters look like dogs. Her personality changed, also. Gone was the timid little girl. Here now was the daring young lady who would never be ignored again.

They could not have realised that the time manipulation process, which was never meant for humans, would cause her to suffer strange and irreversible side effects. In any case, even if they had realised it, once the process had started they could do nothing but see it through to its completion.
So it was that when Mora woke up, many hours later, she found that her body had stretched out. What was more, when she stood up, feeling a little stiff, her clothes tore to shreds because they were now several sizes too small for her. She had grown to over 5'5". Shaking her head in confusion, she discarded the remnants of her clothing, and then stared disbelievingly at her longer limbs, torso, and hair. And her... chest.
Then she realised that she was no longer a child.
Whatever it was that had caused her to grow up had not changed her brain as much. She was still a regular kid inside, except for some strange feelings she couldn't identify yet.

Is it normal for a guy's jeans to rip open due to a forceful erection?
Anonymous User (Age:18 to 24)
- Yesterday me and my boyfriend were taking a walk and he kissed me under an apple tree. As he ended the kiss I heard fabric rip and I looked down puzzled. He had an erection and it had just torn through his boxers. I watched confused he grunted in pain and his penis broke through his Jeans.
P.S his penis is 5 and 5/6 in girth and 12 and 3/5 in length and his boxers and jeans were not tight at all.
Update: I am 17 he is 19
I'd look into getting a better idea of determining the length of an object. You're under 18 (supposedly) so your boyfriend likely isn't much older nor done with puberty and over 12 and a half inches is damn near unheard of.

Subj: wow.. how much i grew - 11-14-04
From: -Valerie-
I put on my pajamas that I haven't worn in a year cause their for winter. And now they are up to my knees

2001-2002 TCAP Writing Assessment Prompt* - 4th Grade
Writing Situation: Suppose that you woke up one morning as a grown-up.
Directions for Writing: Before you begin to write, think about what you would do, where you would go, and what you would wear.
Now write a story about your adventures on the day you woke up as a grown-up.

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