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"Lorien Legacies" fan fiction:
"This is Ella." A girl around the age of eight appears from behind him and reaches her hand out as well. Uneasy, I shake it and raise my eyebrow.
"Why am I shaking hands with an eight year old girl?" I ask. Ella grins and Crayton chuckles.
"Because she's Number Ten. And she's not eight years old," he says. Before I can muster a response, Ella begins to grow into a girl about my height and age. My mouth drops open as the eight year old transforms into a roughly eighteen year old.
"She can change her age?" I ask. Ella nods and smiles.

Gymnasts gain weight and their chests get bigger.
Have you seen Sandra Izbasa 7-5 years ago? She grew A LOT.
Have you seen Aliya Mustafina at the Russian cup or the Olympics? She has gone through many body changes since 2010's Worlds.
Ana Porgras's body also changed, in 2008 and 2009 she was SO little, she was shorter, and she had a completely flat chest (Watch 2009's Worlds). In 2011's Worlds she got taller and her body changed.
Cheng Fei is a great example. Her body changed A LOT since 2004, have you seen her in 2008's Olympics? She grew taller and her chest got bigger.
Oksana Chusovitina is also another great example! Go on Youtube and watch her when she was little (1991's Worlds or 1992's Olympics) Then watch anything from 2005-2013 (She's 37! She's still competing and she still manages to medal!)

He glanced back. My answer would be no, Jeni," he said firmly.
Jeni let out a heavy sigh. "Jeni would have to change that," she said.
The unmistakable sound of bones and muscles extending came to Walter's ears. Her small body began to rise up. Her hair got thicker and more wild as her posture became older and taller. Joints popped, skin began to tan slightly, arms and legs extending like shoots of bamboo. Her clothes stretched around her body, leaving not a fold in the taut fabric. Her pants clung to her newly curving figure, the legs stretched into capris, exposing the bulging, bending Black English boots she wore underneath. Gazing down at an epic cameltoe, the pants button holding on for dear life, he couldn't help but gulp. Her white dress shirt tightened frightfully, showing what would soon become an hourglass figure and ample bust line. The view through the tearing fabric left nothing to the imagination.
Shifting her weight, she faced Walter, "How about now, Walter, sir?" she said as she loosened the tie around her neck.
Her hair hung in front of her face. Taking her hand and running it through the wild locks revealed something besides her raw nudity. Her eyes shined at him, filled with a deep lust.

I had just lain down in bed. I opened my eyes and looked up to find a little girl standing next to me near my head.
She had long brown hair and it was tied in half pone but it looked like an old fashioned style. She wore a green woolen cardigan with buttons at the front. The buttons were undone and a yellow top was underneath. She also wore a beige skirt and old fashioned brown shoes. Her clothes were very old fashioned, sort of war time looking.
She turned and looked at me but I could not make out her face. I could see her face but it was slightly blurred. She moved closer and closer to me and the closer she got the more her face became clearer. I then noticed that her face was changing from a young girl to a woman about the age of 42-45 years old. About a week or so after the incident my daughter Monique told me that she kept seeing an old fashioned little girl standing in our hall way, she described the girl exactly the same as what I saw.
This girl still lives upstairs in our hall way and she is quite fond of Kristi my youngest daughter. Kristi keeps telling me that at night when she is trying to sleep she has someone keep tickling her feet and waking her up. My friend Wendy could also feel the presence of this little girl. I feel that this little girl could be Kristi's spirit guide. She may have died at 42-45 years old but shows herself as a young girl.

fan characters
"Holly Nixon" AKA Hollis
She has the power to change her age, but usually appears around 16 or 24. Often she's all shy and nervous.
Brown hair to the middle of her back, usually tall and slender. Her eyes are a light shade of green.
Holly works as a reporter and is a natural writer, and loves to tell tales and for the most part appears youngish and sweet. As her age changes, her personality like changes. Fifteen and under she remains more childish and carefree but she's a real force to be reckoned with.
As a reporter, she's more the type to wear glasses and stutter, but that is an act. (usually around twenty-four).
As Hollis, she's downright playful and sexy. She loves to tease, and uses it to her best advantage.
Black gloves, a tight-ish skirt and a black shirt, v-neck shirt, when she appears either 16 or 24. She can be whatever age she pleases, and is skilled in fighting. She's naturally beautiful, and.... has a gift in getting people to love her.
Weaknesses: All human limitations, and she doesn't even know how old she really is. She gets confused on her real age. Oh dear... watch me play a flirt.

Amber smiled and waved before her eyes suddenly widened, pupils dilating as her back arched and her body seemed to become frozen.
This silence did not last long. Amber's eyes filled with tears as her body felt like it was on fire. Every inch of her burnt as her cells became overactive, being forced into maturation by the rapid nerve impulses.
Throwing her head back, the girl screamed, unable to move as her bones grew, skin tightening as her body's accelerated development took hold. Her clothes stretched to almost twice their area before they ruptured all over her body, the shreds contracting and leaving many gaps. She curled up into a protective fetal position, eyes screwed shut. She wanted to run, but her body was much too busy to obey her brain's commands.
Anyone watching would literally see Amber take on years in minutes. Her hair grew longer, her body lengthened to an impressive size as she passed through puberty. Breasts broke through the shreds and inflated like mountains on her chest as she whimpered and twitched.
Eventually the process seemed to slow, leaving the ageshifter panting for breath, drenched in sweat and tears, her skin showing fading bruises from what her body had just done.
The man watched with a look of naked excitement. "It really happens..."

She plopped her little self onto the couch and kicked her legs. All of a sudden, a big puff of smoke clouded around her. She started coughing and gasping while it faded away. When the air was clear, she looked down and realized she'd grown back to an adult. Her child-sized clothes had ripped apart. She gasped and covered herself with the little material left on her body.

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