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A picture book showed a girl gradually growing up. One drawing showed her as a little girl after she got paint into another child's eye and was being scolded. Around the 7th grade she was fighting with her brother on the floor, sporting a black eye, with her mother trying to break up the battle. Gradually she grows up, and the end shows her married and pregnant with her first baby. Any ideas, please? - (Amy)

Hit Girl grows up
Comic Book and Film short action films inspired by Kick Ass heroine
2012 casting
Will create a new character from your personality and look

Jennifer is overwhelmed by hormones. They are transforming her physically and mentally. She remembers watching her body grow taller as she stood in front of her mirror. It is not unlike a Hulk transformation! She grew right out of her clothes, she developed a monster temper and she nursed a sky rocketing passion for all things male.

"I don't know how I feel...", she murmured as he held her. She really didn't know what to think of her new body. Her hands seemed so strange, her voice still startled her, her room seemed like somewhere else. Everything was so small now! "I mean don't get me wrong- this is lovely. I am just not used to-"
Dinah bust through the door, completely wild eyed and cut her off. She looked for a moment to assess the situation before hugging Audrey.
Audrey began to cry. All of this was so sudden, and had happened without a single problem; Audrey was just so confused. "I can finally hug you at a proper height!", she said with a laugh, drying her tears.
She became very aware of her child-sized clothes digging into her new adult body, which was very uncomfortable. "Will you help me cut these old clothes off? I don't think I'll be able to slip out of them" Audrey took off her tight robe and handed her friend a pair of scissors with an embarrassed little smile.

I wish that I could change my age whenever I want to by writeing the age that I want to be in a little red memo book with this written in the cover "words, secrets, and lies are all the things that get in the way in life from the book meaningless nothingness by: my imagination" - (Poorsessrick)

More reactions to the Criss Angel girl to woman transformation:
7yr olds never say omg..
unless she lives with a 20 yr old
she wudda been like woooow i mso big!
mommie lookie!
so cool i wish that would happen to me.
omg is thats real???i dont think so but he seems to be a nice guy
no that was real no camera tricks at all
i wish i was dat chick omg criss looks so sexii at da end
omfg stop being so pissed god if u dont like him then dont watch it geez it was real howd he sneak a 20 yr old tht looks like her huh??? your all faqs lol i just saw this on T.V and that chick is hot when she was 20
Shiet shes Hot!! when shes 20 LOL!!
Ok who the hell would let there child become 20 in the first place the would mean she is a 20 year old with the intellegence of a 7 year old hmm... I wonder what kind of job she would have ???

Wearing outgrown clothes?
Can anyone who's like age 14-20 who has old clothes post a pic of them tryin them on lol Like pants that are too short and that kinda thing? I think it's cute and funny to see girls try on old outgrown clothes ! Not pictures of people who got fatter though I mean like a person 18 or 20 tryin on stuff from when they were like 12-15. Like pants too short shirt too small? Please please reply?

Momo smiled. "Well i'm little all the time." Momo said as she changed from a 6 year old to a 16 year old. "I can change my age at will." Momo said and giggled.
She wasn't able to see Momo's transformation due to her blindness, but she felt the pressure on the bed get heavier as Momo's body became older. "That is a very unusual gift you have."

Failed Subject - received 8 injections - Not permitted to leave.
This subject had the ability of age morphing. Subject could change her age at will and doctors marveled at the ability. After the eighth injection, subject had become a nineteen year old version of herself and was not able to change back. Subject is stuck looking 19 for the rest of her life.
At Project Alpha, Claire was still her smiling self although she was very sad she was taken away from the people that came to be her family over time. Claire could make almost anyone smile at any time if she would try. Claire fell into a sort of depression, she doesn't like to leave her room unless forced to and isn't very happy anymore. Although, all she wants is to be happy again, she just can't.
All Claire can think is that Luke Sherman is such a nice boy.

name: Harlena Williums, nicknamed Harley.
Age: 13
Harley has undiagnosed depression, and hides it very well. She bottles everything within, and simply plays instead of cries. Everyone believes she is a happy little girl, and thats what she wants them to think. In reality, depression is eating her up inside, and her self-esteem is draining. This is partially because of her natural looks. She is skinny and awkward, short and easily believed to be 12 or 13. In public, she ages herself up just so people like her better, and so she looks better, too. She tries her best to act like a normal, happy 13 year-old.
Her ability was first discovered at a very young age. In the womb in fact. The baby would grow sometimes, then shrink the next day. It was as if she enjoyed freaking her mother out, even as an unborn baby. She uses it in pranks, but also to help people.
-Likes: Friends, junk food, movies, books, music, having fun, parties, aging up and down to mess with people's heads, other ways of messing with people's heads. Her usually hobbies consist of singing or playing the guitar, when she isn't surfing the net and chatting with friends.
Hates: School, politics, getting really emotional about someone, being serious.
However, she can get caught up in the moment and kick butt, especially when she ages herself. But really, she prefers fighting with words than with fists. As I said, her self-esteem is dwindling. Sometimes she feels deep loathing for herself, considering herself to be ugly, or a freak. No one ever called her ugly or anything except for herself.
TV was her babysitter and her only company. So Harley would often leave the house and find others to be around, sometimes aging herself to the nearest available peers.
If she says she'll do something, she will do it, and she'll usually help if a friend needs her.
Best Qualities: Fun to be around, smart, funny, nice, crafty, resourceful
Worst Qualities: Low self esteem, hard to talk seriously to, seeming to be immature. She is a clutz at times.
-Mother: Sara Williums
after a series of talks from her husband, she agreed to keep the baby. She is sometimes cold to her daughter, and feels as if she is getting in the way.
-Father: Nick Williums:
At first, he was thrilled and obsessed about her when she was born. Harley has little good memories of the time they spent together.
-Bubbles the golden retriever puppy: She was found by Harley who often took her parents' money, aged herself up and went shopping for food. Her parents didn't know of this until she was 10.
-Kira & Kiro: Her future children, twins.
Special Abilities: Harley can morph herself into any age she wants. Though she has pretty much mastered the ability, emotions and stress can interfere. In cases of a lot of stress, she involuntarily ages into a much older age. The oldest she made herself was about in her 60s. When she is weak and exhausted, or very hungry, she ages backwards. She once became a toddler after going home from a soccer game! Fear can also have this effect.
She uses this for trickery mainly, but also helps people. Sometimes she uses it in hopes of getting her parents' or at least her father's attention. Maybe if she was a cute little girl, then they would give her more attention. Sadly, this usually fails.

Slender but strong with long golden blonde hair, mild complexion, and red eyes. She is not very trusting of people because of her past experiences. She looks younger than what she is, she is 20 but can shape shift and make herself look older or younger if she wants.

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