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The man set up a camera.
"I don't want to be here when they wake up," he said, leaving quickly.
"Ugh..." Deborah groaned as she sat up. There was a cold chill throughout the room. "What the?" she grumbled, rubbing her eyes. A series of popping sounds came from her front.
Something seemed to be off. Even though she was only sitting up, she felt very tall.
"I must have really slept hard." She said rubbing her temples. There was also a groan of awakening right next to her. Joan had woken up next.
"What happened?" She asked. When Deborah and Joan's eyes met each other, they both shrieked loudly.
"What the? Why do you look so different?" They cried simultaneously. "And why are you naked?" They both shouted.
Their voices were low pitched, no longer like children. Then they realized they had outgrown their clothing... by a lot. When they stood up, they were very far from the ground. They saw pieces of their clothes on the floor next to them. When they held the ragged shreds up to each others person, they realized they had grown up. BIG TIME. Then Mallory and Tracey stirred. And once they saw Deborah and Joan, they both shrieked. Then they looked at each other and screamed again.
"What on earth happened to us?" They cried, standing up. The four new women quickly covered themselves.
"It's cooold!" Tracey whined. They looked at their reflections in a mirror.

Poll: what's a weird thing you thought/believed when you were young..........?
when i was really young, i only thought teenagers went to school. so i thought i would magically grow up overnight before my first day of kindergarten.

The night before, I let Hailey pick her outfit from 6 different options. Apparently NONE of them were acceptable because not a single outfit was going to be big enough for her on her first day of "high school" as she calls it. She was also very worried as we put her to bed that night that she was going to break the bed when she magically grew up while sleeping! So perfect!
Somehow when she woke up she was BIGGER...but magically still fit into her clothes - AND her bed was still in decent shape.

She is now in 2nd grade. Imagine her disappointment when she tried to put it on recently and the zipper broke. She had grown quite a bit, so her favorite dress no longer fit her.

Madonna to Elle UK:
"My daughter is going through a phase of wearing jeans that are so tight she can't bend her knees in them. I have a go at her and say, 'Can't you wear something else? You have a closet full of clothes and you wear the same pants every day. And please wear a belt because I don't want to see your butt crack when you bend over.'"

I haven't been actively photographing my daughter's growth, but I do have a few planned (and accidental) "then and now" pictures. One is a dress that she was wearing when she was about 6 months old which turned into a little top when she was two and a half. Another one is our "Camp Crop-a-Lot" that I started going to when I was pregnant with my daughter. I took pictures of her (obviously) the first year she was there, and then last year, I squeezed her into the clothes she wore to the first one (an oversized pink vest) and took photos to match the ones from the first year. One of them was Year One: Nana holding her hands helping her to walk, Year Three: Nana holding hands walking next to her.
- (Christie)

My Size Doll
I had one, but I kept it in the box and packaging because I was a tomboy and never wanted to play with dolls. She was a gift from my grandmother.
Then, about a year after receiving her and keeping her pristine in the box (because I was too busy playing GI Joes and Hot Wheels with my big brothers), the neighbor girl came over. She ripped open the box, put on Barbie's clothes, and tore them to shreds because she was too damned fat for them. So neighbor girl threw the clothes down, and cut off Barbie's hair, and then drew all over her. All in like 15 minutes.

To agingwomen:
While searching the other day, I came across a story title that mentioned age progression of the lead character.
Rough synopsis:
A 26 year old woman has the ability to break curses on other people. Unfortunately there is a cost... days, months, even years of her life.
Sounds amazing, and I thought I had flagged it, BUT now I can't find it again!!!! Aarrggh!
Is anyone familiar with this story? Know the title? Is it WORTH reading?? I would really appreciate it if anyone can find it.
- (Grein)

Brandon Sanderson
Warbreaker Epilogue
Can Vivenna change her appearance more? She can indeed. She could actually stoke that fragment of a divine Breath inside of her and start glowing like a Returned. She can't change her physical features to look like someone else, but she can change her age, her height (within reason), and her body shape (to an extent). It takes practice.

"Uhh Aaron excuse me." I looked down at her small body clinging to my side, "I would like to be called Robin."
"I really like that name." She took my hand with her tiny child's hand.
"Ya not a problem kiddo. I just hope my girlfriend won't mind." Then, strangely, she began to kiss me.
Between each kiss there was a small breath, her hands never leaving my cheeks. I began to hear tearing then, but only noticed her grip seemed to be strengthening. Her moans got louder, and suddenly she seemed to weigh a ton.
"I kind of have a little bit of news." She rose up straight, her feet planted firmly on the floor. Her face twisted into a slight smile.
"Robin, I am Robin." Robin was no longer a little girl, but a very tall woman. I jumped back behind the counter.
'Aaron, you brought home a little girl. Who the hell is that?
'Okay, it's cool, you're not crazy. You have just been subjected to the world of ageshifters.'
I had a beer in my hand, shaking, trying to calm my nerves.
"So you can just change your age like that?" Nervous laughter, it wasn't like I had been scared, just shocked. "I mean you were a little girl and now you are an extremely beautiful woman." Amber crossed her arms and sneered. A jealous woman was never a happy one.
"Yes, she has that special ability, to age shift at anytime. Become whatever age she feels necessary. Her parents had no idea."
A few tight fitting remnants of her clothes were inadequate to cover her gigantic breasts. I wished so bad to have been invisible.
They talked about the past for hours and then finally turned to me. Now it was my turn, I was grossly entranced by my game of hearts. Three beautiful women in my house with me and my best friend.

Mikayla laid there. Her body seemed so peaceful. She opened her eyes lightly. They where just barely opened and she yawned.
She raised up a little bit.
Yeah I am alright... Just really tired... I don't know what happened...
She looked down her self.
Mommy I look different... When did my hips get so much bigger???
Well, you're a teenager now so your body is going to go through some changes..
Mikayla looked at her. She then looked at her dress.
Oh my dress is ruined.... I guess that I have to get something else to wear... Mommy what happened exactly??
Well you got older really fast. You also got a lot taller.
She looked at her mother. Standing up, she looked in a mirror. Her dress had ripped at both arms and around her waist. Her hips had stretched out the material and she seemed a little annoyed...
This doesn't seem right... I mean I was happy being like I was. I don't want to be like this.... I want to be small again....
She sighed and then looked at her.
Mommy... You still love me right??? I mean since I changed that didn't change did it??
Of course I still love you. That will never change no matter how much you do.
Mom placed the gown against her body. It seemed like a perfect fit.
Mikayla smiled. She ran over to her mother and hugged her. Then there was a ripping sound. She looked at her mother and her dress had ripped again. She sighed.
I don't want anyone looking at me... Can we find something for me to wear... Cause I don't want to walk out there and have them laugh. I would have to hurt them for that.

Erika Cespedes-Kent
The Fall

The fall begins like this:

Take one 13 year old girl
and watch her grow breasts.

Watch her struggle to carry body.
  See her attempt, never passively as she will,
To grow into each newfound crevice.

When skin stretches into woman
  It itches thick, slow.
Feels sticky, like a hot bath of
fear, ash, and sweat.

At 13, flesh lies heavy over bone.
  Hands are quiet while eyes are flames.
Everything smells of tension.

She'll feel cut from the stomach up.
  Watch her,
try to understand light
and her own creation.

Her fall,
the same as mine.
Always begins like this.

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