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Alison felt a strange tingling sensation rush through her body, quickly followed by the feeling of her body actually changing. She gasped as her very flesh seemed to move and reshape itself. Her chest began to swell outwards, pushing on her small bra until it suddenly snapped free. They continued to grow, swelling to a large C cup, bigger than she had ever even hoped of becoming.
"What's happening to me?" Alice gasped in stunned disbelief, staring at her hands which were changing as she watched. Her short fingernails were growing longer and becoming better shaped, until it looked as though she had a perfect manicure. In fact, her hands and fingers themselves looked different, more soft and feminine.
Alison moaned as the changes in her body continued, as her muscle tone improved and her skin darkened several shades into a light tan. Her scalp tickled, and when she reached for her hair, she discovered that it was 6 inches longer than normal, as well as brighter and more luxurious.
"My God," Alison gasped as she stood there, with a now clear complexion and beautiful face. She blinked, suddenly realizing that her vision had gone blurry. And when she removed her glasses, she was stunned to realize that she could now see perfectly fine without them.
"What's happened to me?"

The flower girl was growing!
Little Delilah's innocent mouth dropped open in shock as she quickly became taller, her bright blonde curls rising above the little heads of the other innocent children. In a matter of seconds, she burst out of her clothes, the brightly patterned crepe tearing asunder, the girl jumping and quickly kicking off her shoes as her feet threatened to rend them to pieces. The growing continued, her little pale body stretching like putty, taller and taller, until she was a young girl 10 years of age - and gasps of recognition came from Jane and Beatrice as she once again became the familiar servant girl that had arrived only days before!
But as the crowd pointed and exclaimed, she kept on growing, her youthful body slowly becoming ever taller, ever more mature. As shocked murmurs swept the crowd, her breasts swelled and her hips broadened, and her face became more ladylike, her nose longer and lips fuller. Delilah, as astounded as her audience at her amazing transformation, suddenly realized her lack of modesty, quickly using her hands to cover her budding breasts and youthful groin.
And still the process continued, the girl now passing quickly through the years, gradually becoming a young woman, her shoulders broadening, her breasts now becoming ever larger and fuller, the curve of her hips accentuating, her legs growing longer and more shapely. And as her body changed, so did her face, the baby fat on her cheeks quickly disappearing, the innocent girlish look replaced by a regal visage, her face transformed into that of a sober sophisticated woman with high cheekbones and thick, full lips. And finally, as the crowd gasped in awe, the process was complete: on the steps of the altar stood a fully grown young woman of surpassing loveliness, her long flowing blonde hair, voluptuous nude body and strikingly lovely features signaling a creature of truly mythic beauty.

Today while getting ready for bed, I commented that Eliza's jammies were getting a little too short. Then she asked me when she would start wearing my clothes. "When I grow bigger and bigger I need to wear mommy clothes. Then, mom, you can wear grandma clothes."
I told Eliza that when she grows up she can buy her own clothes, but she insisted that she needed to wear my "mommy clothes." I finally realized she wanted to wear my clothes because she was worried that as she grew her clothes would not fit--she didn't want to go naked to the store to buy new ones.
I explained to her that we would make sure to go shopping before she "grew out of" the clothes she was wearing. Glad we got that one all cleared up.

As a kid, when I was first told that I would grow, outgrow my clothes, and need new ones, it was a disquieting and fearsome prospect. I envisioned that one day I would be taken to a clothing store naked because I'd outgrown my old clothes and couldn't wear them anymore.
- (Heidi)
When I was little I was so scared that when I grew up I would have to go to the store naked to buy new clothes because I would have outgrown my old ones!
- (Mindy Navarro)

Older Ib? Open RP
- This would be an unfortunate time for visitors to arrive at the gallery. After her sudden growth, her clothes had gotten rather tight and...well, skimpy. She currently stood in front of the sleeping Garry, surprised at how tall she was. The child-minded adult was almost tempted to take his coat for herself- but then Garry would get cold, and that won't do.
So Ib walked off to search for something she could use as makeshift clothing until her body returned to normal.
- A 19 year old girl named Ib sits in a park on a bench, for such a long time she was alone and now was no different, the only thing different was that this morning she woke up and was 10 years older than she was last night. Ib decided to go home, so she stood up and started on her way back, freezing when she saw someone she recognized in front of her.
- (askaloneib, innocent-ib)

It has been six months since I have visited the park where I first saw the girl and the man appearing to be her father. Today something made me want to go back. Again I came upon two people, but these two people could not be the same as before, or could they. The man looked very similar; his hair still remained pure white, and his face looked practically identical to the image of the man I remember before. But the girl, the girl can not be the same daughter. Perhaps her sister, or maybe just maybe, the skinny, fragile girl I had seen previously grew into a woman in such a short amount of time.
I'm sure it has happened before, when a child magically grows up over night. The girl I had seen before looked no older than eleven, but this woman appears to be around the age of fifteen. She has grown taller and has the most beautiful rosy cheeks. The eyes seem so familiar that it must be the same girl I'd seen before. I'm amazed how much I remember from a girl I just passed by a long time ago. I believe I have fallen in love at second sight, if that's possible.

Would anyone know how to make breasts grow in a video? instant age acceleration. maybe in after effects?? Like in photoshop i know how to do that but i wanna make it realistic and not like one to the other i want to actually see it happening for the film im making.
what like in terminator 3 when tx expands her boobs. well what i do is a slow and mundane process i would carefully edit a picture of the boobs one frame at a time if your getting me so get one picture and then edit it slightly to make her boobs a bit bigger then save add to movie and make it go by really fast
repeat the process until it looks a bit realistic. or buy a graphic program which allows you to warp the breasts. short, Not really. Unless you are thinking about watching a girl clothed develop breasts but I don't think any timelapse exists like that.

The Story of Willyam and Mayonaka
Part III - Mayonaka is corrupted by evil
"You'll need to keep a guard on her day and night."
"Be very careful, when she gets scared or angry, she's likely to start making things grow older or younger. She did that to a little girl I know who lives with Hodesch. Now she's grown into a woman and Hodesch is very angry with her... and with me for taking her there."
Willyam frowned. "Do you remember when I took you to someone's house and you got scared and turned a little girl into a grown-up woman?" He watched her carefully, worried in case she freaked out again at the mention of the scary house.
Mayonaka thought for a moment more. "Oh yeah! I remember! Those little rat things chased me around an' I bumped into the girl on accident." She gasped. "I didn't kill 'er, did I? Oh I hope she's alright..."
Willyam shook his head, "No, you didn't kill her, but she doesn't like being big and she's scared. Hodesch wants me to bring you back so that you can reverse your spell. Will you come with me?"

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