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At several points, Dr. Strickler had Christine open her eyes and make eye contact with him.
I watched in awe as the impression of Christine's weight on the ottoman shrank slightly. It was if her physical weight had been lessened and she was not sinking down as deeply into the cushion. At the same time she grew taller sitting right in front of me. Her shoulders straightened and leveled (one shoulder is usually lower than the other), her lumbar curve became more pronounced (her lower back is usually flattened), the back of her head drew upward tilting her chin down slightly and straightening her cervical spine and upper back and there came over her face the most beatific of expressions.
The circles under her eyes disappeared; the lines at the creases of her nose and mouth softened, her face actually became thinner.
Christine is different. One objective physical example: As Christine and I were getting Thanksgiving dinner on the table we came face to face in each other's way. We had to stop to keep from bumping into each other.
I was stunned. "Oh my God! I can look you in eye now! I can't remember being able to do that!"
Christine just laughed and said she had been measured at the doctor's office just this week. She measured five foot six and one half inches tall. Two years ago the doctor measured her at five foot five.

From looking at her ID card, Sarah was not nearly old enough to have legal tattoos.
You give her another command to grow a few years older, and you watch her growing taller and the vest top becoming too short, showing her navel and much of her abdomen.
Her breasts and ass grow much rounder and fuller, the fabric first smoothing and then stretching shiny tight. The skin not covered by her vest top begins tanning up.
You do not order her to remove the tan as it seem to be a good background colour for the tattoo she can now easily get.
At last you give a command for her to have a fetish for wearing short and tight clothes below her waist. To your surprise, Sarah rips off her damaged child clothes, and puts on an even shorter and tighter miniskirt which can barely cover her crotch and hold her ass.
It is a bit of pity she has to wear something on her crotch again, but you would not want to waste the miniskirt. You give her a last present, a cute cartoon rabbit navel ring which would look too childish with her image of a sexily clothed young woman.

Danni sighed softly as her limbs and torso lengthened, her figure growing from a gawky preteen to a young woman in the usual 27.9 seconds. The young ageshifter's muscles increased, slowly growing to give her the body of a teen cheerleader. Danni's hair grew out, the color darkening. She opened her eyes and pouted her lips.
Danni shivered with the feeling in her chest. She let out a gasp as perky breasts budded under a shirt unable to stretch another millimeter, the warmth filling her chest like water balloons. Like usual she took an involuntary deep breath. There was a short but decisive ripping sound. Danni cupped her now exposed and still swelling breasts, watching them bulge out. Soon they were double B's, and they continued developing. Her dark brown nipples grew as well, the areolae spreading wider while the nipples fattened and extended like thumbs. Her breasts overflowed in her hands, their weight astonishing but not straining her back at all.
The height growth wasn't as drastic, but her hips and buttocks filled out as well, large oval holes suddenly appearing in the denim of her Gap Kids jeans, her backside becoming quite large and prominent.
Danni smiled and squeezed her breasts together, reveling in the firm softness. Her growth slowed, then stopped completely, leaving her with D-cup breasts bigger than her mother's.

Sharon found it odd to experience her body maturing - looking closer to the age that she felt emotionally. Jonathan not only lost some wrinkles as their ages approached each other, he also lost height as she grew taller. And Sharon found that her height was not the only thing that had grown, her feelings for Jonathan were evolving into those of a lover. He was still hesitant, despite the fact that she soon had the body of an adult. She felt her toes squeeze through her broken shoes into the carpet.
Her breasts had grown to a rather generous size as they escaped the barriers of her clothes, and though Sharon knew she should not let her breast size get to her, she also knew that this was why Jonathan would go no further than holding her hand and passing brief kisses across her lips. He could not accept the mature woman she had blossomed into. So, while he saw her as an adult on a mental and emotional level, in his mind she still had the body of a little girl.

I've had dreams, lucid and not, where I've been any age from 8 to 19. I never figured out why in some dreams I'm older than in others... then there are times where my age changes up or down as the dream goes on but time isn't flying with it...My body just changes ages at will.
Anyone had a lucid dream where they have seen themselves as a younger version? I have multiple occasions. One time, this was my first wild too, I was floating around in a classroom it was black all around me except for a lil white bubble window in front of me, and I saw myself sitting in a classroom in gradeschool, it was pretty freaky because of how precise and accurate it was. Another WILD I had was just a couple weeks ago and I saw a T.V. and flipped it on, and each channel I changed to was a different age of me, first of a baby, pre-schoolers, grade school and then high school, it was a bit frightening because of how real and accurate the visions of me were.....

Michelle took a mouthful, careful not to drink anymore than Josh's instructions. After she swallowed the recomended dose of the illegal drug, she fainted as she started to age slowly.
Bella ran to Michelle when she fainted and looked down at her. She watched her age up and looked at Josh, "Josh... a person should not age before their time to age... it's not good for them at all..."
As soon as the aging process came to a halt, Michelle started to wake up. She looked as though she were 14 years old now. She looked a lot like her cousin, and could be mistaken for a sister of hers. As she woke up she said, "Did it work...?" As she stood up, it was perfectly clear her clothes were much too short and small for her now voluptuously curved figure.
Bella sighed, "Yeah... it worked..." She came close to hitting Josh. She just glared at him, "You know the dangers of someone maturing too fast for their age... she has the mind of her old self, but in a teen's body..." She just sighed and looked at Michelle. She then sat down.
Josh looked guilty but in all honestly he wasn't bothered, Michelle had asked for it to happen to her, and he just didn't say no to people. He politely turned away until they had removed Michelle's ruined clothing, dressing her in a spare jacket and gym shorts.
Michelle smiled, happily, she made the argument to Bella "I have always been too mature, way past my actual age." She had loved how her clothes had split open and were far too revealing. Her heart still pounded in her chest.
Bella looked at Michelle and sighed, "Trust me, it's no fun being an adult... you should enjoy the years of being a child..." unlike I did... She sighed, she was never allowed to act like a child when she was young. She had to become an adult quickly.

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