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Is there any research program that would be interested in a time-lapse video of puberty?
When I was 10, I was really interested in the process of puberty. (I'm a girl by the way) I took 3 photos of myself every single week. One from the front, one from the side, and one from the back. All completely naked. All against the same backdrop. I now have 7 years worth. And I've made time lapse videos of each angle. Documenting all the changes my body went through. Is there a research institution that would be interested in such a thing? Maybe for a price?
2013 - (piano smasher!)
You could approach your local gp to see whether they would like it as an educational programme for young people. However be careful it doesn't fall into the wrong hands ie paedophiles..

tape 34 (the haunting ghost caught on tape) by Mark Apsolon.
Re. Real ghost girl caught on video tape 34 (the haunting)
in tape 35 i don't know if it's just me or, when adeline was standing in the corner and running in the hallway, she seems shorter and her hair seems longer, i don't know, what do you think?
Yes it was Madeline seen both times, she sometimes changes the age of her appearance to when she was younger like maybe 10, but she told me the age when she died was 15 so that's the age she mostly appears looking like. but yeah a few of the vids show a younger looking girl, that's her but at a younger age , she can control her age appearance.
- (Candy123ny, Orionifo)

Girls Transforming: Invisibility and Age-Shifting in Children's Fantasy Fiction Since the 1970s
Sanna Lehtonen, Broche: 275 pages. McFarland, 4/15/2013.
This book explores representations of girlhood and young womanhood in recent English-language children's fantasy by focusing on two fantastic body transformation types: invisibility and "age-shifting" (including in "The Time of the Ghost" and "Hexwood"?). Drawing on recent feminist and queer theory, the study discusses the tropes of invisibility and age-shifting as narrative devices representing gendered experiences. The "transformations" offer various perspectives on a girl's changing body and identity and provide links between real-life and fantastic discourses of gender, power, invisibility and aging.
The main focus is on English-language fantasy published since the 1970s but the motifs of invisibility and age-shifting in earlier tales and children's books is reviewed; this is the first study of children's fantasy literature that considers these tropes at length.
Novels discussed are from both critically acclaimed authors and the less well known. Most of the novels depicting invisible or age-shifting girls are neither thoroughly conventional nor radically subversive but present a multiplicity of discourses.

Ruby Redfort series
Lauren Child
Ruby Redfort, undercover agent and mystery solver, is a genius code-cracker, a daring detective, and a gadget-laden special agent who just happens to be a thirteen-year-old girl. She and her slick side-kick butler, Hitch, foil crimes and get into loads of scrapes with evil villains.
In doing so, she does end up impersonating adults, lying, sneaking around, and snagging a few Spectrum gadgets.
"Ruby Redfort: Look Into My Eyes" was released in September 2011. The second Ruby book is "Ruby Redfort, Take your Last Breath".
fan fiction
Parallel Ruby Redfort
Ruby Redfort is the main character and heroine of the book series. Her secret identity is mild-mannered 5th-grader Ruby Redfort, but whenever evil arises, she instantly becomes an agent by placing two fingers to her chest where her emblem would be, and speaking her catchphrase, "Agent Up!"
Ruby was also a witch girl. In the beginning she was 10 and a half years old and she was great with her magic. She is also quite mature for her age. And she was given the disguise pen that could change her age/height, hair color, or even species.
The Crystal Heart allowed the people of Twinford to age slower and live as long as 1000 years. Ruby and Clancy stopped aging at the age of 30, and the other agents stopped aging at 44 years old.

Linda felt Karen changing under her. Karen was making herself older and taller, and thus stronger.
Her feet burst out of her shoes with loud pops, her legs were growing like stilts sliding over the floor, her hips were gaining weight and suddenly became curvy under her doomed pants, her entire breast was swelling, she was growing voluptuous, her child face transforming into an angry teen face.
Her clothes weren't too large anymore, they were now much too tight. Linda felt Karen's erecting nipples against her skin, she was growing up right under her.
Karen's hard-stretched jeans looked almost like shorts on her, her breasts were growing against the fabric. Karen was cursing, but her voice became almost seductive, a woman's voice.
Rip noises were heard, her growth tore and exposed her straining panties. The elastic gave way with an explosive snap. Her jacket and her shirt splintered from behind with a large rip noise. Her chest burst out of her shirt. Her breasts were eye-catching D-cups, quivering but no longer expanding.
Everyone observed the scene in awe. Karen was still growing taller, Linda felt herself pushed aside by Karen's body, and Karen grabbed Linda's arms. She was now the same size as Linda. She was watching Linda face to face, and continued her mentally controlled aging.
Linda tried to free herself but Karen was stronger. Linda felt Karen hands grow a bit more and their grip got firmer.
When she finally reached 5'8" and looked about eighteen, Karen stood up with Linda in her arms. Linda's head barely reached her chin, so everyone could see how big she was. She grabbed Linda with her right hand, Linda watched the floor and she was scared...
"Who's the child now?"

I'm gonna cut straight to it. I have really bad stretch marks on my boobs, hips, thighs and some on my calves. I basically went from having a child's body to an adult's body in the matter of weeks. I'm so embarrassed about them, they're so ugly and they make me feel awful. I can't go swimming or anything because everyone will see them. And they're really noticeable because they're bright red. I'm 16 and I can't do any of the stuff my friends do because of my stupid ugly body.
Firstly you don't have a stupid ugly body. If you think that about yourself then other people will think that about you too.
So many young women have stretch marks. It's very common because during puberty girls get growth spurts and their skin will stretch. I'm sure more of your friends also have stretch marks than you think.

By the time the girls were able to crawl about the house, Lilith cried all the time and instead of doing their best to calm the torments of the younger daughter, Daniel and Mary-Sue showered their affection and love on Angela. They took the time to do her hair and dressed her in the finest, most adorable clothes they could afford, changing her outfits with the changing seasons, while they left Lilith in whatever they felt did not look good on Angela and kept her in the same clothes until they ripped at the seams when she grew too big for them.

When I was a young girl, I always wanted to be a princess or a ballerina. I wanted a name like Crystal, which sounded magical and powerful. I would twirl around in circles, very fast, trying to make myself grow up a little bit quicker. I wanted to be older, powerful and much more magical.

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