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The weird and wonderful thing that is Ryuket
Over all a very childish person, she is still being a complete and utter arse. E.G. Coloring on the walls with crayons.
Height: 5'2''
Depending on her form at the time she could be either; young, teen, adult. Each form will always retain her purple hair.
Likes: Spiders, sweet things, food, cats and sleeping. Creating life-size dolls.
Dislikes: cookies. Fuck cookies.
Ryuket seems to have the ability to change age at will. Although this cannot be done in front of others as it is a somewhat lengthy process. Ryuket will often wander into another room and lock the door before switching.

in this dream..fairies and magical beings was like harry potter..but scarrrier...i think i was one of the fairies because all the other girls were..there was this part where we were taught how to make someone magically grow taking a stick..dipping it into this powder and blowing it at a person..but this only worked in pairs..i was the first one to try...i grew face didn't look like me..and was taller than 5' 2" then the whole room tried the spell..and within minutes..everyone was older..hahaha..KOOoL!
i guess our mission was to battle this evil that was lurking around the corner...eek!

I posted some age progression picture of Blujeanne, for compression of how her face changed through the years she modeled. I think she modeled between the ages of 10 to 13. Which is close to the same difference in age the photos between Laurie model in the post above, but one may not be Laurie model, I admit. But Girls at this age do grow a lot and change a lot as well, during this time of their lives. Anyway hope what I posted is helpful. Keep in mind I made sure all pictures where similar in poses, to make the comparison easier. I could have easily shown you some pictures that made her look as though she was a different person entirely.

Name: Blair Royce
She thinks it sounds too old for her but she changes her name lots
Age: 12
Power(s): ability to change ages (can eg turn in to a 6 year old or a 21 year old, even a 50 year old!), when around the fugitives she appears her actual age
girl with long black hair that flows down her back. She has pale skin and, though you cannot tell from looking at her, she is muscular from her years of training. She has pale green eyes that seem devoid of emotion and she always stands off to the side even when in a group. Spends her time wearing singlets and boxer shorts. neither a girly girl nor Tom boy.
Blair first found out she was a fugitive by turning into an older version of herself as she ran away from the government when they killed her family. Since then, she has been running from the government hunters and hiding in remote parts of Queensland.
shy but has a short temper, mostly friendly and a little dyslexic, but very bright and has an old soul for a 12 year old and always on the look out for signs of the government chasing her.
spends most of her time running from the government, however she has a black belt in karate, and trains everyday to maintain her fitness and really enjoys reading. She's ready to move on the run at any possible moment with a bag always packed and multiple IDs. She is also a really fast long distance runner.
2013 - (Immi)

The process began slowly. I watched intently as the mere caress of my breath on his groin caused the denim to tauten reflexively. His zipper creaked as the metal strip rose up.
Further encouraged I tentatively extended my tongue to lick the velvety smooth skin of the boy's belly. The responsive flesh immediately retracted from the touch of my wet tongue and started to contract, as his genitals further engorged involuntarily under his pants.
His sex twitched as it stiffened and swelled unstoppably before my very eyes. I was transfixed as I watched it start to metamorphosize, gradually lengthening and growing through his hopelessly overstrained jeans. I had always been fascinated by the idea of a boy's penis becoming erect from its flaccid state. It was thrilling to observe it straightening and hardening to its full tumescence through the tearing fabric.
The hue of his glans intensified from pink, to red, then purple as it became completely engorged. I found it amazing that a boy's penis could swell to such obscene proportions so fast.
The rest of his clothes slid over his slowly aging body, still intact for now.

The Definition of Abnormal
Name: Ella May Stewart
Age: 7-15 years old
Description: Based on her behavior and grades and knowledge, her age changes. Reddish brown eyes and black hair.

Name: Ayvenne Harley
Age: She will forever be 12 years old.
Description: She is an "Abnormal" girl who was supposed to die in 1263. Dark purple eyes with denim flecks and white...

He heard her give a laugh at this and pull him tighter, seeming to grow even younger in front of him. "A cool thing about me is that I can shift my age to whatever I want it to be, so the others might be a bit confused when we meet them." Kimberley pulled Sebastian even closer, placing her lips right beside his stomach. Then her hair suddenly started to rise toward his face.
"Ahh!" she screamed as her dress began splitting at the seams, seeing as it was becoming too small.
Kimberley shrieked before her clothes burst and fell off entirely.
She yelled, standing up with a few remaining shreds so tight that they just clung to her now teenaged frame.

I saw an 11 year old girl with fully developed tits when I was lifeguarding at age 18. Felt kinda bad for her, I think she felt weird about it. Although if that's anything like having a big dong I guess I shouldn't.
I had a friend who went from flat chested at 11 to humongous boobs at 12, like most women would kill for that rack. I remember her constantly yelling at me for peeking at them but it was just so odd because it was so quick. I imagine it was terribly awkward for her, especially the looks she got from men.

The morning Emma turned four, she was surprised her jammies still fit her. She thought she would get big overnight.

"''ll understand when you're older."
She laughed bitterly. Quinn grimaced as her clothes became too small, pulling and pinching uncomfortably as her body changed, ageing nearly five years in as many seconds. "All right, now I'm older."
Steven watched in amazement as Quinn aged before his eyes then blinked, more than a little taken aback by her accusatory tone. "I don't care how old you look, you're still twelve years old, and I'm still your father. You will not speak to me in that tone, and you will NOT use that type of language in my house. And I certainly don't have to explain myself to you."

First there would be sex-ed films and transparencies, including some really clever productions that ought to be shown in schools: pseudo-time-lapse photography showing the passage of a boy and a girl through puberty and the development of their sex organs. I guess they must have been made with artistic software of the kind missing persons bureaus use for "aging" facial images. I know that breasts can be enlarged via software, but the really clever artistry was showing penis and testicle development and pubic hair growth, including showing how the penis looks when erect at various ages.
Mom's Friend said that now was the most important part: we'd see (as if we didn't already know) how that penis would be made to give a girl semen.
There was a film of a pair of 18-year-olds who looked more like 14 doing what we do: with friends about, everybody nude, the couple performed oral sex by way of foreplay. Then the boy acted out a defloration, positioning the girl's vagina just right and pushing his penis into it while she looked on apprehensively. When he was done, there was semen and blood and everything visible. The girl got really excited over the penis afterwards and started cuddling it.

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