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March Secret Agent #45
YA Contemporary Fantasy
When I am changing for swim practice after school, I fully understand the cryptic statement my grandmother made this morning. December 6. "You're 12 and a half now. Today is the day you become a woman," she had said. "I'll explain this evening." In the rush to get out the door, I hadn't paid close attention, and just chalked it up to her absent-mindedness.
But while I feel my swim suit tighten over my suddenly curvaceous chest, I realize that, somehow, suddenly, I went from nothing to a voluptuous C. We're talking, like, Kate Hudson to Katy Perry.
I pinch myself, and run over to the mirror. The cold, hard tiles beneath my feet remind me that I am awake, though the bright overhead lights make me look like a zombie. I have seen enough - this change is real.
Typically, I fly under the radar at school. If anything, my size and lack of curves got me negative attention. My name is actually Eugenie - Genie for short - but now I'm so tall, the oh-so-original popular kids start calling me Bean Pole - Beanie - since my growth spurt in sixth grade.
Shaking my head at my reflection, I'm annoyed and bewildered by yet another spontaneous, dramatic physical change. I've already had to do a lot of adjusting and damage control recently.

This drug should make everyone precisely three years older. That means that some of you will be seventeen and a majority of you will be sixteen. The rule is to have fun. This is meant to be enjoyable. You do not have to try particularly hard, seeing as most of it will go right over your heads. Just relax and learn from the experiences."
He paused for a moment and gave a thoughtful look. "Humm.. I don't believe I forgot anything..," he mumbled. "Now, I think we are ready to ingest the drug."
Every kid was given a small, glass vial that contained a clear liquid. They all looked around, seeing who would take the first drink. It was Susan.
With a quick, "Bottoms up!" the drink disappeared down her throat. She instantly grew about 15cm, and her hips widened. When her reaction to the drug was complete, her clothes were much too small for her body. Her pants were above her ankles; her shirt rose and made her belly button clearly visible.
"That is what I forgot! Clothes! Mr. Jones and Mr. Williams will be around to hand out new clothing to fit after you have aged.
They will measure the trunks and limbs to fit the bodies of their owners."
Mr. Williams gave a short and crisp, "Certainly", then set off to work.
Slowly, everyone took their age drugs. Mitch looked practically the same, only taller and handsomer. George just skimmed the six foot mark and was very well built. The girls would surely be swooning over his unique physique.
Taylor made the most notable change out of anyone in the room. Her hair had lost its frizz. It was now a beautiful, wavy mane. She stood at about 5'7" and had a remarkable attractiveness to her face. The one part of her Mitch couldn't even look at without blushing was her chest. Her breasts were large but not awkward, and they looked so lusciously desirable.
Philip observed the trio. They looked incredibly ridiculous in their ten-sizes-too-small clothing. He wasn't taking the drug until one of those fools came over here to give him bigger clothes first. Though, he had to admit the girls didn't look bad in their tight fitting outfits. Without thinking he swallowed the substance.

STRANGE SPANNERS being an accounting of strangeness of the warp and woof of my mind
Things You Need To Know #41
Age shifters are a rare subset of shapeshifters. They can't change who or what they are. They can change when they are in relation to now. Appearing as an old man or a young baby. They are functionally immortal and their gift has all sorts of advantages. They are very lonely though, because there are so few of them and their mind set is rather alien compared to even other shapeshifters. Also, some humans actively hunt age shifters for their own perverse means. They have recently started their own social network "," the password is "fishing sword."
This was something you needed to know,
2012 - (Lazarus Lupin)

Mireille was in too deep a sleep to hear anything in this stage. This is what she calls her Age spurt. It's when her body thinks its time to go into a different stage of her body. Now she's going into her older teen years. It always happens when she is sleeping so she cannot actually know when its happening.

That burning, fiery sensation on the pristine skin of her chest, marked only by a tiny mole.
Bones thickened imperceptibly and elongated. Flesh swelled and expanded.
Madison's ten year-old frame pulsed with tension. A new sensation emerged into the miasma of sensory overload: The feeling of clothing grown too tight. Her child-size jeans became taut, as the legs within them began to stretch and lengthen. Her shoes soon became open-toed sandals before the pressing of her feet.
Madison arched her back as her shoulders and arms began to expand. Bones began to lengthen first, while her flesh crawled, danced, and rippled with released maturation. She had grown half a foot by the time her muscles strengthened. They quivered and twitched uncontrollably as the fibers multiplied and expanded. Her skeleton continued the impossible transfiguration by way of Madison's formerly boyish hips. Her lower abdomen quivered and spasmed wildly as the expansion reached near-adult proportions. Her tiny jeans, threads already taut, could not withstand this demand. The seams split with an audible rip, revealing sinuous legs, yet feminine as those of a runway model.
Madison whirled and twisted, flailing her lengthening, expanding arms. Her smooth skin rippled with the explosion of unleashed time. Her lengthening arms soon thickened with small biceps, as a cascade of hair writhed through the air.
Daddy watched with an unreadable expression; his face a jumble of emotions as inscrutable as the wild, as confusing sensations pulsed through Madison's body. And that's when the buttons of her formerly loose plaid shirt exploded off.
From the closet, Scarlet's own age control was slipping; her chest burned, it wouldn't be long now. She felt the straps of her bodysuit. She would be naked soon, and was glad no one was watching her.
What were once childish non-breasts enflamed with the changes coursing through Madison. Pushing, stretching, demanding freedom, her rebellious breasts assaulted the wretchedly confining cloth with teenage strength. Stepdad was treated to a peepshow unlike that of most strip clubs he and the boys frequented. With each burst button, her new breasts quivered and pulsed; seeming to defy gravity as they challenged the garment to try and contain them. With a dramatic moan, her chest heaved and the sound of ripping fabric accompanied the onslaught of adult mammaries as they conquered their confines. Mere seconds apart came the telltale sound that heralded the end of every stitch of clothing upon Madison's now grown-up frame: Her widening hips had erupted forth, and the dismal remains of her shredded jeans loosened with an audible pop. She groaned as a thick bush sprouted in moments from the quivering lips of her electrified womanhood.
The new adult flexed her lean muscles. She was no longer little Madison. It seemed in that moment impossible to those present that a curious preteen child stood here mere minutes ago. Sweat dribbled off of smooth skin, down lithe limbs past pleasantly round hips that screamed of fertility. The salty drops fell almost five feet to the floor from the throbbing nipples of ripe breasts that transcended the fabled D-cup. Delicately lashed eyes now seemed to gleam! The drops of sweat rolled past still unsagging abdominal muscles, into the perfect hollow of her thighs, into the hairy bush enveloping her groin. She felt the greatest heat came from within that pulsing vagina. So much energy, such raw power nestled within those throbbing lips.

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