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Our breathing was heavy due to our sped-up metabolisms. I opened my eyes and saw a face that had to belong to Warren gazing down at me. I still had one hand resting on the back of his neck for support as he braced himself against the ground. Our legs were intertwined. The only real damage was to our now outrageously inappropriate clothes.
Everything seemed different. Warren looked so much ... bigger.
"What happened?" I asked unable to remove my gaze from him.
"Um," Warren answered looking me over, "I thought the mental trick was supposed to de-age us... turn us back into infants."
Warren and I both glanced down at our bodies, seeing what looked like very much the opposite effect. I swallowed a gasp as I noticed my own body and how much of it wasn't covered by the destroyed dress I had put on earlier that day. Bare toes peeked through our shoes. I tried to cover up as I looked at Warren.
Warren was so much bigger and taller. I noticed his split pants were higher up on his legs. Even through his jacket and shirt I could see his muscle definition. Warren got lean muscles but his shirt was much too small for him. He definitely outgrew his jacket as I had outgrown my dress.
"We aged ourselves," I said under my breath.
I took his hand willingly. Even when he stood next to me, he was noticeably taller and bigger.
"So then..." I trailed off putting my thoughts into words. "If we really did age forward instead of backward, does that mean we could..." I just smiled. With the frightening growth spurt, did my feelings evolve along with my body?
"Is now a good time to..." Warren asked.
"You want to...?" I stopped myself.
"Yes," Warren answered knowing my question without hearing.
I marveled at how far my eyes had risen above the ground.
I turned back, "I guess so."
Warren slowly brought me closer, enclosing me in his strong hold. I wrapped my arms around him, returning the gesture.
His natural body heat was even warmer now. Still comfortably warm but much more inviting. His natural musky scent swarmed lightly though my nose, making my body pulsate. I closed my eyes, taking in the moment.

is it weird that i frequently fantasize about being able to alter my age at will? first of all, when i was in high school i used to pass the hours of boredom (history class, mostly) coming up with sexual fantasies. nowadays i do it anytime i'm bored, or can't sleep.
if i could change the age i look like, i would turn into a 8-10 year old, and videotape myself putting on a show. all while talking up a blue streak. frequently addressing my audience, calling them "daddy" and asking if i'm "doing this right", that kind of thing.
then after posting it on the internet... good luck id'ing the kid, fbi), i would pick out someone who looks a little too interested in little me. i'd loiter until my "candidate" comes outside, and then i'd tell him my daddy says i need to make money (i'd make sure he knows he can do what he wants) then i'll anonymously report him to the police. granted they won't have a victim to go on the stand, but an eyewitness account from grown-up me of the guy approaching the child, talking for a minute, and leading the kid away.

"I don't know what happened," Zoey started. "Nobody does. They did tests and scans and found nothing abnormal. They're not even sure how it's possible, because it technically breaks the laws of physics or something. One night when I was eight, I was at home eating cereal and watching Erin play Zelda."
"I remember!" Erin said wistfully, rolling her head onto Nate's shoulder.
"It just sort of happened," Zoey said. "I realized my clothes were getting tighter. I thought I was hallucinating or something. But then Erin noticed it too. I freaked out and ran into the bathroom, but I kept growing until I tore through my clothes and I was developing breasts and hips and everything. Erin ran out of the house, screaming."
"I remember that too..."
"So I end up a half-naked adult before shrinking back into a child, but I already realized that it would not ever stop. I mean, I had randomly aged into a young woman, and the involuntary age changes kept happening almost daily, older and younger."

From: guest (Is this real)
You can't really switch bodies with someone can you? My child is saying he is himself, but he looks like a 40 year old man. He does have the same hair color and mannerisms, but I distinctly remember my mom telling me that stuff like freaky friday couldn't happen in real life. Can anyone help? If this is real, how do I get my 12 year old back?

Imagine a little girl? that speaks like that! Like an old smoking New Yorker! Then imagine standing in a room full of people with that girl, and then she singles you out and walks to you!
"I like unicorns and rainbows and scraping out the contents of my vagina with a teaspoon I named Rudolph."
Then she puts her hand on your mouth, telling you to hush, she starts to age into a woman in her late 20s with the most beautiful voice ever heard. If you can imagine this, tell me, what happens next? - (Megaladon891)

I have a memory of a friend of mine taking me for a walk in a park down by one of the big bridges in my city when I was very small. Weird thing is she's two years younger than me and is adult in my memory and I met her at uni. It's such a vivid memory. I can only assume either a) time travel or b) my brain has replaced whoever really took me for that walk with my friend - (almost succubus)

As we began to ride out, a small girl ran towards us. "Princess Evelyn, wait! Please wait!" Gerard stopped the horse and I smiled down at the girl. I could see her clothes becoming too small for her, and the material frayed and tore at its edges. She held up a small wild flower to me. She smiled shyly.

Jennifer closed her eyes and scrunched her nose and mentally deactivated the gene block to reveal her true biological age. Her lips immediately became plump and pinker, and they slowly parted to reveal shining white teeth. Now a fourteen year old, she had a great body and already a generous bust size, and waist length dark hair that looked as smooth as silk to touch. Her clothes had become much too small for her voluptuous frame and one side of her collar tore down her right shoulder, revealing creamy white skin.

She couldn't stop squeaking as she tied her sneakers and squeezed into her old silvery down jacket. She was now growing so fast that the sleeves ended halfway up her forearms, but she thought she could still get it to zip and put on a sweater.

Vincent Runza Post Archive -
Aug 12, 2004 - the whole thing swelling up like a time lapse film of her breasts growing another cup size. Pulling the areola/nipple with a firm grip can send a ...

In my own family, onset generally fell between 12-14, with no one being past 14 years of age but an Aunt as young as 10. My daughter at 14.5 years showed no signs of puberty whatsoever. No breast development/budding, no menses, no body hair, very little height gain and no weight gain (loss if anything), she looked like a young girl.
By the time of her 15th birthday puberty kicked in and boy did it kick in! It happened so hard and fast it was like watching time lapse photography!

Grafton Street, Dublin.
At the bottom of this stylish pedestrian thoroughfare is a somewhat revealing statue of Molly Malone, who clearly has outgrown her dress and needs a replacement as soon as possible. Luckily, Grafton Street houses many world-renowned fashion boutiques and department stores.

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