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On her tenth birthday, the girl's foster mother awoke to find her daughter looking very different than she had the day before.
The girl had somehow grown into a stunningly beautiful adult while she was sleeping. Her mother recognized her by her freckles which were all still in the same spots.
Slender except in all the right places, the girl had become almost six feet tall, and now weighed about 155lbs. Apparently she had fallen asleep wearing her normal clothes, and she had grown to the point where they had mostly burst off her body. Her bed creaked under her new weight.
None of the girl's clothes fit anymore. On top of this she did not seem the least distressed or worried that she had become a woman, an extremely voluptuous one it might be added. In fact the girl was full of energy after waking up and ran up and down the hall. She soon returned pleading that she was absolutely starving.
"Mom! Dad! Look how big I am now!" How could her parents not be proud of such a bright and cheerful young girl?
With her new size, new clothes were needed for her larger body.
At first her classmates were uneasy by the girl's adult appearance. They soon realized that she was still the same sweet girl that they had come to know. With her new speed and strength she could easily win all athletic competitions. They came to love the girl even more.

Liza seemed to convulse with rage.
Without breaking eye contact for a second, she increased her age faster than she had thought her body capable of. Soft curves and breasts appeared under the stretching kid clothes. Her strengthening muscles flexed against the locking seatbelt. Her clothes shredded as she grew almost a foot in height. Her skin turned pale as her hair lengthened halfway to the floor. The seatbelt snapped loudly, and the sedan rocked as her now adult body shifted in the back seat.

I watched as a little black girl in the elementary school started to grow taller before my eyes. Soon I realized that she wasn't just growing taller, she was growing older. She looked to be about 8 now, her hair was growing longer in the little puff balls on her head. Her uniform stayed the same size and was becoming very tight over her expanding body. Soon she appeared to be in her early teens. Her nipples grew hard and then her breasts developed. I watched as her breasts climbed up the alphabet, filling her uniform shirt beyond the brim. She seemed to be in her early twenties now and she was looking very turned on.

The kids around me started shaking, some of them screaming, as their bodies changed; some just fell to the floor - the others stared unbelieving at their own limbs as they grew longer under their clothing, years older in moments. I couldn't help but smile a bit again at their expressions as they entered puberty, their clothes tearing open before their eyes. It was funny, really - they didn't even pay that much attention to the coldness, or to the nude strangers rising up around them. I could practically see their energy, their time, shifting through the air.

god, this is so lame, but my green espanol shirt. i've had it since i was 12 and it looks better on me now than it did then. mostly coz i have boobies now.

We're constantly buying them new clothing, including new tennis shoes every three months. Sometimes it seems like a slow-motion version of the old Incredible Hulk TV series as we watch them outgrow their clothes.

She mused before sighing. "Sorry if this creeps you guys out, okay?" She fidgeted and began to grow taller. Her hair grew longer (she would have to cut it off) her baby fat disappeared, and her dress almost immediately stopped fitting, since, well, when you grow, you also have a little something called puberty.
When it was over, she was a nice, tall, eighteen year old, and very pretty. "Awesome."
She had been waiting for this moment; no matter how much she LOVED her kid body, she liked to let loose and be herself once in a while. Especially now that everyone knew that she was bored, and 18, there was no fun pretending that she was still 9.

fan characters
Sabrina Sarin
She looks like a young girl but her age is unknown since she can make herself look older or younger. Also for some reason unknown to Sabrina, though she can look older or younger at will, she no longer ages normally so all development has stopped, but she loves that she can make her breasts bigger or smaller. She was orphaned when she was little and used her little ability to make people think she was was old enough to be on her own. Before they died, her parents worked constantly. After their deaths Sabrina was left with everything. With her large inheritance, Sabrina doesn't work full time and she doesn't really spend her money. She does however make herself look old enough to work part time in a little cafe. Sabrina doesn't eat meat and when it comes to relationships she just knows she wants to be with someone older.

Fantasim Land - A Fantasy RPG
She paused, glancing at her bedroom door.
It's gonna happen rather quickly, bit by bit.
Aislin could feel herself growing taller, until she stopped. It looked and felt strange as she struggled against her childish clothes. But soon they ripped away over her teenage body.
She closed her eyes, she was going to need new clothes, they could not grow with her, and were much too small for her.
- PrincessLala14

Julia reminds me everyday that she's growing too. She makes us measure her after every carrot that she eats. She is convinced that she can feel herself grow by the moment. This desire for growth is fueled by our upcoming trip to Disney and Julia's insistence on riding all of Disney's finest and fastest rides. She's fearless and very determined. If a child could will herself to grow, she would do it.

Jennifer could feel the pressure inside her, coursing through her veins.
"Ah, so this is what it feels like..." she muttered to herself as she could feel herself rising taller, her body changing.
She'd planned to return and play video games after school today... But oh well, there were things more important. She sighed quietly to herself.
Jennifer turned back inside, glancing around to make sure her parents couldn't see her.
Quickly climbing the stairs with lengthening legs, tossing open the bathroom door, too late to do anything about her shoes. Staring at herself, shuddering as she tickled the skin of her firm breasts through the tearing shirt. She didn't look like the Jennifer she was used to, and her narrower waist and wide hips halfway freaked her out. She twisted in front of the mirror as her belt finally snapped off, fascinated by her adult body.
"Jennifer! You're late for school again!"
She only frowned in return, shutting and locking the bathroom door. "I know--" she began, but was half surprised when her voice came out more rich and full. She did her best to tone it down. "I know, mom!" she called in return, taking a deep breath.

I was playing with some voodoo rag dolls as someone knocked on the door. Come in!
Jenny walked in and closed the door behind her. Ello Jennifer! I said in a cute British accent.
Hi Sally... - What's wrong?
Well- Wait, last time I saw were fifteen. Now you're 8 again. Oh God no! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH SALLY?!
Jenny calm down! I can change my age!
I closed my eyes and when I opened them I was 15. Oh sorry Sally. I didn't know.
Its ok Jenn.

My kids are going through the same thing... their hands and feet hurt, and wrists and ankles. I remember when I was young and my bones hurt all the dang time. I went from being the third shortest in my first grade class to being the second tallest person -- including boys -- in middle school.

"I can turn into an adult," she said. "It's hard and takes a lot of concentration though." She started to grow taller and started to look more like an adult but only for five seconds and then she became shorter and started to look like her normal self again.

The girl started getting taller and older. In seconds she looked about ten years older. Her hair turned brown but her eyes stayed the same.

Their siblings could change their ages at will. The twins considered this, and knew it was possible for them as well. So late one night, they began to practice.
It took so little time to change their forms. It came instinctively to them, to grow and to change - how much simpler could it be?
They slipped into their parents room after they were done, slightly awkward with their longer legs and bigger feet. Their parents were sleeping, their father holding on to their mother tightly, and they didn't stir when the twins came to lay with them.
We can protect her now. Together they fell asleep.

Colleen Cuthbertson wasn't the skinny kid growing up.
In fact, she was just the opposite - a little hefty, rather short.
And she was bullied - a lot.
One would think that would change after she had her growth spurt, leapt up to 5'9" and, in the process, lost the baby fat.
It didn't. Now, 20, she can still recall how kids at her school in Red Land would then make fun of her for being too thin and suggesting she had an eating disorder. She just couldn't win.
She was 15 when her mom, Denise Cutherbertson, enrolled her in a self esteem course.

Suddenly, an array of emotions flushed over you. Your lower abdomen ached and there was a growing pain in your chest. You squeezed your eyes shut as you started to cry.
Le boing~!
The noise caused every eye on the ship to shoot at you. Tied to their mast was not a child, but a beautiful, full grown woman. In a matter of seconds, you had amazingly gone through the hormonal hell that is puberty. You looked as though you had somehow survived the puberty tape teachers show their students and the seventh grade emo phase. You looked as though you had forcefully popped a few pimples and blackheads and plucked your own eyebrows. You looked like a woman fresh out of high school. Heck, you had the new boobs to prove it.
But all of this was lost on you. Even though you were older, you were still a child on the inside. You had not gone through the maturity stage that typically comes from the immature middle school boys who called every girl blessed by the boob fairy a slut.
"What happened?" You asked, blinking rapidly in confusion. You suddenly wanted to make out with someone (preferably, one of the hot crew members), but you weren't sure whether you were going to squeal or cry about it first.
All everyone could do was stare incomprehensibly. Their blank expressions were not reassuring. The looks continued for a good minute, everyone quiet and as still as rock. In the distance, a faint tick-tock-tick-tock could be heard.
Captain Hook was the first to realize what happened to you. His cruel lips curled upwards into a sly smirk as he swaggered towards you. He twirled his hook around his beard. You cringed as he continued to get closer.
"Do you not see the boobs she has?" he asked harshly. "She's not a child anymore!"
"Si, I see them." He winked at you, saying, "They're very nice, by the way, ___." You did your best to smile and softly thanked him. You really didn't understand why he would think that your chest was 'very nice', but you were not in the position to ask. "But ___ is still a child at heart."
"Am I even in this story anymore?" You wondered aloud. The cramps in your abdomen were getting worse and you swore that you felt something wet in your privates.

After 6 years of being a lost girl, of having fun, of flying, of pranking pirates and teasing the mermaids and natives, of being something special and of never growing up, Mari too got affected by whatever it was that caused some of the lost boys to grow up. Her limbs grew longer and her body developed the feminine curves that matched her true age, which was fourteen at the time. Pan kicked her out, like he had done with all who grew up before her, and would do with those who grew up after her. Alone and lost in her own body, Mari was lucky to stumble upon the Roarer camp, where she got taken in by the group.

Irene scowled as she looked in the mirror. She looked childish in the dumb uniform, and she'd always hated having to wear it. (Although it DID save her time in the morning, she at least didn't have to pick out her clothes!)
"Well this look's going to change, and in a hurry!" she grumbled. Making sure that the door was firmly locked, she began to concentrate. Soon I'll be... a snappy thirteen year old!"
Irene felt the pressure of the two-year transformation (by now a really fast one, NOTHING like the overnight stretching and swelling when she had first discovered her freaky ability) and she checked herself out in the mirror.
She still had her hairstyle, but it was a bit messed up.
Her skin-tight shirt strained at the seams, and her "adorable" pants now served to show off her long legs.
She was so much taller! Her tongue flicked over her fuller lips. She was getting a bit turned on, and HOPED no one would recognize her. Especially Darien, she didn't need him asking her why she suddenly grew four inches.
NO ONE would mistake her for a sixth grader. Buttons popped as she pulled the straining uniform off her body.
She walked coolly past Darien. When he saw her, he dropped his popcorn.
He knew. Somehow he had known right away. Needless to say, Irene was MORE than thrilled about his reaction. She turned to face him with a tiny smile.
"I-Irene? Wh-Where is y- your school uniform?" he croaked.
Irene rolled her eyes, "It's pretty much ruined, now shouldn't we go?" she growled. Darien managed a nod and they walked through the turnstyle.

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