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fan characters
Absurdist's Redoubt
Cassandra 'Cassie'
Age: ~16
Height: 5'8" (172 cm)
Weight: 121 lbs (55kg)
Build: Lean\Athletic
During the escapades with the other Orphans, Cassie aged three or so years.
The now slightly older Cassie had outgrown her old clothes and Catherine had decided that that would just not do. Cassie has returned with her new wardrobe in hand and is ready to meet the new challenges that await her with reinvigorated optimism.

fan characters
olivia grace benoit
"Easter Bunny, hop, hop, hop!"
nineteen - sophie bennett
Curiosity is something that has never left her (scooby doo is her favorite show). She knows she's forgotten a lot. She is also too trusting of strangers. She doesn't think that anyone will want to hurt her and wants to play with most people that she meets. It is easy to make this girl happy - hand her some paper and a pencil or crayon, pretty much anything will light up her face and make you think she's a friend.
Drawing and sewing are two of her favorite things to do now, and making a pretty (for a nine year old, somewhat crude otherwise) drawing of an outfit she wants to make. One day she wants to be a clothes designer. She has a stuffed bear in her room that she loves to snuggle up with whenever she's doing anything.
She cannot, however, talk perfectly. She's pretty good, but she still messes up sometimes, and although she can read, her handwriting looks absolutely terrible. She is also a sucker for candies and chocolates, easily lured places by the idea of being able to enjoy them. She also cannot sleep at night on her own unless someone is there with her until she falls asleep.
You can imagine the surprise, shock, and fear that would overcome such a small child when she suddenly aged ten years in a few moments. It was painful, too. She and Jamie managed to stay together, and they found themselves lying in an alleyway soon after. Those from the Complex found them, and took them in. Despite appearances, on the inside she's still only nine, and even with everyone helping her out, there isn't a whole lot she can do as far as "work". She works part-time as a seamstress assistant and has an escort take her to and from work, and to make sure she doesn't get cheated out of her wages.

To pull a trick on him I started kissing him again. I was 5' 10" and he was 5' 9". Then I made myself suddenly shrink down to age twelve so I was a grand total height of 5' 0" and he found himself kissing thin air. I looked up at his face and burst out laughing. (She completely trusts Michael, that's why she's so open with him)
He looked down, confused, then his eyes widened in realization. He looked at me laughing and started laughing right beside me. He then said, "Will you be my girlfriend?"
I squealed and whispered,
"Yes, yes, yes!" He gave me a huge kiss, which was awkward because I was still 12. I instantly shot back up to my teen height and we shut up.
- I walked over to her cabin and saw a bunch of 11 year old's. I wondered how Vanessa dealt with them till I remembered that she could change to that age too. I was envious of her ability, I knew I shouldn't feel this way but we are all envious of someone, aren't we? As I entered, a girl ran at me and gave me a huge hug. I pushed her off and said, "Um... not to be rude but, do I know you? I'm looking for my friend Vanessa."
Every single person in the room pointed to the girl who I had just pushed off of me. It dawned on me, Vanessa had changed her age!
She went back to her regular age of 16 and her height of 5' 10'' which was tall compared to my 5' 9''. I loved the gap between her skin-tight t-shirt and shorts. I apologized for not knowing who she was.

- Is that a growth spurt I see?
Juniper, 2013
I can't believe how much my daughter is growing right now. She's only five years old and I figured out that she's eating 3,000 calories a day-- literally more than twice what I can manage. I've never seen such an itty-bitty kid shovelling so much food into her mouth. She's also been complaining constantly of pain in her calves and feet, and she jumped up two shoe sizes in less than a month. I think I've definitely got a growth spurt on my hands. I'm expecting to wake her up for school some time this week and see that she's somehow grown a whole foot!
- What's the fastest growth spurt that you, or your child, have ever experienced?
When I was little I was a short, chubby little girl. By the time I reached kindergarten at 5 I was skinny and growing at an alarming rate. I was always seated at the back of the class because I was taller than others. However it was good because I love food and I could shovel in as much spaghetti as I could without gaining weight because it all got distributed just right. If your daughter goes my way by high school she will be a lovely and slender beauty and able to wear all sorts of fashions.
My son literally outgrew a pair of shoes in a day. I bought them on Monday and couldn't get his feet in them on Tuesday. As infants it's possible for them to grow up to an inch in a day. No wonder they're fussy in those early days!

...a belief many of us in 3D have been programmed to accept: that humans have limitations confined to false physics. In ancient Hawaii, a Kahuna child is given to a special parent-teacher far from society; the child is raised to know nothing is impossible and there are no limitations, thus this Kahuna can change into any animal, fly, teletransport, visit other worlds and realms. With this wisdom the Kahuna returns to society and helps others with healing and spiritual matters.
So when programmed to believe limitations, it is a shock to realize that you can become younger or older at will, that you can manifest any object or means by mere thought - that is, you want an apple, an apple appears; you want a bigger house, a bigger house appears. Likewise, if you wish to change timelines, if you wish to explore other lives from other choices, you can; you can travel forward and backward in time because the current notion of time does not exist; when two people wish to have a child, their combined imaginations and intent create the child. The current world reality is the projection of mass consciousness controlled by the Cabal.

2011 - I read a about Sherlock being able to transform into a child, or become older at will and him explaining everything to John. I remember this scene where Sherlock demonstrated his ability and John asked "doesn't it hurt?" and Sherlock's response was along the lines of "Not really, it's just a bit crowded."
I remembered the explanation had quite a lot to do with quantum physics, maybe this helps somewhat?

Name: Carina Lopez
Age 16, Female
Power: She can age and grow younger at will...

Eponine had been eight at the time, and growing rapidly; so rapidly even Madame's sewing skills couldn't stand the test. As a result most of the memories he has about her at that age involve her darting around in clothes that were just a bit too small.
"What's wrong, sweet'eart?"
She pouted up at him and tugged at his leg. "I'm bustin out."
He shook his head, reaching out to pull her onto his lap.
Eponine evaded his grasp stubbornly. "She was 'sposed to make me a new dress!" At this she spun around and pulled at her too-short sleeve to demonstrate the urgency of the situation.
"She'll make it soon, a'right? She /promised/! I've been waitin' fer weeks!"

"Alice. I'm coming."
She turned around just in time to watch him change. In the space of those few seconds, his features lengthened and thinned. His hair grew at an exponential rate, until it had become a waist-length braid. "Hey, Alice. Won't you cross over, too?" She swallowed hard.
"Oz... You grew." He laughed. "I feel a bit different, too. Not quite me, you know, but not too different, either. Come on - be a good sport!"
She stepped over.
The change was even clearer than it had been with Oz: As though crossing an invisible line, she turned...white. First her bangs, then the rest of her hair, as she crossed over fully. Her dress lightened and bleached to a pure white. When she turned around, her eyes were the same clear violet as they always were.
"Wow." She stared at her hands, suddenly paler than they'd been before. "You're right. It's... Weird." Oz laughed again. Even though she knew that it was him, his laugh sounded different. This Oz was different - older, more mature...
She shook her head to clear her mind and quickly stepped back over the border. She felt so much better once she was back to her normal self.
The older Oz smiled at her, amused, and she felt her heart skip a beat.
"Jack. You're Jack. "And I'm Alyss."
The next time they met, Alice stepped over the line first, fully expecting to turn into her white-haired counterpart. Instead, her transformation was nearly the same as Oz's. She grew. Her hair remained as dark as ever, but she could feel herself grow taller, her features lengthen and thin, as her body matured.
Oz stared at her, wide-eyed. "Wow. That's new." The older Alice stared down at her now larger hands, with their lengthened fingers and long fingernails. "What... What just happened?"
Oz smiled. "Whatever just happened, you need a new name. How about Lacie?" Alice thumped him on the head. "Stupid! You don't get to choose my name!" Oz rubbed the top of his head and winced slightly.
After they discovered they could go over to each other's side, they began to meet more often.

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