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Music (songs & videos):

Plastic Bertrand
- (male ff question) "Stop ou Encore". He ponders whether life is worth continuing, at ages 15, 20, 30 and 150.

Jacques Brel
- (male FF)
"Les Bourgeois" Young student makes fun of stuffy old adults, and by the end you realize he has become a stuffy old adult himself.
"Zangra" Young officer arrives in frontier outpost dreaming of glory. With every verse he ages a little more, and by the end he's an old general who realizes he's wasted his life.
"Marathon" Lifetime from 1920's to end of the century (with slight Zeerust).

Deryl Dodd
- (male ff) "One Ride in Vegas" Rodeo rider from teenager to first ride to retired champion.

Red Sovine
- (ff country song) "It'll Come Back", 1974. Ages 3, 10 and 17.

Hold Steady
- (ff) "Teenage Liberation" b-side (ages 17, 19, 23, 29).

Tracy Lawrence
- (ff) "Time Marches On" Children, teens, grandparents; the mother is senile and the father is dead.

Frank Sinatra
- (ff) "It was a Very Good Year" 17, 21, 35, autumn years.

Harry Chapin
- (ff)
"Cat's in the Cradle" Son goes from childhood, through college, then adulthood.
"Dreams Go By" Narrator and SO put off dreams until they're too old to dream.
"She's Always Seventeen" Woman through 1961-1975 retains spirit of 17 y.o.
"The Rock" Man spends life trying to avert disaster.
"Basic Protest Song" (13, 20, 30).
"I Don't Want To Be President" Baby, child, college grad, congressman, president.

- (ff) "Disco 2000" (birth, puberty, adulthood).

Kathy Mattea
- (adult ff) "Where Have You Been?" In love, marriage, 60 years later.

Tanya Tucker
- (ff) "Two Sparrows in a Hurricane" 15, family age, 83.

Collin Raye
- (ff) "One Boy, One Girl" They meet, get married, twins born.

Malvina Reynolds
- (ff) "Turn Around" Extremely compressed (2, 4, "young girl", grown up "with babes of your own" in two verses.

Darius Rucker
- (ff) "It Won't Be Like This For Long"

Joni Mitchell
- (ff) "The Circle Game" (young child, 10, 16, 20).

Relient K
- (ff) "Deathbed"

- (ff)
"We Will Rock You" - Young boy, young man, old man. It's easy to overlook if you're too busy rocking out to the refrain.
"Good Company" (ages infant, young man, old man).
"The Days of Our Lives" - Childhood to parenthood to old age...

Dolly Parton
- (ff) "Sugar Hill" - Child, teenager, married with children; all centered around Sugar Hill.

Dire Straits
- (ff) "Telegraph Road", describing a city from foundation to its decay. In reality the city is Detroit.

Martina McBride
- (ff song) "This One's For The Girls". (13, 25, 42).

Aesop Rock
- (ff song) "No Regrets". Age 7, 37, 87. At 7, she drew on the sidewalk in yellow chalk. At 37, she used charcoal sticks. At 87 "she traded in the charcoal sticks for Arthritis..."

Geoff Moore and the Distance
- (ff song) "Good To Be Alive". Age 8, 15, adult.

Reinhard Mey
- (ff) "Das Foto vor mir auf dem Tisch" His mother's life from childhood to old age.

Mary Chapin Carpenter
- (ff) "He Thinks He'll Keep Her" (ages 21, 29, 36).

- (ff) "The Unforgiven" An entire lifespan spent unhappily.

Steven Curtis Chapman
- (ff) "Cinderella" - The daughter in question never grew up in Real Life, having been hit by a car about a year after the song was released.

- (ff) The Death (Anorexia) "When I was a... (baby, small, a child, of age)" contrasts the optimism of Anorexia's youth with the gloomy, horrible "now I am...".

Beatles, The
- (ff) "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da".

Neil Young
- (ff) "Sugar Mountain"

- (ff) "Of Mice And Men" (Age 17, 21 and 25)

Peggy Lee
- (ff) "Is That All There Is?" Key moments with the same jaded world-weariness, even as a little kid.

Bob Seger
- (ff) "Like A Rock" 18 to 38 "Twenty years, where'd they go?" - Also "Night Moves" and "Against The Wind"

Browns, The
- (ff) "Three Bells" Baptism, wedding, funeral in the same church.

Pet Shop Boys, The
- (ff) "Being Boring" Flashback to 1920s, narrator's life in 1970s, and in 1990s.

Andrew Gold
- (ff) "Lonely Boy" 1951 as firstborn, sister's birth (1953), leaving home (1969), sister's marriage, nephew born.

Mudblood, the
- (ff) "A Pensieve full of unrequited love" Harry in Snape's story: first meeting with Lily, learning the Prophecy and begging for her life, and his death.
"The Prince's Tale" includes Snape and Lily.

Natasha Bedingfield
- (ff) "Love Like This" Children to high-school to mid-20s.

Janis Ian
- (ff) "Hair of Spun Gold" - "When I was..." going up by five each time.

Amanda Palmer
- (ff) (6, 9, 17, 25, 33).

Victoria Banks
- (ff song) "The Wheel".

Assemblage 23
- (ff song) "Old". About the fear of losing his memory and reminiscing about his younger years.

Chuck Berry
- (ff) "You Never Can Tell" AKA "C'est La Vie" - Teen wedding to "old folks" that now wish others well.

Christopher Tin
- (ff) Mado Kara Mieru (Through the Window I See). Changing seasons: child sings 1st verse (spring), young woman 2nd (summer), middle-aged woman 3rd (autumn), older men 4th (about winter). Song ends with the singing about return of spring.

Dream Theater
- (ff) "A Change of Seasons" Life changes bookended by "The Crimson Sunrise" and "The Crimson Sunset".

Carrie Underwood
- (ff) "All American Girl" (birth, high school years, marriage)

Creature Feature
- (ff) "Such Horrible Things" Enfant Terrible from birth to 18.

Nichole Nordeman
- (ff) "I Am" Childhood, 16, marriage, parenthood, hints at death and the afterlife.

Cal Smith
- (ff) Hello, Country Bumpkin.

Jackson Browne
- (ff) "Runnin' on Empty" '65 to '69.

Old 97's
- (ff) "You Were Born to Be in Battle" Father/son advice in the metaphorical spring, summer, fall, and winter of his life.

Bruce Springsteen
- (ff) "My Hometown" Age 8 with father, high school, 35 with son of his own.

Nancy Sinatra
- (ff) "Bang, Bang" 5 to teen to church bells to gone.

Rolf Harris
- (ff) "Two Little Boys" Boys playing soldiers grow up to men being soldiers.

- (ff) "As the Years Go By" 1970. Asks "Do you love me?" as years go by.

Weavers, The
- (ff) "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine" Farming couple from falling in love to old age.

Bob Dylan
- (ff) "Subterranean Homesick Blues" folk rap. Get born, keep on, short pants, romance, get dressed, get blessed, try to be a success, please her, please him, buy gifts, don't steal, don't lift, twenty years of schoolin' and they put you on the day shift.

Bunny Wailer
- (ff) "This Train" song lingers.

Ricardo Arjona
- (ff) "Vida" narrates birth, world cup on TV, smoking, lost virginity and STD among other things.

- (ff) "Wasted" 3 verses go through random people's deaths (a few minutes old, 16, 32). Then someone's life in three verses (7, 18, 32). Then from present to past to future (23, 18, 32).

Carbon Leaf
- (ff) "The War Was in Color" Wartime as teenager, to adult to old, as told to his grandson. Turns out it's all a hallucination, as the narrator is dying on the battlefield.

Delta Goodrem
- (ff) "In This Life" (15, 22, 25), "Innocent Eyes" (7, 15, 17), "Touch" (Loads of moments), and others.

Jethro Tull
- (ff) "Thick As A Brick" - Boy, authoritative parents, through puberty and disillusion, into respectable authority figure, contemplating military or pacifistic life.

Carrie Underwood
- (ff) "All-American Girl" - Birth, high school, marriage, and presumably motherhood.

Alan Jackson
- (ff) "Livin on Love" Couple simply enjoying each other from newlywed to elderhood.

Beach Boys, The
- (ff) "When I Grow Up (To be a Man)" 14-32.

- (ff) "Children's Work" childhood to adulthood.

- (ff) "This'll Be My Year" 1985, 1989, 1992, 1997, 2001, 2004, 2012.

Godfathers, The
- (ff) "Birth, School, Work, Death" pretty self explanatory.

Jeffrey Lewis
- (ff) 4, 6, 8, 12, 15, 16, 22, 27, 31, 40, 50, 63, 74, 87, 106 and 128.

time skip song
- (ff) Musical number during which years are shown to pass:

Lion King, The
- (ff) "Hakuna Matata" sees Simba grow up in the jungle with Timon and Pumbaa.

Prince of Egypt, The
- (male adult ff) "Through Heaven's Eyes" Moses learns Jewish religion, acclimates to Midianite society, and marries Tzipporah.

- (ff) 1997 "One Last Hope" training montage.

- (ff) "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" Anna at various ages asks Elsa to come out and play; Elsa always has to refuse. 5(Anna) 8 (Elsa) -> 11 & 14 -> 15 & 18. Takes an especially heartbreaking turn after the death of their parents, as Anna desperately needs someone to talk to, but Elsa, as always, shuts her out.

Monty Python's Life of Brian
- (ff) "Brian Song" - "Brian ... the babe they called Brian/ Well he greeeeew ... grew, grew and greeeeeew/ Grew up to beeeeee ... grew up to beeeeee.../ A boy called Brian..."

- (ff) Musical. "Goodnight and Thank You" Several years and Casting Couch experiences using and discarding men, till she meets Peron. "Rainbow Tour" compresses Eva's political visits to France, Italy and England. "The Art of the Possible" presents Peron's rise to power.

- (ff) Musical. Time-Compression Montages: "The Courtship" compresses months of Coalhouse showing up every Sunday to try to court Sarah. "Justice", "Coalhouse Demands", and "Fire in the City" legal and direct action.

Vanities, A New Musical
- (ff) "Friendship Isn't What It Used To Be" - "Three pretty girls in a schoolyard..." (17), "Three college girls at the movies.." (21), "Three women stuck at a crossroads..." (28).

Mary Hopkins
- (ff) "Those Were The Days" song - young woman, growing older, old and lonely.

Pacific Overtures
- (ff) "A Bowler Hat" Kayama is gradually growing older while adopting Western clothes and manners, and the makeup applied to him between verses confirms this impression.

Orson Welles Show, The
- (unused adult rejuvenation serum) "The Fountain of Youth", 1956 pilot, 9/16/1958 on NBC's Colgate Theatre. Nothing happened.

Sylvie and Bruno
- Lewis Carroll, 1889. The Outlandish Watch is a miniature Time Machine which can reverse the passage of time.

- (BE?) 1996. Kate Winslet nude scene... when the man sucked her nipple, her nipple reportedly got hard? You would need high def version to see though... As already mentioned this process and breast arousal swelling have never been filmed.

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