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This page contains media entries not yet added to any of the main category pages. Some may never be added. There have been complaints about too much "off topic" content here and elsewhere. That means content that is not AR or AP, but may be related, like flash forward or flashback or mental confusion.

short films
Max Ages
- (male adult CoA) Bobb Barito, 2013. Anti-coming of age tragicomedy of Max, a 21-year-old tech wiz "on the cusp of adulthood", who secretly builds a machine to make himself pseudo "grow up". When he fires it up, he is catapulted into a surreal universe of gibberish-speaking businessmen, briefcases, and a unanimous desire for coffee.

Twilight Investigation
- (rebirth?) 2010, Hong Kong, 20eps. The idea of making Linda a ghost is quite funny, but I still think the couple is weird. A gun can kill a ghost? I was wondering if Johnson and Raymond would guess the girl was Linda since she said she would become that woman's daughter. Funny how the kids suddenly turned into adults.

- (pseudo FF?) Julia Ellsworth Ford, 1914.
And then I painted Imagina, and as I painted her, she grew taller and older, like myself. At last she was almost grown up, and I seemed to know the grown up Imagina quite as well as my faery playmate...

Three kingdoms
- (maturity illusion sub-glimpse) Storm Jameson, 1926.
He did not fluster her ... and Dysart, looking at the funny little figure she made with her hat uncertainly on one side, thought that she grew taller and older. Her face...

Right Hand of Truth and Justice, The
- (AA "AP") Robert Ehi Odigie, 2014.
In quick succession, a baby bubbled to the surface ofthe elliptical or oval shape and transformed into adult in seconds. A perfect sparkling white light shined from the sky ... I watched twelve of them created...

- (subtle CoA metaphor) Vanessa Walters, 2015.
Short dance film concerning aging; childhood games, memories; the omnipotence of TIME - link

photo projects
My puberty
- (male FF) Photos taken over a length of 10 years by my mom. Kev17_photos's content.

- (uc) - toddler growth spurt jeans
- (tf) - dragon

Folk Literature of the Makka Indians
- (AA AP) Johannes Wilbert, Karin Simoneau, 1991.
When she felt herself growing taller, she tried once more to reach the tail, but still she could not. She stretched (or became bigger) again until finally she was quite large; she had grown up. She was a young woman already. She grabbed the ...

Wood End: A Novel
- (AA age illusion) "The Wood End: A Novel", J. E. Buckrose, 1906.
The road stretched ... there was time ! It seemed - perhaps it was the candle-light struggling with the day - that she grew taller and older as she moved about the little room...

Will & Grace
- (adults FFed to older, adult RN dream?) 2006 finale.
Could be classified as a time-flash or normalization rejuv? Reuniting after 20 years, the characters go to a bar, take shots, and return to their present appearance in the show's finale - Vid
link - (FARfan)

Waves, The
- (normal FF) "The Waves". Virginia Woolf novel follows a group of friends from childhood to middle age.

- (TF age form possibilities?) Michael Beck, 2011. 19 y.o. Aussie Jaime Race, the world's first shape-shifter, is on the run from the government scientists who created him. He was born a boy, and has only been able to shift into male forms since he was 12. At the beginning Jaime finds himself in the form of a girl, the first time he has been able to change genders - a female version of his "default" form. Jaime must assume several male and female identities in order to learn more about where he came from, while eluding pursuit. He also learns a little bit about his feminine side.

photo projects
child models
- (FF) Time-based themes and concepts would have been possible.
Pre-2000 child art models:
- "The Mark", Holland. A dozen or more preteen models.
- Pequena Ponacha, Mexico. Dozens of series of preteen models. Some art nudity.
- Rusty n Edie's BBS, founded 1987. Rusty and Edies in Chicago had several hundred child "model" series over about 10 years.
- Grandpa Trabs, private models available for personalized photo shoots.
- Shadows, another private modelling site with dozens of girls' portfolios.
In the 80's they did not charge a monthly fee, but many places charged a flat rate and you decided on the photo shoot. You chose a girl and then paid for her to pose in what you wanted her to wear. The only revolution in the 90's was charging a subscription rate for standard pictures anyone could have. Before that you got personalized photo shoots and everyone paid their way for what they wanted.

Different Seasons
- (FFed) 2015 CGI 3d short film. A woman visits the orphanage in which she grew up. When she was little girl she loved the piano ... - Vid link

Alice In Wonderland
- (adult AA size changes) c2014 Russian version. "Growth" scene @ 22:00, then 29:37 to 30:20 for mini-GTS to shrinking scene. No other growth or shrinking scenes unfortunately - Vid link - (Soviet Hybrid)

Marvel universe (themes & tropes)
- (AA age forms) Someone will have the terrible idea to leap through time, and next we see them they have turned into a teenager a la Hope Summers (2008) or Valeria Meghan Richards.
- Increased Size and Strength: Puff Adder. Used when Hope stopped the Serpent Society's bank robbery.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains
- (teen continuity error FF) 1982, Jonathan Demme. Due to the extended shooting schedule, Laura Dern (b.1967) was said to appear to "go through puberty" in about 2 seconds toward the end.

Smooth Talk
- (kinda looks like slight UC) 1985, Laura Dern. Playing a 15 y.o, she wore a shirt that from some angles almost looked like it might be "outgrown".

- (CoA) Caroldean K. Cummings, 2004. Elizabeth ... places her hands against her breast and pretends that they are growing, showing her growth into a woman.

War and Peace
- (FF) 1967 film was 6 years in the making. Ludmila Savelyeva (1942) had to depict Natasha Rostova "developing" from a "13 y.o. girl" into a "grown woman". "She grew up before my very eyes, growing in depth, wisdom and mystery."

short films
- (AA FF), Volume 156, 2000. I have this shelf full of videos from the time Emily was born 6 years ago. So I was thinking: why not take those tapes and turn them into a movie classic, where you can see her "grow up" before your eyes?

- (FF) 2004. The only Heather Blossom Brown video. A frightened young girl "grows" into a fearless vampire hunter after seeing her parents killed by a sadistic bloodsucker, being raised with her little brother by kindly church-goers, then watching as the same creature slaughters her beloved sibling.

Growing Attraction - Part Two, A
- (dedicated female AR) 4/5/2015.
Dreamtales comic.
It was primarily AR focused though there was aftermath of AP from Part One. A good length at 40+ pages, and takes the time to tell the story properly. It features AR from teen to infancy and even a mild amount of shrinking, and another AR sequence from adult to infancy. Both were detailed and took several pages to complete. You got to see plenty of the regressed characters at different ages for those who like AR to teen, or AR to child and not just AR to infancy.
The story was a typical Lauren and Betsy plot, a standard jealousy and rivalry story between siblings that even included the mother like in the Puberty Fairies. Also some humiliation and oversized clothing. In fact I would say it is my favorite Lauren and Betsy comic.
- Purchase link - (Klatuk4u)

Jacqueline Ess: Her Will And Testament
- (some adult TF ability?) In pre-production. Based on story in Barker's "Books of Blood".
Woman discovers she can change a person's physical shape using only her mind. Jacqueline becomes a prostitute with the power to give men the ultimate sexual experience, albeit one that always proves fatal. She has to be watched while sleeping in case she unconsciously mutilates her own body. The man obsessed with her eventually makes love, and they willingly die by Jacqueline's powers.

Shadowlord (website)
- (genre TF scenes) c2010- link - (DivXeur Corp.)

- (TF AP) Anime "Gorgeous Submaton Color". A 12 or 13 y.o. into a sexy adult before she ARs back to infancy. Really detailed and pretty cool.

Trials of Alice in Wonderland, The
- (size AA TFed) Eric Rockwell musical, c2011? Music by Eric Rockwell, lyrics by Joanne Bogart, book by William J. Brooke. Alice grows very tall, then very small. Big Alice meets small Alice... - link

short stories
T.F. Wright
- (dedicated adult age alteration & control stories)
Short stories on the website
- Erotic Special Interest Stories with a specific kink, fetish, or conceptual idea. Some are quite dark, so be warned! (Life Control, Downgrade, Aging)
Relationship Realignment
- (WG, OA, rejuv) - When William has to leave for work, Maggie decides to make some changes.
The Mother of Invention
- (rejuv) - A mysterious museum helps re-orient a young woman.
Birthday Wishes
- (AR, AA age-up) - A mother and her daughter have a special birthday.
- (OA, WG) - A new "energy drink" has some surprising effects.
Midlife Crisis
- (OA, WG) - Time can pass faster than you expect...
Old Time Religion
- (OA, WG) Chapter Two - A young woman shows her boyfriend her elderly guise.
The Dilemma - Conclusion
- (OA, WG) - The conclusion to a series written by a friend. Similar to "Old Time Religion, can be read alone.
Submarine Shift
- (OA, WG) - A female band's tribute to a classic music film.
Olympia Academy (Multiple), Part Two
- (OA, WG) - A school for girls that teaches them various types of disguises. A novella.
Killing Time
- (OA, WG) - An assassin is contracted to take out a Senator running for President. What happens next changes everything. A novella.
Joining the Club
- (male OA, WG) - A young man wants to join an exclusive club, but he's not exactly membership material...
The Sacrifice
- (male OA) - A man learns a secret about his best friend, and why he always stays young.
Quantum Flux
- (TG, OA, race, WG) - A sound studio artist wakes up to find his life has changed radically.
Mockingbird's Song
- (shapeshifter) - A mysterious woman waits by the side of the road...
Wilma's Chocolate Factory
- (OA) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 - An older story parodying a famous story about a chocolate factory.
Demi Denatured
- (OA, WG) - A famous actress experiences some changes during a date.

Penguins of Madagascar
- (possible animal AR) To get revenge, octopus builds ray gun that will turn anything zapped into something ugly. Private must reverse it with his cuteness. The Octopus is also zapped. First we think he grew to gigantic size but he really shrunk and now fits in a snowglobe (collected from every zoo he lived in). A baby will have one big tooth as a universal symbol...he had it.
- link - link - (Tazz)

fan characters
unknown vampire novel?
- (TF age forms?) Chanelley, c2011. My 'born' vampires with two vampire parents can age at will or reverse the aging process back to age 15. Their mindset goes back to that of a hormonal 15 y.o.. It's why most vampires in my novel choose to just freeze their age. Created vampires are stuck at whatever age and looks they had when they were turned. -

- (past self) Ep2527, 1995, Susan's Dream. Susan has a dream of seeing her younger self visiting her mother's grave - Vid link

Avengers: Age of Ultron
- (flashback) 2015. Scarlet Witch places mind spells, and they all see their darkest side. We see Widow's past as part of a Russian super spy program. She relives being a teen in the program being trained to be a killer assassin - (Tazz)

- (adult disguised as younger adult) 2015 TVLand show. 43 y.o. divorcee tries to reenter the workforce only to be shot down because she's old. She needs to pass as younger. So new hair, new makeup, and a new wardrobe later she sets out claiming to be 26. Of course this leads to some hip job for her. Basically, she has to sell being a 20 something. But then she still has her 'other' life as a 40 y.o. too. You have to see it to believe the premise that a 43-year-old woman can look 26, but they did it well. In the locker room, she gets caught with a "Mom bush", as "All women under thirty like to look like they are twelve down there". And dating a 26-year-old under the same illusion must be a total lapse of reason on her part - (Louder, Piper)

South Park
- (kinda like mental "AP") Kyle's 4 y.o. brother Ike has hit puberty. He has a teenage voice, attitude and a mustache.... but still likes kiddy things like "Yo Gabba Gabba". The reason isn't because Canadians mature differently (a theory throughout the episode) but because there was a mixup with his constipation medication. Instead he got hormone pills which caused the premature puberty (Patriots QB Tom Brady got Ike's pills and during a game crapped himself). At the end Kyle convinces Ike to stop taking the pills. We later see Ike as a normal 4 y.o. happily watching "Dora the Explorer" - (Tazz)

Lorien series
- (age change ability) info - info - "While standing in front of me, Ella begins to change. Her arms shorten and her shoulders narrow; she loses twenty centimeters of height, and her weight drops significantly. The shrinking of her face shocks me the most, and quickly she looks like the tiny girl I've come to love" (Marina, The Power of Six).

La Roue
- (FF) The Wheel", 1923 French silent film, Abel Gance.
Railroad engineer Sisif rescues a small orphan. He raises the little girl as his own, along with his son Elie. In time, Norma becomes a lively and playful young woman. Sisif, to his horror, finds himself falling in love with his adopted daughter. Hersan threatens Sisif with blackmail if he does not consent to give Norma to him in marriage. Elie, by now a handsome violin maker, is also in love with Norma. He falls to his death in the duel. Sisif blames Norma and drives her away. She lives undetected in his shack for a time. Sisif grows old, cared for by Norma. After sending her to join a local festivity, Sisif watches not with his eyes but with his mind, and dies.

Project Almanac
- (male FF cycle) 2014. He is going to destroy the time machine. While his future self - teenage David - disappears, young David from the birthday grows up into teenage David, and the same research project begins again. He has actually been stuck in a loop.

Avengers series
- (possibility of AR/AP?) Marvel, c2016+. They are focusing on the 6 Infinity Stones (gems of godlike power) for the 3rd and 4th Avengers films (split into 2 parts) Infinity War. We haven't seen the Time Stone, which can control time and even ages (twice in the current Avengers cartoon). We don't know when it will come into play but it should - (Tazz)

short stories
Richard A. Lupoff
- (male adult time loop) "12:01", 1973. An executive relives the same hour of the same day over and over.
- "12:01 PM" 1990 short film, "12:01" 1993 Tv movie reliving the same day.
- Sequels: "12:02 P.M.", 2011. "12:03 P.M.", 2012.

- (FF) Julianna Rose Mauriello was 13 when she took the role of 8-year-old Stephanie, and relatively believable as that age. She was 15 when the second season was shot, and is clearly a young woman rather than a little girl in those episodes (she doesn't even appear to have bound breasts consistently), yet no narrative time appears to have passed, and she is shown in the same grade school class as her young puppet friends. Many fans are emotionally attached to Julianna and hope that the show continues to use this trope, going so far as to suggest that she's already basically physically adult, and not going to get much less childlike. She was a month from 17 when the first season of LazyTown Extra was shot.

short films
Kids Oscars
- (kinda looks like AA "ARed")
Kids re-enact the 2014 Oscar Best picture nominees - Video link - (Thomas)

Life is Strange
- (slight FB/FF loops) Square Enix, Telltale Games model, Dontnod time manipulation, episodic game.
New chapter builds and evolves based on choices made in previous episodes. Max Caulfield discovers she has the power to rewind time.

- (reverse life contemplation) Coined term, The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, c2014. The desire to see memories in advance.
The video plays out like living life in reverse. The author journeys back through the years, meaning the "regression" is as realistic as it gets - Video link - (KARth)

Age Project, The
- (AA photos of different people) The Age Project, c2013? An ongoing photographic collection exploring perception and reality along with human dissatisfaction. I ask random strangers to write something and photograph them holding it. They write whatever they want relating to their age.

Olympic Trials Part Two
- (dedicated AP/AR comic) 5/30/14.
Marilyn cheats and wins. However, the girls take revenge and get her growth formula. After teasing her, they drop the antidote so that Marilyn is stuck as a little girl. Marilyn won the competition at the cost of her adulthood, and her victims are in charge now.
A little bit more consequences what it means for her being a girl now, although it is her own fault. Marilyn didn't regress into a toddler. She barely won the competition as a girl, so she could at least beg or bargain to get the antidote back. Also having her second childhood now means, that she couldn't really hope to get the top ranks at the Olympics. This would be a chance for the girls to force her to participate in the competition, for the satisfaction to see that she is foredoomed to fail. These were good missed chances to humiliate Marilyn. Another little Pyrrhic victory is that Marilyn finally got Frank, but just because Frank is stupid like a brick and drank some of Marilyn's youth potion.
The drawing is excellent, as are the poses and face expressions. It is one of the best age regression comics I've read for a long time - (Captain Ash)

Bobby's Girl
- (CoA themes) Ralph Bakshi, John Kricfalusi. Unfinished animated parody of 80's teen films. Tri-Star canceled it. Art can be seen in Unfiltered: The Complete Ralph Bakshi.

Second Chance
- (male AR) French title: Une decouverte dangereuse - (Vended)

short stories
- (dedicated AR) 2015, in French. A complete AR story on Amazon (and a little TG part). The story is about a man who is regressed by his jealous wife.
Part 1 link - Part 2 link - info link

music videos
Kumi Koda
- (adult AA) "Superstar", 2010. Kuu can change her jacket color at will. She can also "age" and steal people's glasses while they're asleep?

- (AA) 2014. Scarlett Johansson gains the power to grow her hair and turn back time.

Mystique (spin-off movie?)
- (small possibility of age disguise?) Info link

Shari Ruzzi
- (AA CoA metaphor) Photography, c2014, info link.
Rain Of Rose Quartz - In my Second Bachelor collection I was involved with the psychological world of a girl in puberty "transforming" into a young woman. She is losing childhood-innocence and therefore experiences a deep crisis, but with a certain sense of humor. My work was influenced by the French film "Naissance de Pieuvres", the erotic drawings of Egon Schiele, Rebecca Bird, Marlene Dumas and Tracey Emin and also my first experiences during childhood/puberty.
Topics: menstruation, masturbation, pregnancy. The girl has a slender preadolescence body, waifish and vulnerable. She incarnates the broken but strong child in all of us. I studied traditional women's wear. Based on the extreme transformations of the teenager's body during puberty, the silhouettes have lots of volume and exaggerate certain body-proportions.

Flash, The
- (adult rejuv?) 10/2014. Judge Malcom Foster?

Whispers, The
- (possible mind transfer?) "The Whispers", 2014.
Aliens have invaded Earth by using our most unlikely resource to achieve world domination: our children. As the kids unwittingly help unseen enemies, the clock counts down to save humanity.

- (TFed "AP") Remembering Nayeche and the Gray Bull Engiro: African Storytellers of the Karamoja Plateau and the Plains of Turkana (Anthropological Horizons), Mustafa Kemal Mirzeler, 2014, Literary Criticism.
The woman's older children kept telling their mother how she transformed herself into an adult when the woman left her home to go to the gardens.

- (FFed to OA, time loop) 2014. Due to time flowing slower near the black hole his daughter had become elderly upon his return but he created their past through the singularity.

American Dragon Jake Long
- (ages changed) "Young at Heart" Monster, Jake, Spud, Trixie and Grampa Age Progression (Revert) - - (Dragoniade)

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