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...then my body grew, and my body matured, as did i. when my body stopped growing, i was maybe 10 years old. this was normal for me. i would pause for a while, then i would change again. i sat up and said, "goodness. dad? dad!" my hair was much longer. down to my waist...
...she will remain 12 for many years, then she will become 16. tonight you will change to the age you should be." then i sighed, "dad, i'm hungry"...
"Wait! What, I don't want to grow up. I am perfectly fine being 3 years older than her. Please don't do this."
...i smiled and said, "i love my hair but it's very thick, hot and heavy." i turned and said, get some scissors, a mirror and a brush. i sat down, i brushed my hair and started cutting my hair, it was jaw length and choppy, layered i would say...
...i smiled and said, "daddy? i think i need a new dress" i looked down, the dress was tight and above my knees. the sleeves were torn.
"Um, yeah." He took off his shirt and gave it. He was tall so it would be like a dress for now and not quite so tight, just until he could get a new one.

The storyline sounds like Maximum ride: Angel experiment.
It was about children kept in a lab, when the little girl started to grow breasts the other children thought she was going to die.
They escaped somehow and floated away. I'm pretty sure the cover said 'Wings' in big blue letters - (Naomi Andrews)

Possible ideas for humanoid SCP's
MrCobalt, 2012 - A human male SCP that mentally is a 6- or 8-year old kid, but is able to change his physical age at will to whatever is most expedient at the moment. He's the kind of kid that would turn into an adult to get into R-rated movies and other "big boy" things, but would change into a kid to avoid responsibilities and accountability for his actions or the need to get a job and stuff.

A "boy" called Ager: he can alter his own physical age at will and can alter others' via physical contact; he's been around for a long time - no one's quite sure how long - and often has motives of his own. He may or may not be connected to or a member of the HFC.

- (CoA) Sara J. Yoder, 1995.
A story of a little girl who loves animals and wishes she could grow up. Becky loves to read and she loves farm animals. But how she wishes she were grown-up.

What Is Lost Three - You only know Lies
we can get you looking like yourself again." she smiled at her.
A warm feeling surged through Alexandria's body. She felt a pain in her stomach and after a seemingly long amount of time she looked up, still scared. This time her clothes had ripped, a white button up and black skirt.
Alexandria had breasts and an older body. Her mind still in shock. She was ungagged and untied. Just the hand binds remained.
In order to protect you six years ago, she had to cut your and Charlie's aging process. But that time is over.
Shocked, Alexandria began to weep. Hugging her knees, she felt the socks rip at her long legs and fatter calves. She was uncomfortable but she didn't care.
"I have some spare clothing for you, wait here." still scared she continued crying.
Mangled black hair was now untied from the ripped ribbon. Lyra returned with womens' clothes.

When a 24 year old looks over 30...?
I'm only 24 but people say my body looks 30 plus. They saw a pic of my body (without the face) in the internet and they say the body looks over 30. Since last May I noticed I began to lose the elastic of my skin and my arms and legs got flabby. Before last May- I had firm young skin and a firm body. Is it healthy to look over 30 (when you're only 24) or does this mean I'm aging prematurely?
Last May I prayed to be older and immediately after the prayer- when I looked in the mirror- I looked older and that's when I began to lose the elastic of my skin. Horrible!
Before the miracle last May- people thought I was 15-16. Now people think I'm in my 30's! In ten years- I don't want to look 40 when I'm only supposed to be 34! What do you think of this entire situation?

Princess Alice:
I'm feeling a bit down...
...because I have the lamest Special Princess Power. :(
All I can do is...change my physical age at will. What practical use could that possibly have?
[stereotypical high-school student thinking] you can use it to get drunk.
Also, total immunity to the specter of death by old age.
But also, discounts! Helping your friends get into R-rated movies! Lying about your age and technically being true always and forever!
you can turn into a skeleton at will.
But can she turn out of a skeleton as well?

fan characters
Diane Valencia
- (age ability) The Jaclean empire, 2015.
Diane Valencia continued checking her Facebook page through her cellphone.
Project Salvation... Floating in a liquid-filled flask ... as a modified non-pathogenic virus ran through her body, distributing the "Salvation" gene.
Since then she was the first to get the "Age Manipulation" gene. She can manipulate her biological age at will. Technically she's 15, but for this mission she can age to 32.
"Ma'am, seems like your daughter gotta be in a mission right now." Lt. Col. Kazynski said.
"Yes sir." said Diane, afterwards saluting.

Madison looked radically different. She looked nearly six feet tall, her blonde hair was long and silky and flowed down her back. By using her age changing ability she had torn her clothes, leaving only a few scraps hanging on her wrists, neck and ankles. Other than that she was naked. Her body curved in all the right places, a tiny stomach but wide hips. A tight backside that would give J-lo a run for her money. Brandon noticed her lips had a natural pout. Her genitalia had a tiny covering of hair, and most noticeable, her breasts were like a couple of balloons on her chest. A DD at least.
She had turned into a goddess. Brandon felt himself growing hard in his midsection as he stared at his sister.
"Madison, what happened?" But Brandon didn't need telling, already his scientific mind was formulating a theory. She had discovered her inborn age changing ability. Obviously it worked well.
She giggled in a seductive way and looked down at his trousers.
"Ooohh. Brandon, what's that?" Before he could answer, she grabbed his trousers and pulled them open, pulling them off of his legs and tossing the clothing across the room. She stared at his six-inch, hard cock with wide, excited eyes and an open mouth. Brandon tried to hide his swollen cock, but Madison pulled his smaller arms away.
"Madison, what are you doing?" He demanded. Madison smiled at him and dropped to her knees.
"I wanna try it." Before he could stop her Madison opened her mouth and engulfed his entire length.
A muffled gasp escaped Brandon's lips as this new sensation raced through him. He felt his dick expand madly as Madison swirled it inside of her mouth. Her long tongue wrapped completely around his now rock hard cock.
Brandon no longer cared that this was his sister, nor did the fact she was under the influence of her strange ability enter his mind; he just wanted her to continue.

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