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short films
Brothers Barbarian, The
- (male young adults age?) 2011 webseries.
An evil witch cast an aging spell on 2 barbarian warriors, the older teen brothers Art and Russ - link

flash forward (theme)
- South Korean historical drama series:
Iljimae, 2008 (male).
Moon Embracing the Sun, 2012.
- (Izingot)

Sand and Gravel
- (adult age ) Clara Stites, 2013. She washed her thin body, turning and soothing it, shocked by her sudden aging, by her shriveled breasts...

Kevin & Kell
- Age Crisis. How can Dolly conceal her sudden aging?

Little Big Girls
- (lo-qual aa ff) at 03:30. Choquette, 2014. "Girls in women's bodies" with a disconnect between their physical and emotional maturity.

fan characters
Cobalt Hill
- (age changer) 2011.
Julie Demeter Leon - AKA Sho.
Age: unknown and variable, but Julie prefers to look around 20.
H: 5'11", W: 145lbs, Nomadic, French/American.
Flighty, ethereal, a little absent minded and a dreamy focus, her many years have made Julie a bit of a cynic. She has a slight memory problem when it comes to using her abilities too much.
While she currently looks 20, Julie possesses vestiges of being a lot older. While her hair maintains a full thickness of youthful locks, it is old lady silver in color. Her eyes are a warm gray that show wisdom beyond her physical years.
Ability One: Age Manipulation: via transference. Julie has the power to make living creatures younger or older. This must be done via touch and in the case of humans and mutants, usually requires consent. If the person is not willing, it simply won't work, but on occasion she can catch a person unawares, though it is extremely interruptible in either way. The power needs a good deal of concentration in order to meet the successful and desired result. Julie cannot selectively age a single body part, it is all or nothing.
Younger: Julie takes away what a person has already lived, meaning that she doesn't leech off one's youth, but rather takes the time already spent away from them, effectively making the target younger. Memories are not removed and the process does not affect the mind in any way, though prolonged exposure may start to affect one's behavior. The de-aging is technically not permanent, as the target will return to their rightful age in due time, it all depends on how far back Julie took them.
Older: Julie can transfer the time collected from others over to someone else, and physically age the person. This ability actively requires some years to be collected first otherwise Julie would be giving up her own years.
Julie is fully capable of giving up her own years to age someone both physical and stored. When Julie collects the years from a person, they can either be added onto her physical form and age or to increase her lifespan.
She can effectively use stored time to age an injury to the point of it healing away.
Ability Three: Youthful Longevity: Julie has stopped aging naturally. Her default is twenty-five. Meaning if she were to make herself younger her body would start to age, but come to a stop once she reached that number. To appear older she would need a donation. Today her physical appearance is usually based off of how she uses the years leeched or given to her from another.
Julie's powers are often unpredictable; the speed at which she takes and gives years is inconsistent with each person. They require her full concentration or will either not work in the desired manner or not at all.
She cannot use her own cache to effect her physical age, she needs to actively alter her age when "feeding" off a victim.
There is only so much her brain can hold at once. Any memories older than 75 years get replaced.
She's been adopted many times when she felt like she wanted to be a kid again; Julie has been through so much she's forgotten her original birth family. As for her current round, she was adopted as a three year old and grew to love her new family, once she turned thirteen again, Julie slowly let her powers appear as though only just discovering them. Deliberately making it seem like she possessed florakinesis by growing and ungrowing plants.
Excels at knitting and if she had more friends would make sweaters and the like for them. Talented at acting as she's had many years to practice. Her problems with healing have left Julie a bit of a germophobe. Writes in a journal every night and has several age old past ones hidden in various locations all over the world.

short films
Little Geezer
- (children acting like adults) 1932, 15 mins.
Parody of gangland thrillers with children playing the parts of gangsters, opens with a heist.

short films
1986, 2008, UK, 10 mins. Originally shot as a home movie by Garth Jennings, released on the DVD of Son of Rambow (2007).

- (avian & plant "APed")
- A baby eagle became a grown eagle within seconds. We see a nest and a baby eagle somehow falls out ... right before it hit the ground it shot up. Instead of being a baby it was a full sized eagle. Minutes later the eagle goes back to the nest ... look back up and its a baby eagle again. We told our family but no one believes us.
- There are lots of weird things that happen around the creek. Plants grow way too fast, even for being around water. We planted a tree at the church gazebo on a Saturday, and the Sunday after it was full grown. Animals and weeds grow unnaturally fast, too - link - link

Bikini Contest, The
- (dedicated AR Comic)
A bikini contest with some pretty buxom and beautiful women. Our beautiful contestants decide to hit on Lauren's boyfriend, and we get a 3 step regression on the first girl, who discovers she's shorter than her friends. They don't realize something is wrong and run away screaming. The rest of the girls all hit on Bobby at the same time. We get another 3-4 panel regression. The girls start fighting when they've all turned into 8 year olds. Eventually, they figure out they look like little kids now and Lauren shoos them off. They go BACK TO THE CONTEST because as one of them put it, "I don't want to lose". The crowd notices Lauren and they convince her to go up on stage. She of course teases our age regressed contestants and they try and strike sexy poses. Eventually it ends with a dog ripping off the bottom bikini of the originally sexier contestant and running away with it.
I ended up shaking my head and laughing at the pure absurdity of the situation. One girl regresses before the others, and the others comment on how small she is. When they're hitting on Lauren's main squeeze, they comment on how tall he is and in each panel they comment on how he seems to be getting taller. Eventually they fight without having clued in to the fact that they're small.
Some decent regression in 3 and 4 steps/panels. The art was great this time around and it seems they've stepped up their game slightly, though I found Lauren's bikini kind of hideous. I find myself hating Lauren more and more with each comic ... if only Betsy finally get's some damn revenge - (ArArchive sources)

- (AR) S.Korean MMORPG.
It is possible to regress a character back into a baby/toddler if you drink from a rare baby bottle-shaped item called a "Tin Potion."
The team event "Loraine's Nightmare" has the chance to yield tin potions.
"Manus Potion" event: you cast a fishing rod in a body of water and wait until you inevitably receive the potion after 15 to 30 minutes.
- (Reina Watt, Uverplanet)

The Little Girl Who Fought the Great Depression: Shirley Temple and 1930s America
- (CoA) John F. Kasson, 2014.
"The Girl Who Came Back", "Young People" movie ideas.
Suddenly, he saw how to turn the problem into the ultimate Shirley Temple picture: instead of concealing her growing body and stuffing her into little girl's clothes, he could dramatize her transformation from tot to incipient teenager...

Only On 2 (news report)
- (CoA, BE'd) 2015. Girl, 11, Battles Insurance Company.
"It's like they grew overnight. If I was to measure we're talking about maybe her bra went from a 32 to a size 38 ... and she kept growing and growing and growing ... literally buy these bras every week ... a size 50F by the time she was 10 ... That's bigger than a triple-D."

Yi Ye Zhang Da
- "To Grow Up in One Night", "Fish Leong" Mandarin album, 1999.

Mercy Thompson (character)
- Shapeshifter in "Frost Burned", Patricia Briggs.

- (CoA FF) 1995, FWU, KUK, Arbeitsvideo, 5 short films, 14 min. Live action/graphics of bodily development.

Charles Paul Renouard
- (AA ffed) "La transformation d'une fille en femme du monde en quatre etapes" 4 panels, charcoal, 1882.

untitled AR-Themed indie video game project
- (POV ARed aftermath) In progress in 2015.
It isn't raunchy fetish fuel. That is out of the realm of possibility. This is a legitimate commercial project, made on a shoestring budget, targeted at a wide audience. You play a(n) male (or female) 18 y.o. who has just graduated from High School and is visiting Japan as a graduation present. A freak accident occurs and a laboratory working on an experimental temporal device suffers a burst of strange energy. The wave, as it comes to be known, caused everyone caught in the radius to become younger. The degree of effect varied based on the distance. The physical regression was easy to diagnose, the mental regression effect varied wildly, people could be younger but mentally sound, others could be completely reverted, sometimes the mental regression was delayed, sometimes immediate, sometimes it only targeted skill-sets. In the protagonist's case it was their language center and recognition skills.
The world is panicked over this event and the WHO issued a ban on affected people leaving Japan. It is potentially communicable. The drop off effect was fairly severe, but the entire country was "infected". People only a few blocks away only noticed a few months, weeks, and in some cases days being shaved off. This leaves our protagonist, who is just about to turn five... Again... With no where to go.
The Japanese government has placed the child with a foster family. Thus our protagonist finds him(or her)self starting all over. The main problem is lack of vocabulary, limited to pre-schooler level, and their Japanese is virtually non-existent.
The host family will be teaching the child about Japanese culture, as they would a child. They have hired a tutor to prepare the first challenge. Making it through Kindergarten... Again.
Basically it is a graphic novel style Japanese language teaching game. The majority of the gameplay involves learning romanji and kanji. It also touches on Japanese culture and events in the lives of Japanese children and teaching things like proper etiquette and the correct way to ask for things politely.
Future installments may include 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, and the like.
I have worked with a wonderful Japanese woman who was a teacher for years in Japan to develop the language lessons.
The closest infancy or diapers comes up is an NPC saying along the lines of: "Go sai kara hajimeru nowa iya darou kedo omutsu yori ii." - "It is better to be five than to start from diapers isn't it?"
The gameplay consists of "days" and follows a pretty straight forward formula. The game begins 3 months before school begins. The character meets the family and a tutor via dialogue and visual introductions. Each "Day" consists of a series of activities called sequences and the game progresses through a series of phases.
Preschool Tutoring:
Morning Meal/Interaction sequence, Tutoring Lecture, Lunch/Snack Time (Mini-games, proper politeness, remember to say "Itedakimas!" before eating!), Daily Quiz, Play time (De-stressing games. As the character gets older more activities will open up. This has to be balanced with study time/homework time), Evening Meal/Interaction sequence, Bedtime sequence.
Yes. It is a visual novel style game. Lots of still images, text boxes, and menus. 2 other students are in a similar situation to the PC who were also affected by the wave.
- (Ferver)

Peter, l'enfant qui voulait grandir
- (male age wish) Theatre Pixel, Paris. 7 y.o. wishes to no longer be a child. He blows out the candles and everything changes: his little sister is kidnapped. Can he become a boy again through the power of dreams and imagination?

Duela Dent (character)
- (teen forms) Age: 15 (Actual age debatable as she can "seemingly" "alter age" into her late teens due to exposure to the multiverse void.
"The Harlequin", was a '70s Teen Titans character. As her age never made sense with the timeline (otherwise she would have been a small child instead of a teenager), Marv Wolfman had her origin revealed as a lie in New Teen Titans, while George Perez drew Duela to suddenly look as if she were in her thirties or forties to emphasize that she had to be too old to be Two-Face's daughter. An older Duela was also seen as an asylum patient in Team Titans, although later artists and writers aged her back down.

UFO Princess Walkure
- (AR, rejuv) "Mehm Night Flight", 2003.
Teens into kids and a baby, older adult to young adult, shoujo to adult - Vid link - (Thomas)

- (adult increased beauty)
Nice job with the make up. She did look like two different people, and became quite attractive. We don't get to see her reaction to being transformed, or even her discovery of the change, which was disappointing - (Albedo)

- (size-up) Volumes 3-4, Poetry and Fiction Collectives, Florida. Fine Arts Council, 1980.
... mice became one powerful spirit digested whole they went shiny and looking like water sliding through the house years the snakes slithered and Tarsa became white haired and smaller as I grew larger her dress fell apart more and more...

Black Eyed Children
- (preteen anomaly) book: The Black Eyed Children - David Weatherly.
Residing on the fringes of the paranormal, are these black eyed kids a diabolical threat or the stuff of urban legend?
"Just let us in, this won't take long."
Strange children are appearing around the world. Attired in old fashioned clothing, their skin is pale and their mannerisms awkward. Their most startling trait however, is their solid black eyes. They are knocking on doors and rapping on windows. Their voices are monotone and demanding and they have one simple request: They want to come in.

- (CoA) Nicola Morgan, 2004.
No, she was growing, her legs lengthening and her long scrawny arms stretching through the sleeves like willow branches. Squinting into her broken piece of looking glass, she looked at herself as though at a stranger...

Waking Life
- (FF) 2001 rotoscope animated movie.
A boy has a dream that he can float, but unless he holds on, he will drift away into the sky. Even when he is grown up, this idea recurs.

- (FFed) 2006. After witnessing her mother's murder, Sarah grows into adulthood a damaged woman. With a unique appreciation for the supernatural world, Sarah often finds herself possessed by spirits.

Children of Amarid
- (ungranted age wish) David B. Coe, 1997.
Taking the feather in her hand, she closed her eyes..."I wish I was older," she said aloud. She was seven now...but she wanted to be fourteen...The idea of leaving the town on her own...seemed exotic and exciting.

Golden Christmas, A
- (FFed) 2009, Ion. 9 y.o. girl and boy romance in the woods. 33 years later the woman returns as a high powered lawyer who wants to acquire her parent's house from a 42 y.o. man by ruining his finances. Then she learns that he's the boy from in the woods.

- (no content) Bernard Kops, 1975. He had totally forgotten about the pill that had changed the world, the pill that had changed the morality of mankind, the pill that turned children into adults overnight: 'The precious pill that prevents. ...

nudist colony, The
- (anomaly) Sarah May, 1999.
Future dystopia where a terrible skin disease runs riot. Those that attacked children were the most vicious, capable of changing children as young as four into adults overnight. But these were the exceptionally intelligent diseases, and the most malignant were the non-fatal...

Wizard of Oz, The
- (age disguise) 1939 fantasy musical. Judy Garland was 14 in this, but they attempted with limited success to tape her growing breasts flat.

Li Ching-Yuen
- (male adult age) Li Ching-Yun, Li Qingyun (1677/1736 - 5/6/1933).
Chinese herbalist and martial artist, alleged lifespans of 197 or 256 years. Imperial Chinese records from 1827 congratulated Li Ching-Yuen on his 150th birthday, and later on his 200th birthday in 1877. Old men in Li's neighborhood asserted their grandfathers knew him when they were boys as a grown man. He began learning of longevity methods at age 10, surviving on herbs and rice wine. In 1749 at age 71 he joined the army as a teacher martial arts.
At 130 years Master Li encountered an older hermit, over 500 years old, who taught him Baguazhang and Qigong with breathing instructions, movements training coordinated with specific sounds, and dietary recommendations.
"I performed the exercises every day - regularly, correctly, and with sincerity - for 120 years."
"I have done all I have to do in this world. I will now go home." Li had supposedly produced over 200 descendants, surviving 23 wives. Chinese General Yang Sen wrote "A Factual Account of the 250 Year-Old Good-Luck Man": "He has good eyesight and a brisk stride; Li stands seven feet tall, has very long fingernails, and a ruddy complexion."
Some theories say that there may be "transfer" of parent-child roles, son, grandson, thus explaining their longevity.
Many cultures, particularly in India, Tibet and China, tell of remarkable longevity achieved by spiritual (yogic and taoist) adepts.
See: Yogananda's "Autobiography of a Yogi" with Immortal sage, Babaji and Peter Kelder's "The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth".

Marjolein Annegarn
- (FF 10 to 18) 2011, "pre-pubers", 21 portraits about the slow change from preteen to young adult.

Powerpuff Girls Z
- (Miss Bellum AP) in EP51 of PPGZ. It's only in the Japanese version since the American dub was more safe in terms of censoring.
- @11:26 link - (Meticulan23)

growth spurts
- 2013. Baby T swears that on the morning of her ninth birthday, she felt herself grow taller. Gabi remembers the day she finally had breasts to speak of, when she got out of the shower and realized she had to dry underneath them...

Rabbit Bones: Redemption Book 2
- (age forms) A.L. Tyler, 2014, fantasy. They were her grandmother, but at different times in her life. Ethel was able to change her age at will.

Pink Panther
- (AA size) 1994? When a little girl AA-sizes to gigantic, Pink must do the same to go after her - (Allan)

favorite superhero AR stories (fan question)
- Justice League Unlimited - "Kid Stuff".
I think it goes beyond the usual AR episode found in cartoons and really explores the regressed characters. Batman and Wonder Woman's interactions are also adorable.
- Nanny's Love - In this dedicated depiction a whole bunch of female DC superheroes were captured by some mothering supervillian and turned into toddlers - link - (Alessi)

- (adult F2F TF) - posts - posts
- (male adult) - mental
- (aged) - princesses - (Jb2iswright, Agingwomen)
- (AA age forms?) - Upcoming Dai Ranger movie? - (Akira)
- (mind swap) - Saturday morning cartoon - (JayTee)
- (info?) - claudia - (unknown) - game
- (adult F2F TF) 3d comics from Metromay Comix - 205 - 206 - 207 - Halloween - (Albedo)
- (dedicated) - Flango's AP Art

Miraculous Ladybug
- (boy girl ap?) - oc - (Akira)

- (adult FFed) Misty May Treanor (beach volleyball) is not a hottie, but.... wow, she has hit the beginnings of middle age with a vengeance. I wish the photos were better, but maybe we can have some photo story fun anyhow? - older - (Thetreerollins)

31 AI Dream
- (ARed) by Arina Tanemura. The age change is less front and center and not as extreme. The protagonist goes only from 31 to 15 - link - (Shmendrick)

short films
Real Sims parody, The
- (AA) Newborn baby into toddler, S1E1 video link - (Thomas)

Naruto Shippuden
- (age form?) Ep422, 2 part flashback ep. Naruto returns home and teaches new ninja skills. Konohamaru uses his "sexy technique". Udon, assumes the form of a dominatrix in a corset and thong in thigh high boots and brandishing a whip - (Morphan)

- (CoA) 14 y.o. Dutch girl Laura Dekker decided to become the youngest person ever to sail around the world alone. Most footage was filmed by Laura herself in a journey of self-discovery. We "literally" see her "grow" before our eyes, physically and emotionally, as she comes to terms with her place in life and identity.

Outer Limits
- (adult rejuv) S2E17, "Paradise".
The rejuvenated women were pretty, particularly the first one. Sadly, we only see the transformation of one onscreen - Vid link
- (adult rejuv) S4E18 "Balance of Nature" - Vid link - (Kreaf)

Mortal Kombat X
- (male adult stasis) 2015. Bad guy Erron Black is from the time of the old West due to slow aging - (Jeffr_2bya)

Ma vie est un enfer
- (adult F2F, ugly to beauty) "My life is hell".
Red-haired Leah with glasses signs a pact with a demon, who turns her into sexy woman Scarlet - Vid link We can see her "sexy form" at 0:44.
After a while, an angel dissolves the pact and she is transformed back into her frumpy self, still wearing the sexy clothes of Scarlet, now ill fitting.

La Mujer en el Espejo
- (AA adult F2F) "The Woman in the Mirror".
Telenovela about unattractive girl in her 20s who is granted a wish and becomes a supermodel-looking beautiful woman everyday, reverting to normal by night. She starts living a double life, becoming confident in her beautiful body. The transformation is quite radical: her face and hair become unblemished, her breasts and curves are bigger, she gets taller, her clothes become sexier, and even her nasal voice becomes sultry.
- Vid link 01:38 - link - (Albedo)

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil
- (young adult weight loss) "Monster Fat", S1Ep5. The fattest girl in school uses the book to become skinny, but her leftover fat creates a monster that turns all the other girls in the school fat. An obese girl tampers with magic and becomes slender and very attractive. Sadly it doesn't last.

music videos
Trace Adkins
- (adult AA makeover) "Hot Mama" The nice looking wife of a man is shown in a couple of fantasy scenes as an extremely hot Blond MILF. No actual TFs - Vid link - (MVZ)

short stories
- "Science and Invention" magazine: A scientist's youth drug got taken by a cleaning woman who got younger and younger.
- A man and his female spirit got ARed to about 7 and later APed to much older - (Time)
- In an unknown serial where time goes back and forth.

dreams (age theme)
- (ffed) 2014. The first girl I had a crush on met me in her grown up form in an unfamiliar house. I lost touch with her after early grade school and that devastated me. She gently pushed me into the bathtub. I'm not even into watersports, but it was really hot for some reason.

Zaubermarchen in Afrika (book)
- (TFed) Sigrid Schmidt, 1994. A very special, old African magic world in which charming young girls suddenly transform into huge, vicious elephants.

Imago Mortis
- (male age FF?) 2009 Italian-Spanish supernatural thriller, Stefano Besson.

Women in African Traditional Religions (book)
- (CoA) M Kilson, 1976. Through chisungu a Bemba girl is "magically" "transformed" "into a woman", and instructed in the "socially approved attitudes" towards her domestic roles as wife, mother...

short stories
Creaking Door: And Other Tales of Madness and Horror, The
- Andrea D'Allasandra. Somehow, Stephanie was changing from a youngish little girl into an adult. Her words were certainly precocious for a teenage child...

People Magazine
- (FFed AA) 25th Anniversary Issue - "Ari Meyers All Grown Up".
Meyers, who played daughter Emma McArdle on Kate & Allie from '84 to '88, returned to the theater where the show was taped.

strepsata (podcast)
- (audio age) iTunes, "noisydaughter", 2007 ...strepsata returns from her "age change operation" and hypnotizes the audience - link

Mondprinzessin Kaguyahime
- (accelerated) German, c2013?. Puppetry depicting the Japanese legend. Theatergruppe "die 4-beinige Krahe".

Vom Jungen zum Mann
- (male CoA) 1992, 19 min.
First-person narrative of the changes affecting boys from age 12. Live action and animation.
Vom Madchen zur Frau
- (female CoA) 1992, 22 min.
Female version of the above.

Alice in Wonderland (theme)
- (AA size increased) Lottery CM with the first 16 seconds inspired by AiW, includes a Rabbit's House scene too - Vid link
Wonderland Unbound
- (AA size) Festival. USC, projection mapped onto Doheney Library - link

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