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"Wake up!" Cathy jerked awake, startled by the noise. Drew scoffed. "How long does it take to wake up an ageshifter who doesn't even know what she is?" His expression was dark. "We don't have much time."
"What exactly do you want me to do again?" Cathy yawned.
"Listen close." He said, enunciating everything overly clear. "Make your body about ten years older. That will make your leg and ankle wider, the chain will snap, and then come over here, shrink down in age to a toddler, squeeze your body through the bars, and then age up again to bend them so we can both escape."
"You expect me to do all that? I've only age shifted once before! I don't even know how to change my age!" Cathy said.
Drew sighed angrily.
"You're not the sharpest knife in the drawer, are you?" He ignored her offended response and went on. "Best advice I can give you is to envision yourself growing older. It's supposed to be instinctive but I guess not everyone has the skill."
Cathy closed her eyes, clenching her fists by her side. She breathed in and out several times, relaxing and putting a wall between her and Drew with all of his smart-aleck and cruel remarks. She rubbed the chain around her ankle methodically, thinking and concentrating. She didn't even know if anything he said was true, but it all made sense. Why couldn't this be true too?
Drew watched her impatiently. She was just sitting there, doing nothing.
"Hurry up!" He hissed. She blinked and opened her eyes. As Drew watched, her limbs and her torso lengthened and widened. Her hips and thighs curved outward more. New breasts emerged and swelled under her vest like human balloons. With loud pops her boots broke open at the toes and ankles. A few seconds later, and the chain around her leg snapped as it became too small. She leapt to her feet, shaking her long legs and getting rid of the dust. Her longer hair atop her head and neck smoothed down.
Drew just stared. Cathy fixed her dark gaze on him, eyes like endless pools of dark water. Her hard nipples almost tore through her now much too tight vest as she crouched down, stalking towards him silently. Cathy felt enormous as an adult woman, almost like a giantess in fact, but she knew that wasn't true. She was definitely taller than an average woman though, maybe 5'9" or so. There were small ripping sounds from where the seams of her clothes gave way as she moved. She licked her lips in a grin and enjoyed Drew's sudden discomfort.
Drew reached up with one slow hand to stroke the tight fabric over her breasts.
He laughed uncomfortably and lowered his hand, hesitating over the straining zipper of her ripped jeans. "May I?" He asked.
Cathy lowered her head as a response. Drew ran a finger over the outline of her vagina, and then suddenly slid his hand back over the wide acreage of her buttocks, absorbing the sensation of her bare skin.
She trembled and almost hissed but didn't move. Everything about her was pristine and perfect. But Drew still had to stick to his plan.

The transformation had begun.
Before Tom's eyes, Michelle changed from a young girl into an early teen into an older teen and then into a young woman, tall and beautiful.
Her skin lightened as it stretched, from lightly tanned to pale.
Her hair grew and darkened with age, reddening slightly.
Her legs lengthened and her figure formed to that of a voluptuous supermodel.
But all that was secondary.
Tom couldn't look away from Michelle's face even as her breasts obliterated the front half of her sweater, thrusting proudly forward.
The wild lust in the girl's face was unexpectedly arousing.
It looked as if all the passions of a girl's teenage years were unleashed in a moment. Her head bent back in ecstasy, her mouth working as if screaming. She beat her hands and pressed her growing feet together with a moan.

This is the first Spring that I've had the pleasure of watching my children literally burst out of their clothes ... they all have holes in the knees of their pants. And on top of that, the rags I continue to call clothes aren't even fitting that well anymore. Inches of wrist show at shirt cuffs and inseams are more appropriate for a flood than a sunny Spring day (the term "high waters" would be an understatement).

Going For Infinity: A Literary Journey
- (accelerated maturation) Poul Anderson, 2003.
"These damsels" - he bowed toward them - "are clones of a comely woman who never knew that a minor 'accident' was arranged to remove a few cells from her. Accelerated growth produced adult bodies within a half-dozen years."

Keisei Saimin no Otoko
- (FF) 2015 NHK drama.
Takimoto Miori (23) plays Kobayashi Kou from a 13 y.o. apprentice geisha bride to age 70. "There was too much special makeup for grandma. It was a shock, but now I'm looking forward to the years." - (Turn White)

- (FF stage illusion) Augusta J. Evans, 1875 novel.
The courtship, the clandestine meetings ... the revelation ... were accurately delineated, and in each scene the girl grew taller, by some arrangement of the skirts, which...

- (FF) Sean O'Neill, 2015.
A stray puppy appears, brightening up a lonely boy's world. The two enjoy a long-lasting companionship as they grow old together - Video link

Wo de qing chun qi
- (FF, CoA) My Original Dream - 2015, China.
Teenager Zhao Shanshan begins to fall secretly in love with school beauty Li Chunxia, but a bully takes Li by force. In a desperate university life, Zhao commits to saving his love - Poster

Honda Accord
- (male ffed) - Video link

- (height continuity errors)
1998: I was working for a trucking company. There was this sweet little customer service girl. This gal was young and small. I'm 5 foot 6 and she had to be 5 foot 2.
I was walking on the other side of the cubicles and this little girl came around the partition and walked towards me smiling and giggling. I was shocked to see she was at least 5 foot 8. Taller than I was. I knew this couldn't be real cause she is so small and never wore heels or other uplift shoes.
I looked at her as she walked past me smiling and giggling and I was wow, how can that be, she's small but now tall. The world indeed is a dream factory where anything can happen, and does.

- (CoA) Donald Illich.
Children burst out of their clothes,
an explosion of buttons and cotton.
These giants have become strangers,
asking for whole cartons of milk,
a luau where each one eats a pig ...
... One green grape left on the floor.
The fridge has been torn from the wall.

time skips
... I met a girl who said she skipped the age of 4.
... I just wasn't feeling being 4 years old, ya know?
... I'm not saying being 4 is wrong, it just wasn't for me, you know?
c2015 - (tinydancer_inurhand17, Cashews4U, lothartheunkind)

The following previously posted content will be moved to new pages, as it's not AP or AR or fast-forward related content, or could be confused for any of these things. At most it is flash forward or coming of age. A lot more content will also have to be moved to these new pages:

Social Animal, The
- (flash forward, mental development stages) David Brooks, 2011.
A male and a female are followed through their lifespans.

What Are You?
- (FF) Keith Faulkner, 1999. Pop-ups demonstrate how 6 baby animals grow up, including a caterpillar, a joey, and a tadpole.

Celydonn trilogy
- (FF) Teresa Edgerton. Second trilogy Gwenlliant is initially 12 years old (Castle of the Silver Wheel) and looks it, but thanks to Time Travel is at least a year older than her official age by the time she is technically 15 (The Moon and the Thorn), with greater physical and mental strength than would be expected.

Holiday Wishes
- (body swap) Made for Tv female body swap movie. Britney, a rich, spoiled child, and Rachel, an orphan, switch bodies after wishing on a star atop a Christmas tree. Each girl wakes up as the other - Britney in Rachel's foster home, and Rachel in Britney's family's mansion. The swap is facilitated by an angel, who is trying to help the party-planner, Danni, find happiness - (

Tron: Legacy
- (male FF) years

True Grit
- (FF) years

Kiyoku Yawaku
- (young adult CoA FF) 2013, TOHO Films. Masami Nagasawa, Masaki Okada.
Ryo Ikuemi's manga followed a woman coping with the loss of a childhood friend.
Over the course of the live-action adaptation, Seto "grows up" from a high schooler into an adult woman. Nagasawa commented on the difficulty of playing a 15-year-old.

American Pie (series)
- (male adult FF) Awkward dad Eugene Levy was the only character to appear in all 8 movies.

American Rhapsody, An
- (coming of age, FF) 2001.
Hungarian couple flees with their eldest daughter Maria, while Suzanne is raised by a foster couple. 5 years later, the perplexed young girl is forced to accept a sudden change in home and country, which leads to a troubled upbringing.
Suzanne (infant): Raffaella Bansagi
Suzanne (age 5-6): Kelly Endresz Banlaki
Suzanne Sandor (age 15): Scarlett Johansson
Maria Sandor (age 10): Mae Whitman
Maria Sandor (age 18): Larisa Oleynik
Sheila (age 15): Emmy Rossum
- (Deniz)

- (FF AA) 2007 - FF years.
- (flash forward) 2007. Briony Tallis is played by Saoirse Ronan (age 13), Romola Garai (age 18), Vanessa Redgrave (old age).

Audrey Hepburn (actress)
- (AA FF) (5/4/1929-1/20/1993) adult years

Austin Powers in Goldmember
- (male flashbacks) 2002 - male - male

Austin Powers the Spy Who Shagged Me
- (male flashback) 1999 - male

- (FF) 1988 - years

Bill and Ted (untitled sequel)
- (male adult FFed) 2012, said to be in pre-production.

Bronx Tale, A
- (FF) The 1st act has the main character 10 years old, and in the second he's 17.

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