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Sabrina's Folly

Mandy ran downstairs, dashed off a note telling her aunts where she was going, and headed to the mall.

An hour later she had narrowed down the search for Russel to a store in the mall that carried mostly teens clothing. What would Russel be doing in there? She wanted to investigate but didn't want to be seen. She could just imagine Russel shopping with another girl, or for another girl. And the longer she thought about it the more upset she became. What was she to do?

Her eyes rested on a poster in the store's window display. The poster contained one of those teen models who, at least for the split second of a shutter opening, was impossibly beautiful. Suddenly, inspiration came over her. She had a plan.

Mandy walked next door to the mall restroom, and into a stall. She would simply age herself into a babe like in the poster, and then go look for Russel. Then if he came on to the older her, or confessed to seeing someone other than the real her, she would know it was all over.

As Mandy stood in the stall, thinking about the girl in the poster she again took a 5 Mg Mitosiflex tablet. There was a sudden feeling of her skin stretching and moving. Her open-toed shoes groaned mightily, but the leather held. She was glad she had loosened the straps or they would have surely broken. Woah, she thought, putting out a hand to steady herself. She must have grown almost a foot taller.

She opened the door to the stall and looked at the new her in the mirror. 'Yes!' she thought. She really was tall and gorgeous . Her blonde hair, framing a perfect older face, was a bit longer, the better to show off a long lovely neck. The loose shorts she had been wearing were now straining on her wider hips. And the short T-shirt she had been wearing now showed a lot of bare midriff. She suppressed a giggle. There was just one more thing that a tall slim, fat free beauty like herself wasn't likely to have by her mid teens. But she knew from her mother she was likely to catch up.

Mandy took another half tablet and soon her modest breasts began to expand with frightening speed. 'OHH', she thought, that felt good. And looked good too. These huge breasts really filled out the T-shirt, and she was even showing a generous portion of hard nipple through the material. She would certainly have Russel's attention.

She walked out of the stall, took a dozen steps and stopped. She certainly wasn't moving like a model. Her usual gait was something like a controlled fall. And the way she talked would be hopeless. She certainly wasn't in the habit of coming on to boys so that they confessed their intimate thoughts within the first moments of a meeting. This, she thought, would take some serious acting. But this was important.

... the cry of the dissatisfied boy in the story, who, through the offices of an evil fairy, became possessed of a wonderful tape which represented his life. When he wished to become older he had only to unroll the tape and the wish was granted. When, however, in his old age (reached in but a few days), the tape was nearly run out, he found he could not rejuvenate himself and the folly of his conduct was, too late, brought forcibly home to him.

I am thirty years old, wearing a blazer that would fit a Kindergartener. It looks as though I started out the morning as a child, my mother dressing me for elementary school picture day, saying "let's put on your good blue blazer for the pictures," and now here we are only a few hours later and I am wearing the same clothes, but have somehow aged 25 years and grown a foot and a half taller.

Sometime last school year, she'd gone and lifted the little boy on her lap once, teasing and flirting with him shamelessly as he got more and more bothered, until he'd suddenly grabbed her wrist and half-dragged her away, never speaking a word. The intense urgency in his eyes had been enough to propel her along. Whether or not he would have ever approached her of his own accord, she'd gotten his attention rather spectacularly, and he wanted her to finish what she'd started. NOW.
When she looked at the immense movement starting under his pants she knew that all the rumors were true. Belle had almost fainted from delight. The boy became absolutely massive. Aroused, his shaft was truly that of a stallion - almost as long as her forearm, and even thicker around. The swelled head had been almost the size of her fist, and more than a little awe-inspiring. The sheer volume of his erection had effortlessly torn through his jeans, despite his attempt to delay his arousal by closing his eyes. She thought it was amazing how much the jeans denim had still been able to stretch, before starting to split with a tortured ripping sound. Despite his extreme excitement, he'd let her play with his iron shaft a bit before slapping her hands away, and mounting her.
That was when the boy began to grow taller, at first only his bones elongating without his limbs thickening proportionally, but soon his swelling muscles ripped off his remaining clothes. First his powerful shoulders, then his thickening arms, then his massive chest were exposed as he entered his teens. Pillar-like legs shredded the remains of his jeans. His shoes had been destroyed long before he stopped growing at about age 16. Now she was the one who was dwarfed, yet his vastly enlarged hands were incredibly gentle. Fortunately his erection did not get much longer, but she doubted there were many others like it in the world.
It was a standard she held all fantasies to - long, powerful flesh with the warm texture of veins and a gentle curve to it. It was the only time she'd ever cursed her height or size, for she'd been too tiny to properly receive an offering of that magnitude. He'd had to settle for fitting his firm head and a few inches gloriously inside her as her screams of sheer ecstasy rang out.
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