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Fantastic Four
- (continuity errors) #558, 2008. Maybe Valeria does have powers to explain how she appeared to have "aged" so fast while lil Frank is apparently going "backwards"...

short films
- (actualization dream metaphor) Dancing & acting.
A doll has forgotten how to dance, but her body and soul remember. With the music her dancing grows bigger. Her perfect hair starts falling down and her costume start to "split at the seams" until the dance climaxes. She falls to the floor. The strings float up to reveal the hands on the other end. The last scene reveals a girl in a wheelchair playing with a marionette that resembles her.

Los motivos de Berta: Fantasia de Pubertad
Berta's Motives
- (CoA) 1983, Jose Luis Guerin, minimalist.
Berta is a young teen experiencing the changes that occur when childhood is left behind and life as an adult woman begins to dawn. Actions and events, gestures and facial expressions, subtly reveal the differences in Berta's expanding life - Vid link

Fuller House
- (90's teens FFed to adults, unintentional FFed) 2016. OMG!!! DJ Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler came back in a Netflix series!

Harry Potter series
- (acting skills) Bonnie can look like... 10 different people depending on what expression you catch her with? She seems to have an uncanny ability to "change her age". One moment, she can look "9 years old", then the next someone in their early 20s. Then someone who doesn't even LOOK like her. How the heck does she do that? - (Grub)

Power of Shazam!, The
- (AA age forms) Mary Batson was re-introduced in the graphic novel by Jerry Ordway in 1994. An ongoing series followed as Mary Marvel was introduced into the modern DC Universe with a new origin story. #4: When calling upon her powers, Mary is transformed into an adult resembling her late mother (in the same way that Billy resembles his father when in Marvel form).
In the golden age Mary and Billy were twins and Mary did NOT age when she transformed. When Ordway reintroduced Mary he made it that she aged into a woman when she transformed, however, this has not been portrayed consistently by DC EVER. In some instances Mary Marvel is portrayed as a teenager (JLA: World Without Grown-ups) and in the Justice League there was a line saying that Mary is really only 16 (although the age doesn't have to be canon as the character was just trying to point out Mary was under 18) implying that when transformed, she physically looks older (admittedly Mary Marvel was drawn more buxom than Mary Batson, however she still looked pretty young.

- (rejuv) Once developed (exercises of Kundalini raising, Medusa Effect and beyond) the power of creation may become normal. Some knowledge of magic and words of power and creation are required. Then whatever is imagined will appear in the physical. Spiritual immortality is possible. Physical immortality may also be possible, if the energy flow out of the body can be reversed, eg, so one grows younger at will.

Lorien Legacies (fanfic)
- (APed)
Ella's POV:
I wake up and something feels weird when I get up. I must be imagining it. I get out of bed and for some reason I feel taller and more, well, grown up. It must be my imagination. I get changed and look at myself in the mirror. I almost scream. I'm not 13 anymore. I look at myself. My hair is longer, my hips curvy and I'm all grown up. I know I have a legacy that can change my age but I can't change it above my real age which is 13. I walk to the kitchen.
I sit down as Ella comes down stairs. I gasp in shock as I see her. Marina downs the bowl she was using to make pancakes. We both stare at her, out mouths wide in shock.
Nine's POV:
At first I think that my eyes are playing tricks on me and that this beautiful version of Ella is my imagination. She looks about my age now but that's impossible, isn't it? She couldn't change her age over her real age. Maybe she is getting better at using that legacy. Her looks take my breath away.
Marina and I say at the same time.
I think my legacy is getting stronger, I couldn't do this before and now I'm 18. She says. She is my age!
Wow! is all me and Marina can say. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

Emily closed her eyes and slowed her breathing, her blood flowing through her whilst her body changed, matured itself, getting older fast enough to see the change as it happened, her limbs crawling out and thickening over the bedsheets by the millimeter, her adult self rising if you would... while she slept... Emily grew up.
Her clothing will be rather, er,... strained, because a 13 yr old body wearing child clothes, suddenly growing into an adult body?
... yeah; there will be some tears...
... if you want, you can go ahead and decide the full extent of their ripping and such ^.- ~}

Seems like Emily can't catch a break. She tried on her overalls... too tight, her thighs and bust ripped right through. She tried on Faith's clothes...her toes burst through the shoes and the top could not hold her bust. Now she is trying Tiffany's outfit and still no avail. Even when she willingly shrinks down to being just ten years old, as young as she is willing to go, nothing will fit her for long. She will just grow to adult size again (just don't do it in public Emily!!!)

- (adult AS, rejuv) Exercise One:
Look and Act Younger: Sitting somewhere near the center of a room, close your eyes and "contact" the two upper corners of the room behind you. Then, holding those corners, sit still and don't think. Remain interested only in those two corners.
You can do this for two minutes (minimum) or two hours, always with benefit. No matter what happens, simply hold the corners and don't think.
You can do this daily. It will make you look and act younger.

Real headline that reads like one of our stories...
The headline reads:
CEO tests "crazy" genetic therapy on herself, claims it added 20 years of life.
Here is the URL
Sadly, and unlike a story on here, the process has stopped and she doesn't look like a teenager or toddler...
The 45-year-old Seattle-area woman, who has no scientific or medical training, underwent the experimental treatment last September in an undisclosed clinic in Colombia. The unorthodox, overseas trial, which was designed to skirt US federal regulations, prompted the resignation of one of the company's scientific advisers. George Martin, of the University of Washington, quit after telling MIT Technology Review, "This is a big problem. I am very upset by what is happening. I would urge lots of preclinical studies." - (Heidegger)

31 Ai Dream
- (adult rejuv) Arina Tanemura series. Her other alter-ego age-hopping AA manga was "Full Moon O Sagashite"
A "School Idol" and class president, feted by most and endeared to all, prepares to progress to High School, but is unable to confess her feelings to anyone. Sixteen years later, we find that same girl now thirty one years old, and far removed from her immaculate, promising days: Chikage Deguchi now a passively jaded, stayed and isolated member of a magazine's editorial staff. Wistful of her past, a school reunion ends in humiliation as she is confronted, ostensibly, with what she has become in her listless, cumbersome obscurity - in addition to her kiss less virginity too.
An attempt to take her own life, however, leads to a reunion with a little known member of her old class and a heartfelt, vociferous confession that she wants to go back to those teenage days. Incredibly, he agrees and proposes a miraculous medicine which will rejuvenate her. Taking it, she undergoes a swift transformation back to her teenage youth, the girl she was those years past, and finds herself restored to that singular vitality and color.
It's here that coincidence sweeps the rejuvenated Chikage into the eclectic world of J-Pop celebrity and its associated challenges. Drawn to this extraordinary, promising new youth, she eagerly grasps the possibility before her; her winsome, energetic teenage alter-ego taking up the name of "Akari" as she walks ever deeper into a remarkable new life...
A revision - if not deconstruction - of the more classical maho-shojo narrative, with a canny sensibility and wry wit when taken in the wider context. The sub plot compounds the challenges consequential to age and identity hopping shenanigans, which informs and colors much of what transpires, but is left presently ambiguous.
For instance, why was the remarkable drug project abandoned? What are the potential side effects so alluded to earlier? And who else may have access to it? These questions splice the growing intrigue surrounding the issue of identity for the protagonist; an issue that has been fun and challenging but what will become of the situation. Such as, are there other agendas, relative to this remarkable medicine? What role does Chikage/Akari play in their intrigues and, of course, the question of what nature compels her more. The nascent duality so sired between the thirty one year old Chikage and her teenage alter-ego in Akari has yet to latently bite, but even now there are allusions to future problems as their respective worlds can never both wholly distinct, more so the over lap between them and the challenges therein.
Thinking now of Jekyll/Hyde, a good deal of this manga bears a resemblance or is sometimes analogous to that story; in particular the reasoning and creeping dynamic which precipitates the growing duality of the main character. Even though it remains that Chikage's life has become much more exciting and colorful, it is that her more mundane existence is brought into ever more stark contrast by the sparkle and excitement of her other: a despondency fueled by her liking of Akari's singular nature and of the growing friends and responsibilities she is gaining. All this compelling her to take the drug again becomes a major pretext for her alter-ego's existence - not to mention the possibility of relationships, intimacy and love she so felt she had long ago missed.
My detractors may rightly feel I am over analyzing these trends and tendencies, though the possibility of a deciding clash between these respective natures to decide primacy could very well be the sombre, or off road conclusion to this story, as is so often the case with Jekyll/Hyde narratives. A potential which Arina has not shied away from when dealing with some of the darker, haunting aspects of her stories with transformation, identity and the existential bind which defines them.
Though a deal of this review is conjecture, I would highly recommend this series as a unique, compelling and genuinely fascinating story of divided identities and transformation from a talent who is not afraid to explore the darker, more rugged consequences of such possibilities.
Process wise, it's very lacking in, despite her multiple transformations, from what I can remember. You only ever see any type of process the first time, but! The story line that is presented to you, is superb. It really delves into the problems associated with something like this happening and a human being trying to live two lives and what that entails. The writing is very well done and the characters excellently flushed out.
So for process material, this really isn't the type of manga you'll want to go to. For amazing story line, characters and the duality of a transformation. This is the Manga you'll want to stare at for long periods at a time, reading in your high back chair, smoking a cigar and going, "Well I say.." It's just that high class.
I can't recommend this manga enough if your into maho-shojo and give it a chance even if your not. Since as the person above me has alluded to, it goes against some of the grain that is a modern maho-shojo manga.
I wonder where this the story may be going since it does have the possibility that if the medicine ever proves to be ineffective or harmful to her, could she even go permanently back to 'normal' life again. Most magical girl stories go from a younger girl to an adult standpoint but rarely go the other way around. So, yes, this IS quasi mahou shojo with a twist built in.
I started watching mahou shojo anime when I started watching anime in the first place and the pattern is you usually get to see the main character ultimately lose her powers in the end and the reader can see how they have matured in some way from when they got their magic in the first place.
For Chikage maybe it would be the reverse and she will get some youthful enthusiasm back. At 31, she's already surprisingly cynical and fatalistic, so what is happening to her as an idol will hopefully effect some positive change in her adult life. I'm a sucker for slice of life stories with happy (just not overly sweet or contrived) endings, since that's what keeps me reading this stuff anyway - (Alchemical Night, Godleydemon) - Sprite Family, 2013 - thelastdewynter, ask-matt-miller
Viola turned the knob to Matt's house. To her surprise, the door was left unlocked. Viola, clad in a tight fitting black dress, the length mid thigh, and red high heels, entered the house. She had turned herself into her 16-year-old self. It was confusing and scary to the now teen.
"I-I'm sorry." The raven haired teen squeaked, tugging on the hem of her dress. She turned on the light, letting the whole room be bathed under the bulb. Her hair was down, not in its usual ponytail, but the shades still rested on her head.
She blushed, blowing her bangs from her face. "Have you...noticed anything?" Viola inquired, hoping he would notice her sudden age change. Clutching her black purse tightly, the dark haired teen averted her gaze from his face. Looking at him got her flustered and - it gave her a fluttering feeling in her chest.
"You seem shorter..." He blinked. Then, sudden realization. "Did you get, uh.." He paused, trying to word it correctly.
"Younger?" He slowly got out of his chair, standing in front of her. "Viola?"
"I'm 16 now." She breathed, glancing up at him through her lashes. Viola's cheeks took a pink tint as she gazed at him.
"I, um, I thought that..Maybe I'd..come to see you..."
She softly smiled up at him, laughing lightly. She moved behind him, taking the seat which he was sitting in earlier.
"This is kind of cool. I'm skinnier, my hair is longer, it's all pretty nice." Viola sighed with a dreamy expression. Her cheeks were rosy and bright.
"You were plenty skinny as your adult self. Your hair is still pretty. I say that in the most friendliest way I can." His fingers rose up to poke her cheeks. "You're blushing, dear." He pointed out.
She huffed, hands coming up to push at his back. Her blush deepened ad she wrapped her arms around his waist, squeezing slightly in an embrace. "You're warm, and friendly, and sweet, and... hard. That's plenty of interesting to me." She admitted, blush getting deeper and deeper."
"16..?" He nodded, seeming to understand it. "That's my age. Wonderful." He tilted his head, leaning closer. "This is rather odd. I wonder how you do these things." He pulled away and smiled apologetically.
Your eyes are gorgeous. Your legs. I love them.
"Matt, I'm eight years older than you. I'd be considered a pedophile." She sighed, finally bringing her gaze to his face.
"But I really do like you..." Viola took a bold move and came closer, inches away from him. "I can't help what i feel..."
"Cougar, actually." He corrected with a small smile. He kept his gaze down, trying to fight the feelings. He saw her shoes and remembered how her feet had burst through her shoes the first time she had aged up, causing his heart to skip a beat. "No one can help what they feel.."
"Are you sure?" She rocked back, biting her bottom lip. Viola didn't dare look him in the eye, instead, she looked to the ground. "In reality, I'm way old so, ya know..."
"You're not that old...I thought you always looked pretty young."
Her giggle just made him visibly squirm. The feelings building up inside him were too much now. Just, he felt like he was going to explode. Maybe literally.
Viola quickly leaned forward, turning her head so he could see just how red her face was. "M-Matt, I was a teen once before. Things happen at guy/girl sleepovers if the guy isn't gay."

- (male pseudo "AR") - Bobobo-bo-bo-bobo "The Bigger the Gasser" - Boy into giant baby - (Thomas)
- (FF) - Charlotte vid - (FF) - Danielle vid - (channel) - AR - (FF) - reddit
- (AA) - toon

The success of the Transformation Story Archive accounted for a significant portion of the Internet traffic of its non-profit server in Vienna, run by hosting service public netbase/t0. A shift in Austrian politics worked against the site and its host, however. Austrian Freedom Party (FP) leader Jorg Haider, who died under mysterious circumstances, selected "degenerate art" as one target for his party's political capital. By July 1998, this included accusations of the acceptance and facilitation of child pornography against public netbase/t0. The sexual content of the TSA and its age-alteration themes was implicitly included when allegations continued. When the results of these attacks stripped its host of public funding and free access, the TSA hastily relocated to an American server, assisted by several mirror servers.

Irina Werning
- (AA) "Back to the Future" series, 2011.
She's taking different people's favorite old school photos and recreating them in the same space, with the same style of clothes and with the same person, who in most cases, are at least 20 years older than when the first photo was taken. You'll probably be surprised to see how little a person's face changes over the course of their life - link

"Well, this is how you're gonna make yourself older," Daniel interjected.
"Not TOO old?" the little girl verified, still a little dubious.
"Come on, sweetie, this should be easy and we'll be right here."
"Hey, I'm here too!" Molly protested. 'Please Mommy.'
"Please do this and be a good girl for me, Becky," John declared. That was all it took for the little girl to let go of Daniel's hand and close her eyes, starting to concentrate. Despite her worried look, she looked very cute standing there wearing a red with white lace trim dress and her shoulder-length brown pigtails.
"Now just stand still, Becky," Daniel directed "and do what you did before, but in the other direction. You can do it. Every girl can." Little Becky started to look nervous, but Molly's eyes narrowed.
"Just do it, darling!" Daniel shouted when he saw the panic filling the child's body. "It's okay!" Then he crossed his fingers behind his back.
Everyone gasped at the same time, but it was barely heard over the explosive ripping sound that filled the room. "Uncle..." Rebecca began and then stopped reaching for her throat. "What happened to my voice?" she demanded. Blinking, the girl tried to move but felt heavy. Looking down, she realized something. "I'M BIG!"
"Hubba hubba." 'What am I thinking?' On the platform, Daniel saw more than he had ever wanted to see. There stood Rebecca Cunningham, once again an adult, and wearing nothing but her birthday suit. The shredded remains of Molly's borrowed clothing, which she had been wearing a moment before, were lying in a heap on the floor at her feet. He dared say she was looking a lot better than the last time he has seen her grown - more vibrant, less scared. Her long brown pigtails were hanging down tantalizingly over her enormous bust. Cute was no longer the word he'd use to describe her.
"Mommy!" Molly shouted and rushed the platform, reveling in the return of her mother to adulthood.
Rebecca ignored her. She was too busy examining her grownup body. "These are..." She prodded her chest innocently as a fuzzy memory surfaced. "Like before..."
"You're back, Mommy!" her daughter cheered.
Poor Daniel was having trouble keeping composed as he regarded the stunning young woman. He tried to avert his eyes but he found it difficult to do.
Rebecca looked down and realized that the others were very small now. 'I'm the big sis...' "Wait a minute..." Wheeling around, she spotted John and stormed over to him. 'I'm bigger than John too!' The teenager's eyes widened as he saw a very enraged and very naked Rebecca Cunningham walking over to him. He squeezed his eyes shut and backed away.
"You fibbed to me, John! I wanted to be like Cindy but I'm bigger than that!" she complained.
"No! I didn't lie."
"Yes, you did!" the brunette countered defiantly, stomping a foot, and making certain things jiggle. "
I'm too old! No one will wanna play with me now."
John protested, "You said you wouldn't mind being older, Becky."
"Like YOU!" the brunette hissed, "You broke your promise! Change me back!" 'I'm ancient!' Being five again again was far preferable to this.
"NO!" John denied sharply, "I promised you wouldn't be as old as Daniel and you aren't." The girl looked unconvinced standing with her hands on her hips. She looked just the same as he remembered although there was something... He couldn't pin it down but then he'd never seen her au naturel either. Trying to take his mind off that and desperate to get himself somewhere private to relieve what he was feeling, he blurted out, "Becky, I LIKE you like you are now!" He blushed. 'Oh boy, do I ever!' Although if pressed for why he liked her that way she was, he would have been rather stumped to explain.
"Really?" Rebecca asked, hope entering her brown eyes. When John nodded, she gave a delighted giggle and flung her arms about him. 'Now I get it. He wants me bigger than him!' Much to the twelve year old's shock, he found himself suddenly squashed against Rebecca's huge bare bosom. "Oh John! You're the bestest! This is wonderful! I'm bigger than Molly! Now we can go out on dates and stuff and stay up late!"
He wasn't sure how he felt at that moment, which was probably a good thing. Later in life, when the grown John looked back on the incident years later, he'd realized that it was probably a good thing that he didn't really understand his feelings. He would have definitely died of embarrassment if he had. He understood Molly's though... The girl was scowling at her mother's childish antics and then glared at John so ferociously that it put an alien death ray to shame.
"W-We'll," Daniel interjected and then cleared his throat trying to regain control, "We'll talk about that later, Beckers. First, let me get something to cover..." Giddy with delight, the young woman let go of John, who staggered backwards, and rushed towards him. Daniel whipped around and fixed his eyes on the distant wall. There was a strangled noise and a clang as someone fell. Apparently, it had been Dr. Ryker because Daniel could hear John over the rushing of blood in his ears calling the Doctor's name.
"Oh wow!" the twenty-five year old Rebecca's voice cried in a deeper yet childish timbre, "Lookie, Uncle Daniel! I got..." Daniel plugged his ears with his fingers before he could hear exactly what she had. In the chaos, he missed the intense scowl on little Molly's face. His heart nearly stopped as someone wrapped their arms about him from behind and pressed up against him. Said person hugged him hard a moment later causing him to drop his arms. "Uncle Daniel," Rebecca's voice gleefully squealed, "I get to stay up late now, don't I?"
"Yes," Daniel said, "But you need to do TWO things first."
"What? Tell me!" Rebecca demanded while bouncing up and down.
Daniel was about to die from mortification (or loss of blood flow) by then but managed to get out in a choked voice, "First, sweetheart, you need to calm down." While telling himself, she's just a kid.
"But Un..."
"You do wanna stay up late, don'tcha?" Ross asked. The lab tech's sudden question distracted the girl long enough to let Daniel get out of her grip without needing to put his hands astray. As Daniel looked in his direction, he could see Ross standing with his hands over his eyes and his back turned.
'Smart man!' Daniel thought and looked around for something to cover the exposed girl with.
"Well, yeah... I guess..." Rebecca agreed and looked down as Molly came over to her. "I'm MUCH bigger than you are now, Molly, so John's gonna to be MY boyfriend."
"'Becca," Ross scolded gently, "It's not nice to tease Molly-cakes, she's younger than you now. Apologize to her."
"Oh, right. Sorry Bi-Molly," Rebecca declared, doing a good job of looking repentant for the teasing. "But it's true! I'm a big girl and John LIKES me this way! I can tell!" She felt bad for her though so she offered, "You're still my bestest 'sister'." 'She don't get John though.' Satisfied, she danced about for a moment and then remembered what her uncle said. She immediately settled down then questioned, "Okay, Uncle Daniel, I'm calm. You said I had to do two things before I could stay up late. What's the OTHER thing I gotta do?"
"Here!" Daniel said turned away from the brunette. He tossed a blanket toward her voice. "Wrap that around you, Becky, you're... You'll catch cold!" The blanket flew through the air and landed at Rebecca's feet.
As the restored woman bent down and picked it up, she was rudely interrupted.
"Ah, I see you've managed to reverse the regression. I'm glad to see you none the worse for your experience, Ms. Cunningham." He regarded the tall girl hugging Daniel approvingly. "Excellent work. Hughes, get the young lady a blanket at once."
"Yes sir." He picked up the blanked Rebecca had dropped to the ground and handed it to Daniel who immediately put it around the wide-eyed girl to preserve her modesty.
"Now Doctor..." when suddenly another explosive ripping sound filled the room. They turned their heads toward the sound. "What??"
Before anyone could speak, most everyone lustfully gaped. "John! Becky ain't the only one who's big now!" Miss Molly Elizabeth Cunningham declared while striking a pose. But this wasn't the cute and adorable six year old blond girl. This one was twenty-five like her mother. She had curves that didn't quit, big blue eyes, framed by long blond pigtails. Now the playing field was level!

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