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fetish films
stopped time porn
Know how when you were sitting in class, and you thought about the boobies you would squeeze if only you could stop time?! The Japanese have got it.

- (time skips, mind transfers to past/future selves) I was in the Exam hall, preparing to do an exam. I was terrified as fuck because from being the age of 11 i was made into the age of 16. I was in the exam hall. I saw the paper clearly and such and i remembered one question or something like that, the exact details and the seat no's and faces of people who i hadn't met. Then later on i also experienced a bright flash i was back to being 11. I dismissed it and continued playing with my toys. Now when i actually became 16, i went and did an exam and it struck me then that i had experienced it before (i also did get a horrible feeling) but the thing is i did it - (Adamk_14)

- (AA TF) 2013. An Emirati couple return to their home built on a site that is home to some malevolent beings. Titular Djinn transforms into marriage counselor near beginning of movie, then into main character's mom in the middle. Also a scene where she changes her voice into that of main character - (Abhothoh)

breast swelling
- (real life BE events)
- I was pregnant for a couple weeks and almost instantaneously my breasts went up a cup size. Pregnancy weight is no joke. That's how I knew what was up though. Body changed way too quickly I just knew.
- Same. I remember taking a shower and as I was rubbing in body wash, I immediately froze because my body didn't feel like my usual body but I couldn't tell what it was. I did it again and figured out it was my boobs becoming enormous. I swear they were normal the day before though so the change is definitely wicked fast.
- Yep. Boob behavior was the dead giveaway both times when I was pregnant. They go up a cup size over night, and my nipples felt like they had been attacked with sandpaper.
- Great I have a boner now.

John Lennon commented on the desperate wistfulness for a Beatles reunion, before his death. He said that people would be disappointed if the Beatles did get back together, because people didn't want it just to hear the music. They wanted it to be 1965 again, and to be 15 or 18 again. And he said, it isn't 1965, the Beatles aren't 25, and we can't make the listeners teenagers again. They'll be disappointed. He mighta been right!

Experiment CAS - 2Story | Quotev
Cas looked excitedly at James as he worked on studying Cas's brain waves. "Jamie, I drew a picture." She chirped.
She looked 8 now
"It's beautiful Cas."
... 'More control.' She thought.'So I can make myself older?' It was worth a shot. She thought about being 16 and it worked, she became older. Her shirt ripped apart with a rude noise and fell to the floor in shreds. First her pants and then her panties exploded, exposing everything.
She didn't know what was so significant about this new age, she had just heard Janie talking about his son turning it. Cas wanted to be stealthy so she tried to unlock the window. Then she just punched it and climbed out.

photo projects
- Have you seen the US one of the daughter growing into a woman, leaning against a tree at their holiday spot every year? It's great.

short films
- (adult maturity metaphor)
The tale of one's struggle against impermanence: Humankind forever grapples with its inability to come to terms with endings; all of our creations speak to this notion - we want to prolong our lives, or at least to leave an ineffaceable stamp on the world. In this short film, we simplified this fear to a particular woman's dread of growing older and losing her youthful bloom.
Set in a lifeless, sterile world that reflects the protagonist's emotional state and highlight the starkness of mood. Anicca takes place in a makeshift laboratory of the future. The protagonist passes her days conducting experiments on a cut flower, experiments meant to stave off its eventual, and irreversible destruction. The speculative anti-aging agents she employs include Botox injections, an anti-aging serum and finally a cryogenic chamber. To her dismay, none of her efforts bear lasting fruit. As the damaged flower thaws out from its frozen state, the protagonist's sorrow and simmering anxiety solidify into rage, and she destroys a mirror, which, throughout the film, has reflected her perceived flaws.
The protagonist finally comes to terms with change, the passing of time, life. The Sun's rays reach into her cold dwelling and caress her face.

In some universities, human experiments have been carried out with female students.
Experimental content:
The body is allowed to degenerate into a fertilized egg in a special machine, and then transferred into the uterus of another female student. The female student who became a fertilized egg becomes a fetus in the womb of another female student's borrowed uterus, and after the birth becomes a normal baby who is re-born.
After the birth she will rapidly grow to her original age with a special medicine.
The pregnancy can also be accelerated with the rapid growth machine while still a fetus in the womb, but there may be problems.
One hundred million yen for 10 months will be the compensation when the rapid growth is concluded.
In addition, normal growth after re-birth is also possible.
The growth acceleration operates on the same theory as the age reduction method described above.
By the way, since it is difficult to accumulate student credits when you participate in the experiment, you will be expelled during the treatment period. However, you can apply for unconditional re-admission If you wish to re-enroll after returning to your original age.
How many female students wish to become fertilized eggs again? What if something goes wrong and you do not return in the normal timespan?
- 2015/11/04 - (Gleam)

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The ageshifter was eyeing her rival Kimmie, aware of the changes that were developing in the preteen. She understood the monstrously powerful process that was already happening. The ageshifter furrowed her eyebrows, and took one small, yet to the onlookers' strangely lengthening step, towards Kimmie.
The purple coat continued to climb up the child's arms, revealing a watch she was wearing. He looked across the distance to the watch as its brown leather band distorted out of shape. Her shoes were now showing a lot of stress as her feet continued to extend millimeter by millimeter. It looked as if the tops were rising above them as the indentations of her toes added to the trouble. Her pants were now Capri pants on her lengthening but still very thin legs as the cotton material climbed to about mid ankle. Her black leather belt twisted a little from side to side around her waist before forcibly being returned to center where it physically and audibly groaned in protest to its worsening predicament. The color stripes on her Gap Kids shirt had almost a hypnotic affect on the boy as the colorful stripes on it seemed to mend together and blur as the shirt stretched and reshaped itself.
"Snap!" the leather of her watchband snapped and its glass case shattered as the time piece hit the floor. This caused the child to look to her wrist and as she turned her head back up the sound of a seam failing caught her ear. The right shoulder seam of her coat was failing and started the path to ruin for the jacket. The seam tore all the way around separating it from the rest of the coat. Then as the sleeve rose to the elbow its seams failed too and tore in half to just fall away. The other sleeve tore at the elbow too, revealing that Kimmie was wearing a short sleeve shirt, or at least it was one now by the bare forearm being shown. Budding mounds began to swell on her chest. "Shrip!" another year older, and the left shoulder seams failed as the coat now converted into a vest. A very short and form fitting vest.
The ageshifter stared down at the growing child, but for some reason stopped mid stride and pulled back. She just stared down at this other child with a look of confusion in her eyes. How odd and unnatural. The appearance of this no longer small child changed by the second. Everything about her was changing.
He watched all this from the side line as it unfolded. The two growing children just staring at each other with curiosity as the one was growing to challenge the other. Soon the two girls would be about equal in size and then things would get interesting. Who would be the stronger? He felt he should really have ran outside and charged admission to get in, or at the very least asked for money from the few remaining onlookers.
Kimmie knew what was happening to her body. The tightening clothes, tearing seams, and stretching sounds could only mean one thing. She was "growing up" again, because she wanted it to happen, the same way her limbs moved only because she wanted them to move. She welcomed it. These thoughts were interrupted by the sound of more tearing fabric. Her purple coat tore little by little at her back, and as that last seam failed, so did the coat. As the purple rags fell away a thought ran through the brown haired, blue eyed now no longer preteen child. The growth might leave her completely naked. Child clothes were NEVER meant to be worn by adults. No one ever did that. They were in unknown territory here.
"Crack, crack!" This new thought was interrupted by her black shoes splitting open to release her bare toes to the world. As they wiggled free the sole twisted and broke under her increasing weight and she hit the ground flat footed as the backs of her shoes groaned, then split at their center seam. Soon her feet outgrew her footwear and now grew on top of the leather scraps. She could feel her bare feet slide across the smooth tile floor, and as she watched a small tear at her pant leg cuff caught her attention. The tear slowly traveled up her calf to the knees where it stopped. "Shrip!" the other side tore too and followed the same pattern. "Rip, rip!" the inseams split and the cotton fabric just hung there for a moment.
She looked up at the other ageshifter and knew what she wanted to do, grow as big and fast as possible. Her growth seemed to accelerate. Her silver belt buckle bent and snapped as the black leather belt tore simultaneously in three separate places to fall away. Her shirt's neckline started to stretch and plunge and then tore a little to show her growing cleavage. The bottom of the shirt un-tucked itself to reveal a smooth but slightly pudgy stomach as the bottom tore a little too.
"Shrip, rip!" Her seams at her pants thighs tore open to show a slender but thickening thigh tear apart the seams. "Pop, pop, pop!" The three buttons that held the pants closed popped off one after another to reveal the fronts of a pair of bright white panties. Her pants turned into cutoff short shorts, the growth now attacked her shirt.
The colored top shrunk into a tube top as its seams screamed for mercy, but instead found only destruction. "Shrip!" loudly echoed throughout the room as the back tore open to show off a smooth bare back that had never felt even a training bra strap. The undershirt stretched out slowly then "ZIP!" burst apart and slid behind the widening gap the overshirt was forming. The front tore down the center to rip in two and let her overflowing, newly-formed bosom see the light of day. The flesh mounds pushed with such force ruptures in the white undershirt material began to form. "Shrip, rip!" the overshirt tore further, until in one final loud rip it tore itself to pieces and turned into rags.
Meanwhile her pants were in their final death throes as Kimmie surpassed the five foot three mark. The back seam tore wide to reveal more of their contents and the rips continued to travel up the outer sides. As these tears met the waist the pants took on too much damage and fell away to add to this child's mounting rag pile. At 5'4" she was left in only her underwear and that was not to last much longer.
... First to go was the shirt. The shoulder straps dug into her and stretched to the point where the nylon material ruptured in small places every few inches. Soon two of these ruptures met and the straps flailed away. Then her panties already with small tears in the waist area grew too small for this newly grown teenager. The undergarment fluttered to the ground to join with the rest of her clothes.

male age disguise
- (boys playing men)
The success of boy actors had robbed the Globe of its audience. Now if the children had attained this success through nothing but the excellence of their acting and the attractiveness of their plays, Shakespeare could not with any grace make complaint. If, however, the children had used unfair means - that is, had heaped upon their grown-up rivals abuse calculated to injure in a social and in a business way the actors at the Globe - then Shakespeare had a perfect right to complain.

... there is sir, an aery of children, little eyases, that cry out on the top of question, and are most tyrannically clapped for't: these are now the fashion, and so berattle [i.e., abuse] the common stages - so they call them - that many wearing rapiers [i.e., gallants] are afraid of goose-quills [i.e., the satire of the boys' playwrights] and dare scarce come thither [i.e., to the public playhouses].
Ham. What, are they children? who maintains 'em? how are they escoted [i. e., paid]? Will they pursue the quality [i. e., the profession of acting] no longer than they can sing [i. e., before their voices change]? will they not say afterwards, if they should grow to common players - as it is most like, if their means are no better - their writers do them wrong to make them exclaim against their own succession [i.e., the profession of public actor, to which they must shortly succeed].

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