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He explained every known detail involving age controlling abilities in human children, the results of decades of research and thousands of interviews with first-hand witnesses of incidents almost no one chose to discuss.
Allison remembered the theoretical key points on controlling her aging - hypothetically, she had a natural ability to transform from a young baby to an elderly wrinkled 90-year-old and back, basically as often as she wanted. If she could master this ability she'd literally be able to hide her true age for most of her life.
... Allison stood up from the desk. She stopped when she reached the final room, where she'd be alone to "exercise". A large oval mirror stood positioned between two bookshelves, Allison strolled towards it and looked at her reflection, from head to toe. Still a little girl, blonde with shoulder length hair evenly cut and a jeans jacket over a dress reaching her knees. She made one or two faces, sticking her tongue out, observing as the girl in the reflection did the same. Next Allison closed her eyelids, focused her mind on serenity, thinking. "This should work ..."
A lingering moment passed and nothing appeared to change, no noticeable expansion or stretching of Allison's body. She kept her eyes sealed shut, trying again to collect every ounce of concentration. A surge seemed to boil trough her, her skin felt like it was being rippled slightly. She wanted to stop but the desire kept her at it - she wouldn't impede now. Allison let out a grunt. Then suddenly - as if it never happened - it stopped.
Allison slowly opened her eyelids, looked in the human-sized oval mirror then gasped at what she saw. The figure reflecting off her was completely different from the little girl she saw earlier. A woman almost 6 feet tall, barefoot now, with unruly strands of hair gliding down to her back, wide eyes, a well built female form with full curves in all directions. One though ran trough Allison's dumbstruck mind.
"She's beautiful ... is this me?" Allison raised her right arm over her head, feeling the tightness as the overstretched fabric tried to stop her motion, and then slid it down against her hair - the gorgeous woman in the mirror did the same. Allison instantly knew she had succeeded, she had changed her age - though far more than she had expected.
Softly Allison whispered to the mirror."Would Harry like this me? What would he think were he to see me like this?" The voice she whispered sounded melodious. Allison was truly amazed by this older her. Flawless was the only word capable of describing the fully grown Allison. If she had to guess she'd say she was a 26 year old right now, over twice the age she thought of whilst transforming.
"I'm good enough for Harry, I feel so confident with myself right now ... you'll be blown away the next time you see me Harry, I promise." After gazing over her fully grown body and getting used to its feel, Allison noticed her clothes were far too small, tears in the fabric revealing the soft forms of her eye-catching new curves.
The clock rang indicating it was almost time for the community center to close. Allison realized Elian would be here any minute to pick her up, she was sure the man wouldn't believe her to be Allison with this rather stunning appearance. An incoherent thought ran trough her mind as she began to focus her ability, to change back to normal.
"I wonder if Harry would be turned on by me looking like this, I bet he'd be drooling over the 26 year-old me. Harry, when we are together, when it's just the two of us - I'll astonish you, you'll like this." She wondered if she could wait that long.
This time the transformation was faster and not at all difficult. After returning to her 10 year-old self, Allison noticed all the tears in her ruined jacket and dress, however her attention shifted to the sound behind her.
She twirled around and saw Elian standing there. Elian walked up to Allison.
Grownup Girl
My Illustrated Erotic Autobiography
by Lorie

My Vital Statistics: My sexy bustier was a gag gift my Dad's pal gave me when I was a child, and hopelessly unable to fill it out. But just look at me now! Ha! Read about it in my essay Shoot!

Measurements: 36-24-34 (91-61-86cm)
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches (170cm)
Weight: 125 lbs. (57kg)
Bust: 36C (gentle and firm, no implants) (European bra size: 80C)

My Chronological Biometrics (in English units of measure):

- Age
- Height ft/in.
- Weight lbs.
- Bust bra size
- Waist in.
- Hips in.
 - 09 4' 07"  80 t.b. 18 22 
 - 10 4' 09"  85 28AA 19 24 
 - 11 4' 10"  90 28A  20 26 
 - 12 4' 10"  95 30A  20 27 
 - 13 5' 4"  100 32A  21 29 
 - 14 5' 4"  100 32B  22 29 
 - 15 5' 5"  105 34B  22 31 
 - 16 5' 5"  105 34C  22 31 
 - 17 5' 5"  110 34C  22 31 
 - 18 5' 6"  115 34C  22 32 
 - 19 5' 7"  120 34C  23 33 
 - 20 5' 7"  120 34C  24 33 
 - 21 5' 7"  120 34C  24 34 
 - 22 5' 7"  125 36C  24 34 
 - 23 5' 7"  125 36C  24 34 

(in metric units):
- 09 140 36 t.b. 46 56 - 10 145 39 60AA 48 61 - 11 147 41 60A 51 66 - 12 147 43 65A 51 69 - 13 163 45 70A 53 74 - 14 163 45 70B 56 74 - 15 165 48 75B 56 79 - 16 165 48 75C 56 79 - 17 165 50 75C 56 79 - 18 167 52 75C 56 81 - 19 170 54 75C 58 84 - 20 170 54 75C 61 84 - 21 170 54 75C 61 86 - 22 170 57 80C 61 86 - 23 170 57 80C 61 86

Clothing and other items on ageshifters do NOT change when they do. Clothes tear, shoes burst at the seams, and other items break and fall off when a child ageshifter "grows up". Because of this, some ageshifters stick to wearing things that will not look absolutely embarrassing if they suddenly age. Large necklaces, NOT earrings, vests, clothes, and stretchable items can be worn, if they remember not to shift too fast and too much in age.
Likewise clothing that was destroyed in aging is, logically, not wearable anymore when they return to a younger form, leaving them still naked.
Once food is consumed in an older form, the ageshifters must stay in that form until at least 75% is digested (usually a few hours). The reason? If the ageshifters is in his true form, and he shifts to a smaller form, where is the food to go? It will be regurgitated as the mass gets smaller, or the ageshifter is hurt internally. The mass of the food does not change when the mass of the ageshifter does.
It usually only takes three seconds to shift from one age to another. A mild sensation is felt during the shift, sometimes followed by a sense of euphoria afterwards.

All ageshifters go through three distinct stages of life: when they have yet to feel any sort of sexual desires, when they go through puberty and develop a powerful set of hormones, but shouldn't have children yet, and when their hormones ease up some, and they are mentally ready to reproduce.
Ageshifters look and act normal until the first time they shift. As soon as an ageshifter loses her virginity, a strange thing tends to happen: her body instantly physically regresses to that of a child, roughly ten years old or so.
In this form, the ageshifter has no hair between her legs, and her breasts are virtually gone, leaving her as flat as a board (though some extremely busty ageshifters already have A-cup breasts at this age). She loses quite a bit of height as well. All other factors remain the same though. The ageshifter may be still as lusty as ever.
Child-form ageshifters can take their mature form at any time, but doing so requires a passive form of concentration.
Things that take up their entire mindset, such as conflicts or problems, can sometimes cause them to shift slightly or in extreme cases a lot.
She often shifts to her younger form when sleeping as well. Tattoos are distorted and even destroyed by the shifting process, so they should not get them.
Usually a simple demonstration of their ability to change back and forth will cause panic in onlookers.

An ageshifter herself usually prefers her older form, since it tends to be sexier, but doesn't mind relaxing in her younger body either. Ageshifters continue to age normally in their mature form, becoming middle aged women, and then becoming old.
However, their youthful forms remain mostly unblemished, and as time passes an ageshifter wants to spend more and more time in her younger state, since it remains physically more vibrant.
However, while that form doesn't feel all the aches and pains of old age that her natural form would, when an ageshifter's time is up, she still dies of natural causes, no matter what form she is in.
When they die, ageshifters always revert to their older form, a point of contention among researchers.
Ageshifters' ability to bear offspring is regulated by their true age. After puberty, they are subject to possibly undergoing parthenogenesis, whatever form they are in. Then they are capable of giving birth to children.
Shifting ages doesn't cause complications with the pregnancy, but it is less painful for the ageshifter to remain in her older form during this time. Since they naturally revert to their child form during sleep, a pregnant ageshifter may stay up for days at a time. Giving birth is sometimes so painful that they lose their concentration and shift back to their child form, causing even more pain for them as they struggle to bring their young into the world.
Not all of her children have a chance of becoming ageshifters themselves.
Recent research has concluded that isolated ageshifters sometimes revert to their childish form unexpectedly. This causes them to look and act very immature.
Most people don't realize that the young ageshifter they've found is in fact much older, and may suddenly grow up again.

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