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Lightbulb 31 Ai Dream
- (adult to teen rejuv and back) Chapters 11-18 Review:
TF/AR themed manga from the pen of Arina Tanemura - the same talent responsible for other transformation orientated stories like Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne and Full Moon Wo Sagashite.
This latest manga concerns the vicissitudes of one Chikage Deguchi - a somewhat melancholic, isolated and coldly wistful 31 year old who lingers upon her earlier life as a promising, beautiful and vital teenager, and all the possibilities and passions that followed too.
A twist of fate allows her chemical means to transform back into a teenager, from which this alter-ego begins to embark upon a colorful, but increasingly tangled life as Akari Deguchi. The original post - affording a little more detail and background - can be found here:
(Principally pertaining to chapters 1 - 10.)
Having followed this story for more than a year now since January of 2015, April of 2016 finds us at chapter 18, and a while since the early events described back then. It having been nearly 10 chapters since last discussed, it stands that both identities found in this curious, compelling story have had a very interesting time...

The chapters that proceed from 10 are intriguing; not simply in advancing this fascinating story, but also in baring out a number of conjectures and speculations as to Chikage's life and psyche. Before proceeding here, I will proffer a small caveat that I figure a strong comparison to the Jekyll & Hyde narrative, and do frame events through that as there is an indelible similarity, in many ways.
Going on, Akari continues her rise to popularity and becomes a growing fixture among her group of newfound friends in the idol circuit. But, of perhaps a more pronounced flavor, is the startling revolution seen in Chikage's emotional life: revitalized, more colorful, engaged and hopeful. Additionally, this noted change is compounded by her becoming friends with that very same fellow student - now a young businessman - who she couldn't confess to, all those years ago.
Though not quite moved to admit her feelings now, there is a palpable, mutual attraction - though a situation not without tension as both he and her other friend (the same man who offered her the miraculous medicine) court a cool regard for each other, over Chikage's affections.
As the chapters progress, we do find something quite remarkable come to light; and not without a sense of intriguing vindication as, it would seem, the duality sired in Chikage, through Akari, begins to break the surface in subtle, but notable ways.

In two particular chapters, we find Chikage drawn to transform again - this wistful desire seeing Akari intend to visit one of her friends, at his High School. Initially cautious, she soon embraces events which give her a fitting uniform before slipping inside. Whimsically searching for him, the events that unfold aren't to her favor when she eventually does, and his searching questions go unanswered. More so, later, Akari consents to a sleep over: this culminating in not only Chikage awakening to herself in the middle of the night, but also nearly being discovered in the process too.
The growing energy, vitality and direction of Akari - circling back to Chikage to seemingly enrich her life - finds the teenager with a subtle, but reckless, disregard and quiet conceit which is portentous, at least to me.
Dr. Jekyll himself, recalling his own duality, described the hayday of those excesses and indulgences as "And thus fortified, I supposed, on every side, I began to profit from the strange immunities of my position."
This speaks all too well to the divergence and situation overall, here, between Chikage and Akari in a good deal of what transpires.
But, as canny readers may note, and as I've said, this is portentous and a somewhat sensitive situation: though revitalized and more welcomed, the trials, challenges and frustrations of her life lead her to continue taking the medicine and thus further promote the life of her alter-ego. This more so allowing for Akari to further ingrain herself in the world and on those around her, which deals a second reason for the transformations to continue, as they do.

Drawing from chapters 11 to 18, the seemingly buoyant situation is darkened by an unforeseen complication that has apparently crept up on Chikage in the meantime. Though enjoying a new energy and drive, Chikage's professional life is frustrated when - as a consequence of alluded corporate shenanigans or office politics - a project of her's is denied by senior editors. Taken aback, the once grimly reserved and withdrawn woman loses her temper - even so as to disregard others protests and storm a formal meeting of senior editors, livid at their decision...
From here, the chapter concludes and what prevails after is unknown, but this is certainly a fascinating consequence of the wider situation upon her original self - and more so, a potentially curious legacy of duality that is growing as her alter-ego emerges more into the world. Though what might happen as a consequence of this uncharacteristic outburst is debatable, it does leave off on a compelling note before the next chapter presents itself...
On a smaller note, I will try to be a little more timely with updates regarding this series, and hopefully it will not be a year or more before I can review the next cache of chapters, as they may be.
- (Alchemical Night)

Candle, The
- (unlisted adult to OA) There was once a great five-part aging series called The Candle? - (Agingwomen, Thetreerollins)

- (adult rejuv/OA effect) H.P. Blavatsky's adult age appearances, presented by Dave Marsland of Cardiff Theosophical Society. Talk link

- (boys acting like men) 2015. Male football tikes "grow up in seconds" (not really) in Nike commercial. Wieden+Kennedy Baxter CM link

Good Morning America
- (preteen age disguise) ABC. 10-Year-Old Model's Grown-Up Look: High Fashion or High Risk?
8/4/2011 video report: a 10-year-old model with a sultry stare beyond her years had the fashion industry drooling after posing for French Vogue. But photos of the Parisian preteen's lanky body and gap-toothed pout caused some controversy.

Campbell's Soup
- (AR) Anonymous asked: There's this Campbell soup ad from the late 80's I've known about for years, every few months I spend an afternoon trying to find it but the best I've been able to turn up is this newspaper article about it:,1828784&hl=en
Agency: Backer Spielvogel Bates. The ad's description:
Five people walk into an elevator, exhausted and tired. When the doors close with the label 'Campbell's', the doors re-open and display nobody/nothing. Then the camera pans down to reveal babies in the elevator... was there morphing, or was this great suggestivity? I can see this being on a magical elevator.

adult weight/fat gain commercials (misc.)
- Commercial link
- Commercial link
- Commercial link
- (WhatIReallyLike, WackyWildTvAds)

Tata AIG Life Insurance
- (adult to OA) "Don't Wait until you're old" c2008.
This old lady is stressed by all the things the narrator is talking about. Her gray hair and wrinkles start to fade, gently but surely as the hair grows and thickens around her shoulders, before getting really dark, and her face fills out with youth and vigor. Soon, her husband has a stack of books and she gets up in time to save them from toppling from his hands. She helps him stack the books as their child runs up and gets to hang out with the family, too. "Don't wait until you're about to die to get Life Insurance. Get it now!"
- Video link - (FunkyRowanPixie)

Camp WWE
- (younger forms of adults) 5/1/2016.
A "spin-off babies" cartoon, meaning a show featuring characters shown younger than they actually are. In this case, WWE stars as kids and teens. Features them as kids attending camp (John Cena, R-Truth, Undertaker, Big Show, The Rock, Mark Henry and The Bella Twins), or as teen counselors (Triple H and Stephanie) or as adults who work at the camp (Ric Flair, and Sgt. Slaughter), all while Vince McMahon runs the camp.
- Video link - (Tazz)

Major and the Minor, The
- (age disguise) 1942.
Ginger Rogers is a 30 y.o. woman who dresses, talks, and acts like a 12 y.o. girl in order to disguise herself. She falls in love with the Major at a military school. At one point he tells her that it's too bad he met her 30 years too late as he is about 40. She then says "It's too bad there isn't an age machine with buttons for different ages with one that could make me 40."
She later disguises herself as her own mother with gray streaks in her hair and rim glasses. I always thought Ginger Rogers was pretty sexy then as in her prime. This was just a great example of nice AP dialog - (Educationalweb)

music videos
- (male FF).
Starts with a boy sneaking a sip of beer or whiskey from his father who was passed out on the sofa at the time. Dad wakes up and chases the boy out of the house, and we see him befriend other boys. A flash forward happens with growing up and getting into minor trouble.
Later on he is a young man working a job as a dishwasher or something like that. As he closes up for the night he gets jumped by some robbers who hit him with a bottle, causing harm in the form of a scar he will carry on his face for the rest of his life. I think at this point he meets a girl who helps him or is a nurse at the hospital.
In the final part I recall we see the slightly older man with a loan reject letter in his hand. He goes into a store and comes out with a brown paper bag with an alcohol bottle in it. Just when you think he's going to take a drink, he sets the bottle down on his father's grave and his wife stands beside him a moment later. I believe the point of the song was him forgiving himself and his father - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (time stop, body escape AA AR) "Inner Child".
Your inner child, the innocent one who wants what it wants unabashedly, decides to stop your workday in motion to escape your body, get friends, and run to McDonald's. There you get the food you want, return to your body, put the food in your "Adult" Hand and return inside. Adult you is clueless of what just happened.
- Video link - (IdeasOfMrRiley)

- (age status disguise) NHK, 2015 Eps01-04.
Fukami Noa is a 10 y.o. girl who loves all things cars. This is probably the influence of her father, Shiro, who runs an auto workshop. Now she has to become a child prodigy executive.

Rejected short films:

short films
- ("time loop") 2015. An adult day symbolizing a life span - Vid link

short films
Dysphoria ~ Short Film
- (adult CoA) Crooked Framing Productions. Highlights the fear of growing older and losing the freedom once held as a young adult - link

short films
- (self image definition) "Princess", Marie-Sophie Chambon, 2013, Koro, 10m38s. Like all girls, 7 y.o. Lois dreams of being a princess. When her father takes her to a dress shop, she just has to have the Cinderella costume. But when she tries it on and sees her potbelly and stoutness, she realizes she is far from being like the other girls.

short films
Just Like Them
- (CoA) 2015 silent film about change and family love. Carmen is a young girl with three older brothers. As she grows older she realizes... - link

short films
Moving Tale, A
- (CoA) Anurag, Post House, 5:31. Girl grew older and moves out of her childhood home... - link

short films
La Famille
- (male CoA) Joere Estremadura, 2015. The life of a boy growing up with his parents... - link

short films
Imaginary Friends
- (male CoA) 2013 Campus MovieFest 2:59. A young boy has an imaginary friend that fades away as he matures... - link

Cycle of Life
- (FF) 2013 Penelope Panidis. Her suitcase turns into a walker... - link

Ends of the String
- (FFed) 2011 Twins Aniboom Animation by Qin - link

- (battle forms) Brave Beats - final Bungabanga - 01 - 02 - 03
Suddenly day and night are switched as the earth reversed rotation. A wave of darkness dominates the dance world - (Akira)

Rejected entries (many more to follow):

- (adult maturation perception) 2012 Aaron Lucas, HSC Art Major Work. Claymation, 3:25. The fear of growing older, 'Gerascophobia', is characterized by feelings of anxiety and... - link

La Casa del tempo
House of Clocks, The

- (slight time reversal) 1989, Italy.
A gang of young adult thugs break into the house of an elderly couple and terrorize and brutally kill them. Suddenly, the clocks carefully collected and cultivated by the old man of the house begin to run backwards...
- link - (TBTC)

S. Darko
- (flashed forward) 2009. Daveigh Chase played Donnie's 10 year old little sister, Samantha, in 2001's "Donnie Darko. The sequel takes place in the summer of 1995. Those who remember Chase as an adorable tiny dancer in the Sparkle Motion troupe will be shocked to see she appears to be almost 6 feet tall now. To prepare for Daveigh the giantess, I suggest watching HBO's "Big Love," in which she plays the wickedly manipulative Rhonda Volmer. When a meteorite happens to crash-land nearby, Samantha is plagued by bizarre visions of the universe's end. She must face her own demons and, in doing so, save the world and herself.

Godfrey book
- have no information on it... - (JeffR)

Curly Top
- (AA) Shirley Temple. "When I Grow Up" musical sequence.

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