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We finally got more submissions. Sorry for the various delays. Content not for the main pages:

music videos
- (adult voice revert) "Don't Take The Money", 2017. Old lady dubbed with younger voice.

Right Now Kapow
- (AR) 2017. Show filled with a ton of short cartoons. One featured Ponce De Leon returning after finding the Fountain of Youth, with uneven AR because a bodypart got wet. First his hand (baby hand), then head (baby head) and then rest of his body except his other hand. I know most prefer female AR/AP, but there is that. In the end, a barrel full of the water spills on the Queen, but only like half of her body. Not upper or lower torso, but like the left side of her. So one side is still adult while the other is baby.
- Pay vid link - (Aprilchange, King_of_tf)

music videos
Rag'n'Bone Man
- (adult AA replacement poofs, "age forms") "Human", 2016 - Video link

I Never Had a Flying Dream
- (AR) Japanese movie about a middle aged man who ends up in the hospital and meets a slightly older woman and they hit it off. Once he leaves the hospital, he eventually meets up with the woman, but she is younger each time. The movie is based on the book of the same name 'Tobu Yume o Shibaraku Minai' - (Shmendrick)

short films
- (presumed to be adult AA film) Jin Angdoo, Amelie Arbouin. A short film about a 30-something year-old girl stuck in an endless loop of today - Video link -

Hunger, The
- (old/young adult mind transfer) "Menage a Trois" 7/20/1997 27min.
New nurse of wheel-chair bound old woman becomes involved with the house's handyman. But then...
Soft porn horror short story. Person possessed by another experiences thrills vicariously. In this case, it's sex, of course. The nurse's transformation may be too fast for a real deep portrait, but the actress does a wonderful job. Not enough length to understand the old lady-nurse connection - (Dragoon)

short stories
F. Paul Wilson
- (old/young adult mind transfer) "Menage a Trois", 1988.
Invalid rich lady in wheelchair plays with the lives of her help. The characters in the book were better defined than in The Hunger (1997) episode, and you saw in your mind's eye how all the characters were growing and realizing what was happening until the twisted ending, which was way better than the one in the Tv-version. I find it funny that they used the same name for the episode as in the book, but the older woman calls the man Pritchard here, not Jerry - (Dragoon)

Fits, The
- (slight mental CoA allusion) "The Fits", 2015, 72 mins. Anna Rose Holmer directorial debut. At the start, young heroine Toni is 11 y.o, played by the aptly named Royalty Hightower, counting out sit-ups in a boxing gym. She was 9 when cast.

Eyes of My Mother, The
- (FFed cut) 2016. Francisca starts as a young girl who ties up her mother's killer in the barn. Years later Francisca continues killing as an adult.

fan characters
Deeper Insanity
- (fantasy TFed APed) "Exploits of the Omnipotent".
Little Xylina D'Beau, the plantsim daughter of Roguette D'Beau, apparently transitioned from a toddler into an adult overnight -

- (male growth wish) "Two Per Day" c2016. A little boy wants to "grow up" to be a superhero. After he starts drinking PediaSure, his once too-big cape and costume finally fit - CM link

unknown scene
- (kinda looks like unseen AP POV?) I glimpsed it twice in passing in the 1990s. A boy was looking at a girl. Then the camera moved to the girl's POV, looking down at the boy while rising as if she was "growing" up. Then it changed to a completely unrelated scene - (Caulden)

Girl Flu
- (mental CoA?) 2016.
Depicts an interesting yet awkward phase in an entertaining way. The journey from carefree girl to responsible teenager is just another experience for every individual, but the movie presents the tale in an amazing mode. Revolving around a difficult week in the life of 12 y.o. 'Bird' (Jade Pattyjohn), the storyline takes us through her experiences. With free spirited single mom Jenny (Katee Sackhoff), Bird moves to a new neighborhood in the city, encountering several challenges in the process.

Robert Berks
- (male adult face ages)John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. John Kennedy bust at the entrance to the Opera House. From one side the sculpture is meant to look younger, from the other it's him older.

Incredible Shrinking Woman, The
- (adult shoe CB glimpse) 1981. In the final scene, she has grown back to her normal size. Then a ripping sound is heard, and her toe is beginning to break through her shoe. It is implied she is starting to become a giantess.

- (FFed) 2016. Scientists have raised little Morgan (Anya Taylor-Joy, 4/16/1996) from her birth 5 years ago. Owing to her enhanced growth rate, she now appears to be about 19. They have grown attached to her and cannot bring themselves to kill her. There are more accelerated assassins out there.

Second Hundred Years, The
- (male adult age skip, role reversal) 1967-68, ABC.
33 y.o. prospector Luke was buried in an avalanche in 1900. 67 years later he defrosted and returned to his astonished 67 y.o. son and 33 y.o. grandson (also played by Monte Markham). The two looked nearly identical but acted nothing alike. Luke was carefree while Ken was reserved and a fuddy-duddy. The U.S. military wanted to keep the secret lest the world learn that it was possible to freeze people out. Episodes revolved around Luke's inability to adapt to life in 1967, as well as cases of mistaken identity or impersonation.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The
- (male adult age stasis) Alan Moore series, Kevin O'Neill, 1999. Dorian Gray's portrait hangs in the Secret Annex.

Saturday Night Live
- (adult TF CBed) "The Rock Obama", recurring series of sketches.
The President becomes Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and attacks any politicians who make him angry. The transformation consists of stock footage of The Rock's muscular and tattooed back ripping through a white dress shirt, his left foot tearing through a leather shoe, his chest splitting open the front of the shirt, and finally him rising up and roaring. The third of these sketches also has First Lady Michelle Obama become "She-Rock Obama". Her transformation has her grow so big that her dress rips, her feet tear out of her high-heeled shoes, and her neck pops apart her pearl necklace, before she also gives a roar.

Spider-Man: Reign
- (male adult OA'd?) #1, 12/2006.
Marvel issued an apology and a "CONTENT ADVISORY" to retailers, announcing that the issue was returnable as it "contains an image that may be misinterpreted by some readers as inappropriate". A panel showed a naked and elderly Peter Parker sitting on a bed, an image in which his genitalia are apparently visible. Spider-Man: Reign had shipped with a T+ (Teens & Up) rating. The second printing avoided this problem by modifying the panel, hiding Parker's old body in shadow.

"I've got just enough for two, boys. That's all that was left, but if you two divvy it up, then it can hold you off. Fred and Kevin will age up to about ten years old, and Mike to seven, I think," said Jennifer, as she handed the bottles to the toddlers.
To Mike's horror, Kevin and Fred began to greedily gulp the chemical, until Jennifer cried 'hey!' and pulled the bottles back. The two boys began to grotesquely stretch as their limbs elongated. Their necks grew. Their torsos began to inflate, their shoulders widened against their clothes, and their legs moved outwards as they groaned and grunted. Buttons popped off and rolled across the floor. The clothes they wore began to split and rip apart loudly at the seams, and their hair grew longer and thick. By the time they were done and their bodies settled, two twelve-year old boys grinned down at him. Despite the fact that they were almost nude, they were unashamed.
"Sorry about that Mike," said Jennifer, glaring at the boys as Todd roared with laughter, "There's still some left for you. I think you'll end up around- three or four maybe?"
"Poor wittle kid!" said Kevin condescendingly down to his little brother "Thanks for taking the hit little brother!"
Fred cheerily petted the baby on his head.
Mike stared up with wide, horrified eyes. This really couldn't be happening to him right now. He barely cried out when Jennifer lifted him into her arms. With some gentle coaxing from Jennifer, he sipped the bottle. Like Kevin and Fred, his limbs began to stretch and his own clothes began to strain and tear at the seams. Todd had already ushered the two pranksters away to get dressed. Unlike Kevin and Fred, his limbs only stretched so far, his neck grew so little, and his torso only doubled. He was now an almost naked three year old. No! More! he whined.

- (adult swap) S02Ep22 #44 "Goodnight, Sweet Grimm" 5/21/2013.
Monroe and Rosalee are making out. Rosalee then woges into her Fuchsbau form. Monroe looks at her in awe and tells Rosalee, "Oh, you are so hot," before resuming the make out session.
Frau Pech finishes the Doppelganger potion and appears to start transforming. Within seconds, Frau Pech has transformed so that she looks like Adalind, and Adalind, still lying on the ground passed out, transforms to look just like Frau Pech in her own clothes. Stefania calls Adalind's phone to tell her that she has figured out a way to get rid of Frau Pech. Frau Pech, transformed and with Adalind's voice, claims that she can't wait to hear about it.
With Frau Pech unconscious, Stefania draws out a knife and stabs Frau Pech in the stomach where the heart must be pulled out through. The potion then wears off, and Frau Pech reverts back to herself.
Back in Adalind's hotel room, the potion's effects wear off on her also, as do the effects of the drugs that had made her pass out. She wakes up, and when she notices the clothes that Frau Pech left behind in her room, she smiles maliciously and says, "Ding dong, the witch is dead. And another one is coming back."
- (Dragoon)

Thundarr the Barbarian
- (adult swap) S2Ep3 "Island of the Body Snatchers" 9/26/1981.
Evil witch Circe needs a young sorceress to overcome a curse in which she will turn to stone if she leaves the island in her own body. Circe switches bodies with Ariel and tries to leave the island inside Ariel's body. She ends up a statue anyway - Vid link - (LadyHyde)

Night Gallery
- (adult mind transfer) Ep1 "The Housekeeper" 12/16/1970. Black magic dabbler attempts to improve marriage by transferring housekeeper's soul into cold-hearted wife's body.
- (male adult TF potion?) Ep9 3b "With Apologies to Mr. Hyde" 9/29/1971. Dr. Jekyll (Adam West) tests a new potion.
- (adult TF?) Ep22 16a "Lindemann's Catch" 1/12/1972. Strange metamorphosis occurs when sea captain captures mermaid?
- (adult stasis/rejuv wish?) Ep33 5a "You Can Come Up Now, Mrs. Millikan" 11/12/1972. Inventor & wife experiment with immortality.
  Based upon the short story "The Secret of the Vault" by J. Wesley Rosenquist.
- (old/young adult mind transfer) The deal - Dead, ugly witch tricks beautiful blonde out of body.
(Luv To Switch Bods)

- (old/young adult swap) AKA "Baptism of Blood", 1996, Japan.
Fatal skin disease forces beautiful actress to retire from the screen. She puts a sinister plan into motion to transplant her brain into her own daughter - (Aras)

Lost Girls
- (male adult age stasis) Alan Moore featured Dorian Gray in a faux-Wilde short story in his erotic graphic novel. Gray engages in homosexual activities with Basil Hallward, which is analogous to a sexual encounter between Harold Potter, husband of Wendy Darling from Peter Pan, and a soldier at the hotel where the graphic novel is set.

- (anthro TF? coa?) #1 "Birth of the Pack". by Petru Popescu, 2007.
Holden's clothes move now, shivering as their seams tear through.
p260: I whisper, trying to believe what I'm saying, or I'll go crazy. "You're not slouching anymore, that's all." "No, no, look! I am taller!" She was always the smallest of us. Dad used to joke...

Shake It Up
- (FF) 2010-13 Disney series. Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman (b.9/1/1996) was just 5'2 at the start of filming, but that same year she shot up to 5'7, continuing rapidly to 5'10 and beyond. Her costar Bella Thorne was soon left behind. The starlet did not stress out though, coming from tall parents. Her destiny was already decided. Her mum towers at 6 feet 4 inches, just 2 inches taller than her dad who is 6 feet 2 inches tall.

- Svetlana Boginskaya competed in three Olympics. It is hard to do gymnastics if puberty suddenly makes you tall. Svetlana grew 4.5 inches in 1 1/2 years, starting when she was about 14. "I had to take a year off and just relearn the whole gymnastics and the way I moved and the way I do skills, and I had to wait a little bit longer in order for the floor to push me, because I'm longer and I'm not as fast anymore," she said on GymCastic. She won most of her medals after her growth spurt.

- (adult rejuvenation) 2010, excerpt:

Of course he's getting younger
With Helena's liver and Pancho's pancreas,
Just like the other wrinkled young men
Watching MTV in the recovery ward
In the private private clinic
With the special special doctors
Behind the green brass-studded door
Of course, Mr. President, we're lucky
All those states voted for the death penalty
With very good results from the injections
No tissue damage found.
And in your case, have you considered
A fresh prostate from a young serial rapist?
It could do wonders for your libido.
It's too humid, I think, for Guadalajara,
And they might recognize you there
But of course, there's always Bangkok.
Oh, and here's some good news
The clone is doing just fine
And in your case, have you considered
A total body transplant?

Tree Grows in Brooklyn, A
- Betty Smit, 1943 - Sheri Metzger ... she imagines the loneliness of old age or a baby suddenly aging into an old man...

Little Charmers
- (avian AR) S03Ep03 "Egg Treble".
Hazel tried a time spell to undo a mistake, but like most of the spells she tries, it messes up, turning Treble, Posie's pet owl, back into an egg. Now the girls must protect the egg till either they can undo the spell, or till Treble hatches. Episode ends with Treble hatching and being full grown again. Sadly, its all poof and out of sight - Full episode (first part) link
- (AR AA) S03Ep04 "Goo Goo Gaa Gaa Charmer"
Despite what happened in the last episode, Hazel does the time spell again, only this time turning herself into a baby. To turn back, she must have a baby hug her. Luckily for her, there is a birthday party for a baby - Full episode (first part) link
- (Tazz)

breast expansion
- (CB) Chrissy Teigen's Post-Baby Boobs Got So Big They Tore Through Her Dress.
She has openly talked on social media about the challenges facing new moms-and now, she has a new one: Incredible Hulk boobs. The supermodel, who welcomed baby Luna last month, posted a photo on Snapchat on Saturday showing a huge tear across the bodice of her black lace dress. "My expanding bust incredible hulk'ed this dress in one night," she captioned the picture.
Um, is that kind of growth normal? Experts explain the craziness that can happen while breastfeeding. Your boobs really can grow that much in a small space of time when you're nursing, explains women's health expert Jennifer Wider, M.D. to SELF. While some new moms can nurse without a noticeable change between their breast size, others' breasts can go up and down a half cup size.
"After each feeding, the breasts often feel softer and contract, but the amount of expansion and contraction varies tremendously between individuals," says Wider. It's due to a few factors, she says: Pre-baby, pregnancy hormones build up fat in a woman's breast and cause the milk glands to increase in size. But when the milk comes in, the breasts can enlarge even more. Once the baby nurses, the breasts can get softer and smaller, but as a woman's milk supply replenishes, the breasts become harder and larger again.
"That happens pretty commonly in the first few weeks after the baby is born, but can especially happen if the breast isn't emptied quickly," she says. If a mom is away from her baby and misses a feeding, her breasts can "get quite big" in a short span of time, Henning says.
It's possible for other moms to go through their own Incredible Hulk-like scenarios, so Henning recommends that new moms pump or hand-express milk if they have to be away from their baby when they would normally nurse. "You can take a little off the top with a portable pump or by hand," she says.
She also recommends wearing stretchy or forgiving fabrics across your bust, especially if you're going to miss a feeding. "You don't want to wear something that's tight across the breast-you may become very uncomfortable," she says. Or, your boobs might even destroy your dress.

Om Jin Dan Jun
- (AA adult TG poofs) c'15, Indonesia. 2 men pose as the same mother at 4:20 and 6:30 - Ep03 link - caps - (Metamorphose)

- (AA TFed) 3/7/2006 "Kamispazi" has a male to mother disguise/temporary TF - S02Ep12 link

- (mothering young males, entity CoA) Lucile Hadzihalilovic, 2015.
Nicolas is the subject of mysterious medical tests and treatments, along with every other young boy on the remote island and the grown women who care for them. A strange fable, part adolescent metaphor, part body horror saga, the film builds unease through the life cycle on the island as the nightmare biology sinks in.

Late Bloomer, The
- (male adult mental maturation) "The Late Bloomer", c2017 comedy/drama based on a true story.
Man "goes through puberty" in 3 weeks at age 27. The delay was caused by a benign tumor in his brain.

La Paisana Jacinta
- (male "oa'd" tg) Ep165 "Jacinta Envejece" c'16 lo-qual vid link @10:00.

short films
AA FF ("through the years" themes)
- (lifetime stories) "A Love Story", 2012 - Video link - (super man)

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