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- (adult stasis or rejuv) A Lazarus Pit is located in Arabia, and in Gotham City under the Yuyan Building.
"Revived" people include: Ra's al Ghul, Alfred Pennyworth, Barbara Kean.

- (AA male, pseudo-CoA) 1991 art film, 78 mins.
Goddess gives birth to "man-child".

short films
Chickening, The
- (pseudo male "OA'd" effect) "The Chickening", Vince Mancini, 9/2015. 5mins.
An indescribably bizarre riff on "The Shining" created by adding effects to actual scenes from The Shining so that it became a strange comedy about, you guessed it, chickens - link

Miscellaneous quasi-old age things from the August 2017 VMAs. Nothing super exciting, but some things folks on here may find it interesting:

Folks have been comparing Katy Perry to a middle-aged mom trying to be cool for her hosting job at the 2017 VMAs.
- Video link - (Chronoeclipse)

music videos
Miley Cyrus
- (adult "OA" disguise) At the 2017 VMAs she performed her song 'Younger Now' with a bunch of elderly people dressed up as teenagers from the 1950s. @ the 2:55 mark she lifts up an old woman's "sagging" breasts, and then the woman shoves them back down.
- Video link - (Chronoeclipse)

Vanity Fair
- (adult age predictions) 07/2014 magazine. While searching for comments on her 2017 VMA video, I found this article describing how Miley Cyrus will explain a tattoo she got at age 30, age 55, and 80 years of age.
Fun reading - link
- We were all young and foolish once. One must be young and foolish before one can be old and wise. But hopefully most of us have only fond memories and a few war stories from that era in our lives. Nothing too permanent or concrete. That is not the case for Miley Cyrus, unfortunately. She's just gotten a tattoo, something of a memorial to her recently deceased dog Floyd, that I'm afraid she'll come to regret.
Not the dog part, necessarily. Sure, her grief over the dog's passing will lessen and lessen as the years go by, and eventually she will just remember him as a nice dog she had once, so maybe a tattoo memorial is a little grandiose. But mostly that's fine. If it's part of her grieving process, then I hope it helps.
The trouble is what the tattoo says. See, there's a speech bubble coming out of the dog's mouth and the dog is saying, "With a little help from my fwends." Yes, "fwends." As in a jokey baby-talk way to say the word "friends." This is, undoubtedly, an inside joke between Cyrus and some friends, excuse me, fwends, and as we all know, nothing is more enduring than an inside joke. Just kidding, nearly everything is more enduring than little passing jokes shared between friends. Especially ones that involve saying a word in a funny way. Miley and her pals will have forgotten all about this little joke by Thanksgiving, is my guess, and yet there the word will be, right there on her torso.
And then, for the rest of her life, she will have to explain it. When she is in her 30s and trying on her wedding dress, a woman with pins in her mouth looking quizzically at it, Miley smiling and saying, "Oh, it's a joke. It's fwends? Like friends?" Miley at 40, her son pointing at the tattoo poking out from her bathing suit top, Miley having to say, "It says fwends, Braydon. Like friends? It's a joke I used to make when I was younger." Miley Cyrus at 55, an empty nester all of a sudden, getting back on the dating scene after her divorce. Things escalating with the nice lawyer her friend Barbara set her up with, making out like a teenager for the first time in many years, then having to sigh and explain to her date, "Oh, it says fwends. It was a thing we used to say, back in 2014 I think. Who knows. We were young and silly."
Miley at 80, in her assisted-living facility, a nurse helping her dress for the lawyer's funeral, her husband of 25 years. The nurse saying, "Now what's this you've got here Miss Miley? Fw-" "Yes, dear, it says fwends. I got that long before you were even born. It says fwends."
Miley at 100, no longer living, a mortician gazing at the tattoo, sounding out the word before shrugging and covering it up with spray-on makeup. And then, Miley in eternity, Miley skipping through the cosmos with the rest of our souls, awash in starlight and mystery, the infinity asking what it all means and Miley telling the infinity, "It was just this weird way we said 'friends.' You know, fwends. It was funny. A long time ago, so very long ago."
At least she won't be alone on this journey. Two of her fwends also got the exact same tattoo. And one of them has absolutely no excuse. Because he is Wayne Coyne, of the Flaming Lips, and he is 53 years old. So he has zero business getting an inside-joke tattoo that he will later come to regret. He should be past the age of mistakes like that. And yet, there he is. And there his girlfriend is. Standing with Miley, the three of them fwends, bound together forever. In a million years when the aliens find evidence of these photos they will find no real way to translate this mysterious word. Its meaning finally gone for good, like a dog you once knew, a long time ago, who left one day and never came back.
- (Chronoeclipse)


Darksong Rising: The Third Book of the Spellsong Cycle

Book: By L. E. Modesitt Jr. (01/15/2001)

The third volume of Modesitt's popular Spellsong Cycle may be its conclusion, but enough loose ends remain to both create realism and allow another trilogy--a felicitous combination for a saga in which music is a source of magic and a bereaved voice teacher from Iowa becomes a mighty ruler. Anna Marshall is now undisputed regent of the fantastic realm of Defalk. Everyone there seems to want their own way in spite of her authority, however, starting with Jimbob, the youthful heir to Defalk who is now well into his teens and suffering from an excess of male pride and adolescent enthusiasm. Keeping him out of trouble creates numerous diverting episodes, as do the intrigues of various nobles, local and foreign, who cannot deny either Anna's power as a wizard or their own distaste for obeying a woman. The Defalkan musicians, the accompanists to Anna's magic, are loyal--but small-group politics afflict even their ranks. Indeed, the suspense and tension in Anna's situation is created largely by her having more to do than any three people could, even without opposition--and she meets resistance at every turn. Modesitt's knowledge of academic politics is also a fruitful source of plot complications. Despite a somewhat episodic treatment and occasional plot lags, this novel is yet further evidence that Modesitt can tell an entertaining story, with panache.
- (Possible AR or rejuv? However we could not confirm this)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Volcano Woman
- (adult maturation?) Woke Comics, 02/2017 monthly run.
5 mins cartoon documentary "Introducing Volcano Woman". Book One: Origin.
Drawn by Black teen illustrator Crystal Crossley. A precocious, beautiful "little girl" "grew up". Philadelphia will never be the same after nosey black woman reporter Nessa Tyler is kidnapped by crooked double agents and sacrificed to a Volcano in Sudan. She comes back as the fiery and powerful Black American superhero, Volcano Woman!

New Cutey Honey
- (gynoid entity TF "AP form") AKA "New Cutie Honey", "New Super Android Cutey Honey", 1994 "Black Maiden" AP scene. 8-episode OVA.
Near the end of Ep4, "The Death of Honey? Battle for the Sacred Skyship!", Honey defeats major villain Dolmeck. This turned out to be his plan, as doing so opened some hellish soul gate, with the released souls empowering a young "Black Maiden" (her name, not a title), "aging" her up and transforming her into her true form: Panther Zora, the franchise's chief antagonist, and this series' true villain.
While she is never fought in this form, she apparently influences the villains in the remaining episodes.
The only reason this particular scene is not included in the main pages is due to insufficient content. Granted, a higher-quality video might change this, but it's hard to tell.
Below is a timeline of the sequence. Only the first features the most TF and the shortest cuts between the AP and everything else. Some degree of process is presented in the rest, though it's interspersed between the "action"; included here for completion's sake:
- Direct video link
* The low quality of the video made it difficult to tell if there was any process here, but since Zora is the only character in the shot, it might have been relevant, so it's included here.
- (no-name)
Series by Go Nagai. One of the main antagonists is red-haired shoujo Black Maiden. Throughout the story, she is revealed to be a new vessel for Cutey Honey's archenemy, Panther Zora. In Ep4, Panther Zora wakes within Black Maiden, absorbs evil energies from another antagonist, and "grows" her "child-like" body to that of an adult (The transformation is also shown shortly in the second opening. 0:26-0:29).
Episode 4 (20:09-21:25) - Video link
- (Chriskim019)

Une grande petite fille
- (age wish) - cover

short films
Dry Dock
- (timelapse) Tuukka Hari, Finland, 11 min. With time-lapse photography the director traces 1 year in a dry dock in the Suomenlinna fortress.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
- (furry ARed) "Uncommon Bond".
Starlight Shimmer wants to bond with her childhood friend Starburst. She tries everything but nothing works. A new spell recreates her childhood home, and another turns herself and him back into foals to have fun playing a board game they played as kids.
- Video link - (King of tf)

fan fiction
Archive of Our Own
- (some age TFed, age stasis) "Ever Varied Ease", jesterlady, 2013.
Claire's life becomes a myriad of experiences and people as it stretches on and on, her immortality both her greatest gift and her endless curse:
- Claire and West sat both the girls down and talked with them about their abilities and it became clear that Myan was able to manipulate growth around her. That, coupled with her love of nature, was something that needed to be controlled.
Myan was afraid at first, but both of her parents encouraged her to embrace her abilities and learn to control them.
"We both had to go through the same thing," West told them. "It was really hard to understand."
"You should've seen your Uncle Lyle when he got his," Claire recalled with a giggle.
"That was a good day," West agreed.
"I can make myself taller," Myan said looking more excited as she popped up an inch or two in front of their eyes. "Can I make myself younger or older?" West looked at her.
"More importantly, could you do it for other people?" he asked sharply. More sharply than he probably intended.
- Story link

fetish fiction
Women Transformed into Little Girls
- (dedicated female physical regression, AR) - Stories of Female Age Regression - Purchase link - (Gooddemon, Douglas Greene)

Kevin and Kell
- (furry APed) Coney and Nigel use the time machine to age themselves from babies to adults so they can spend one day as adults before Nigel moves away. A funny moment is when Coney spits a whole bunch of teeth and says "Baby teeth".

Pffh is the sound of an exasperated mother trying to source age-appropriate clothes for her rapidly unfurling daughters. Melbourne IT worker and 49-year-old mum-of-two Fiona Green speaks for many when she bemoans the fact that her young girls are being forced into often inappropriately racy adult fashions. "The research has shown that children are reaching their adult height a lot earlier so we're seeing a lot more young children who are very tall," she says. "But I've found the fashion industry is still not taking that into consideration. You go to the kids' section of the clothing store and the jeans are more like knickerbockers."
Growth in children can be extremely rapid. Some studies have shown increases of half to a full centimetre in a single day; in one longitudinal study of 1000 children in NSW, a Year 8 boy grew 16cm over a 12-month period, while a girl in Year 7 grew 13cm.

short films
Time and Time and Again
- (adult time) Ragnheidur Gestsdottir. LoFi Productions, Mouka Filmi.
A film about time and art, based on the life and work of Icelandic artist Hreinn Friofinnsson (b.1943). A poetic and philosophical exploration into every-day human experience where time and coincidence play leading role. Merging reality with fiction the film revisits selected works by Friofinnsson and uses them as inspiration for a narrative.
The theory of relativity gets rid of absolute time. Consider a pair of twins. Suppose that one twin goes to live on top of a mountain while the other stays at sea level. The first twin would age faster than the second. Thus, if they met again, one would be older than the other.
A pair of twins separated at birth were brought up in the mountains of Iceland and below sea level in Amsterdam. The different force of gravity has made them age differently. Equally occupied with exploring the nature of time, the twins are in fact one and the same person, Hreinn Friofinnsson, in present and past.
Third character Aika (Kati Outinen) works at a fictional Time Lab in Finland that is responsible for the twin experiment. She knows everything there is to know about time - from the perspective of science and theory. The film follows these three characters as they unknowingly interact through their passion for the intricate concept of time.
- Video link

- (adult FF?) 2016.
J-Law is a writer trying to tell the story of space flight. Pratt is trying to get off an earth that no longer values handymen. Their cryo-pods malfunction and they both wake up 90 years early, totally alone in deep space. It's billed as a love story.

- (adult pseudo-time loop) 2017, Darren Aronofsky. Jennifer Lawrence.
Near the end of Mother's pregnancy, a massive number of Him's fans show up at the house, quickly growing violent and erratic. Mother gives birth to a son, only to have her baby taken away and killed/eaten by the crowd. After the crowd beats her, Mother goes into the basement to ignite the oil tank and destroy everyone in the house, herself included. Him removes her heart to pull out a crystal object that he uses to "bring life into the house". A younger wife appears on their bed, indicating that the cycle is set to repeat itself.

fan fiction
Darcy Stark
- (AR/AP story) 2016.
MCU / multi shipper blog - #darcy lewis #fuckyeahdarcylewis.
"Fuck Yeah Darcy Lewis" blog is dedicated to Darcy Lewis, the assistant of Dr Jane Foster in the movie Thor and its sequel. Character is portrayed by the actress Kat Dennings. The notion of Kat growing from a girl to a woman in seconds without the slightest regard for whatever clothing may be in the way might be the best thing ever.
- Extract:
[Darcy Stark] you have not seen everything - Chapter 6
twistedingenue: Last chapter!
The artifact paused the room. It was the only way to describe the feeling, the hiccup in time, a jolt from one second to the next one over. When the world moved in time correctly again, the artifact lay in pieces, Darcy's object shattered on the floor and... and there's Darcy, all grown up and looking very cold and mostly undressed, her child-sized clothes not making the transition.
- Story link - (Twistedingenue, Usedkarma)

- (male FF) one of their anti-psychiatry cartoons - gag

Adventures of Superman, The
- (extremely powerful baby attack) Vol1 #603 "Baby Talk" 06/2002.

Superman Y2K
- (male FB) #1 02/2000. Lex Luthor flashback to youth.

Love Live! Sunshine!!
- (age forms?) Ep12, 2016. Is loli Kousaka Honoka her younger form?

Neo Cross
- (males merger expansion AA)
2 people exist separately in the spirit world. Primas body combined with Hiroki - extract - (Akira)

- (accelerated pregnancy) 2015. It happens in 1 night - vid link - (Guy)

- (male adult FFed) 2016 Punjabi movie. Harish Verma's character Ajit from 1984 to present day?

- (CoA, FF AA) Bulgaria/Romania, 2014. Somewhat like Amelie, Rusalka, etc. Girl grew up under communism.

Horizon Zero Dawn
- (FFed AA) 2017 PS4. Lead character Aloy was seen at increasing ages.

Ultraman Fusion Fight
- (male battle forms) c2017 Carddass card vending machine game with Ultraman Orb. Tsuburaya - battle caps - (Akira)

Boss Baby, The
- (kinda sorta looks like male "ARed") "The Boss Baby" - 3/2017 CGI comedy film.
About a toddler that speaks and acts like an adult. His older brother, a regular kid, finds out about his secret plot to destabilize the force of love in the world - (Doctor Anguish)

Superman: The Animated Series
- (TF) "Mxyzpixilated"
In one of the more comical episodes, Mister Mxyzptlk changes Lois Lane into a horse, Jimmy into a turtle and the remaining staff into other animals. After Superman tricked Mxyzptlk into skywriting his name twice and backwards, everything returns to normal - (Christopher)

USSR stop-motion film
- (furry mental maturation only) didactic low-budget cap

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
- (male TF "upgrade") "Kamen Raida Eguzeido"
Ep1 "I'm a Kamen Rider!" 10/2/2016, Toei. Guest boy brought to the hospital reportedly changes into virus boulder monster?! link - link - (Akira)

Once Upon a Time
- (accelerated pregnancy) S6Ep1 2016.
Rumplestiltskin and Belle are married and expecting a baby. Because of a visit from future son Morpheus, she leaves him. He speeds up her pregnancy to the point she is about to give birth - (Tazz)

This Is Us
- (adult FFed) Ep1, 2016.
Mandy Moore portrayed Rebecca as a 66 y.o. At the end of the episode we realize she and Jack are experiencing their storyline 30 years in the past, and they're the parents of the other 3 characters. Rebecca is still alive in the present day, and... she's got a lot of old-lady makeup on her face - caps - (Fan2000, Agingwomen)

short stories
Ian Martin?
- (also male mind transfer into past self?) "Time and Again" AKA "The Vampire Clock"? Terry Carr ed?
P175: A bomb goes off that causes a man to wake up in his past when he was thirteen.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- (slight time anomaly) Ep22 "Time and Again" 1/27/1974.
A clockmaker comes across a mysterious clock that can give him an additional hour every day. All it needs is a little blood in return.
Vigil, a clockmaker who owns and operates a shop (with little help from his hypochondriac wife and her complaining sister), buys a strange clock that has a number 13 where the 12 should be. Ethan soon discovers that the clock has an amazing ability to stop time for two hours a day...but to keep the clock running, Ethan must pay a terrible price. This is a cool episode with great performances and an interesting Twilight Zone-ish plot.
- extract:
"Price lists. Five dollars to enter if you're under twelve, ten dollars if you can show student ID for a Happy Harbor college, free for military service men and people over 65, and twenty dollars for the rest of us. I'm only carrying thirty, by the way, so it looks like the flower conservatory isn't in the cards today unless you have some."
"...I can change my age," she admitted slowly.
"Cool? Could you use that to never get old and live forever?" It would be a long time before he could guess why that made her twitch.
"Not like that," she answered. "But would under twelve or over sixty-five be better?"
"We're gonna do this? Whichever you can hold longer, since you'll need to stay like that the whole time."
"Old," she decided. Before his eyes, Wally watched Ferris grow taller, and then shorter again. Her hair frizzed, grayed, thinned, and finally turned white. Her limbs slimmed and skin hung off of her in wrinkles. Her fingers knobbled and her face sank into itself and her back stooped, just a little. "How do I look?"
"Like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon." She blinked bleary eyes at him. "Ancient, but beautiful. Come on, grandma, let's go look at some pretty plants."

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