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a true story

Once upon a time, there was an enchanted brat, actually a pair of them, in a
far off kingdom called Ricelandia. And since this was an enchanted land, and
the brats were enchanted brats, they had the ability to instantly change their
ages to whatever seemed appropriate at the moment.
The Boy Brat, Willy, was feeling really rambunctious one day. So he waved his
enchanted wand over his pet frog Armand, and turned him into a four armed
prince. Why four arms? So that Armand could more easily hold and spank Willy's
enchanted brat of a sister, Cynthia (two arms to hold her and two hands to
spank her).
So off went Armand in search of bratty Cynthia, currently in the form of a five
year old in pig tails. Armand found Cynthia, playing in the mud and getting her
party dress all dirty, just as Willy had predicted. He quickly tucked her under
his two right arms and strode over to a nearby tree stump where he sat down and
drew the girl across his lap. Holding Cynthia firmly over his lap with his two
lower arms, the Frog Prince lowered panties to her knees and began raining slap
after slap on the little girl's rapidly reddening bare bottom, his two hands
alternating windmill style.
As the warmth in Cynthia's bottom grew, she decided that she could better deal
with this humiliating (ouch!) and painful (ouch! ouch!) experience with an
older body. In a matter of seconds, her body got longer, her chest swelled from
nothingness into a pair of firm full breasts, and her hips widened into that of
a woman's. Unfortunately, She forgot that when she changed age, her clothes did
not keep up with her - in fact they promptly dissolved. Even worse, she
realized to her chagrin that her adult sized hips now gave Armand more bottom
to spank.
Seeing the now nude and womanly Cynthia squirming under his spanking hand,
inspired Armand to be a bit more adventurous with his technique. He used two of
his hands to draw her legs apart, while continuing to spank her with the third
and to fondle her chest with the fourth.

Willy, having aged himself
by 10 years from the 6 year old who had played a trick on his sister, was so
excited by the sight of his now 18 year old sister being spanked bare assed,
that he developed an excruciating case of blue balls.

`Hmmm... I think you're enjoying this too much and too soon.' She removed her
hand and returned to her pinwheel spanking.
As she did so, Prince Willy found himself youthening back to the age of six. He
valiantly fought the inevitable tears, but soon the pout on his quivering lips
gave way to quiet sobbing.

Like Willy, Cynthia
morphed into a crying six year old as Armand's punishing hand continued to lay
into her bottom. As for Willy, as the heat in his bottom increased, and his
supply of tears dried up, he felt a wonderful warmth spreading from his
backside to his frontside. His body quickly grew into adulthood as his renewed
and rock hard member rubbed against his tormentor's silky smooth thigh. She
adjusted her spanking rhythm to coincide with his rubbing and used one of her
hands to lightly tickle him as she continued to

Cynthia, not wanting to be left out of the fun, reverted back to an adult body
as well while Armand, to the amusement of Lady DeLynne, strapped her bottom
with his frog tongue.

- Hans Christian Redbuns

short films
Plot 99 Videoscape
- (CoA metaphor) 2011. Shot on location at the Steenbras River Mouth.
Performed by a family (daughter, mother and grandmother from the maternal line) of 3 untrained performers, Thandiwe Bridgette Mgqaza, Mama Buyiswa Mgqaza, Nomagugu Gogo Mgqaza. The amateur performers were cast to capture not only the realism of their interactions as themselves, but also for the filmic transition of Nonthetha from a young girl to an old woman in the video imagery.

Anne was shivering in a corner. The woman walked in and looked at Anne.
"You are a little bud he can make bloom into any flower. Now to change you!" said the woman.
She stuck a pink needle into Anne's arm and left. Quickly Anne's body began to convulse. She aged from 13 to 17 in about three minutes. She shakily stood, saw her torn clothes, and then saw a pile of black clothes. She walked over and put them on. When she was done she had on a thin leotard, a pair of skintight arm bands, and a black robe. She had no underwear. The door opened and the woman walked in.
"Good. The master can receive you now."
She pulled Anne into a room in which a small hooded man was kneeling. In a voice too deep to be his he said "Maranda. Is this the girl Anne?"

Lisette Durinck
- (CoA theme) New York Creations, Thirstday, 2013.
- Info vid link - Religion, love and the transformation from child to adult all belong to her themes.

She began to break a sweat. As her arm began to shake, Abigail was beginning to regret testing the limits of the human body's growth capacity. Her fingers twitched. She could even feel it in the rest of her body, a great convulsion, as though her skeleton, her muscles were ready to jump out of her skin. She then saw what was happening. Her legs were getting longer. Her arms were being pulled out as they thickened under her straining shirt sleeves. Her torso was pushing up, stretching up like a vine growing in fast motion. It bared her midriff. Her shoes felt impossibly tight, the soles bursting off, her shoulders were testing the limits of her shirt, they were ripping. Her clothes were getting smaller, no.... She was growing up.
A few moments later, and the heat, the sweating, the trembling, had all but subsided. It was as though nothing had ever occurred. Turning to a nearby mirror, Abigail saw that wasn't the case. She stood there, almost six feet tall, and undoubtedly a teenager now. The remains of her clothes were several sizes too small, tearing at the seams, barely holding together on her new, older frame. Her stockinged feet had popped open the toes of her shoes, poking out. She felt her naked belly, a significant gap between her shirt and pants. Strange bumps, sort of...soft. Of course! Breasts! She had big breasts! Her hands ventured swiftly upwards. On her chest sat two swollen orbs! The curves bulged in all the right places.
Her face may have been mostly the same, but she now had the body of a young fashion model. Some of the heat and trembling returned, but this time brought on by sheer excitement. This was incredible! In a matter of seconds, her fondest wish had come true. She was big! They had to take her seriously now. Everyone had to take her seriously with a body like this. A sudden movement in her upper body shredded what was left of her jacket, tearing it clean off. Her yellow shirt was looking ready to do the same, not to mention her shorts were hanging by a thread. They might take her seriously with this body, but not with these clothes. A change of outfit was in order.
She instinctively slid open the closet. It then occurred to her that she didn't pack appropriate garments for...such an occasion. She only had child sized clothing. One never could tell when one would have a spontaneous growth spurt. She slid hanger after hanger along the rail, all bearing kid clothes. Her older body would tear through them all just as easily. The last hanger, however, came with a surprise. Her eyes wide in disbelief, Abigail withdrew the outfit from the closet, looking it up and down. She ran her fingers across it to make sure she wasn't imagining it. A yellow singlet, adult size; a creamy white short-sleeved shirt and matching shorts, adult size; a pair of brown beach sandals, dangling from the hook, size ten. She unbuttoned the shorts; even adult size underwear.
She looked back at the new clothes, chewing her lip. Only one thing to do.
Abigail strutted forward in her clean, comfy new outfit. Her sandals gave a muffled squeak with each step.
'Better than I've ever felt in my whole life! Look at me!'
She posed on the spot, her clothes conforming to her large, grown-up body. All real.

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